Evolve Wins Gamescom 2014 ‘Best of Show’ Award, More Awards Than Any Game in Show History

Hardcore Gamer: 2K and Turtle Rock Studios announced today that Evolve, the highly anticipated 4v1 cooperative and competitive multiplayer shooter coming to next-gen consoles and PC on February 10, 2015, has won the prestigious “Best of Gamescom” award

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ValKilmer1462d ago

Looks like we already know what the best game of 2015 is.

GarrusVakarian1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

There are tons of absolute killer games coming in 2015, I don't think Evolve can hang with them, tbh.

The Order
Halo 5
Uncharted 4
The Witcher 3
Batman AK
Quantum Break

TheFox871462d ago

Without wanting to be the token Nintendo fanboy that chirps in with his penny's worth. But I would add Zelda U to that list, plus a few other personal favourites. Definitely going to be an abundance of 'killer' games though. I'm not sure I'm ready for it; too much goodness. Glad I made the decision to get all 3 consoles instead of a gaming PC. Not hating on PCs at all there, but for my tastes and looking at the console exclusives that are coming, its excitement central. Despite all the negativity surrounding gaming these days, I don't believe we've ever had it so good.

FsterThnFTL1462d ago

Please don't put The Order in that illustrious list of games.

LAWSON721462d ago

Sad part is there are more games then that.
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Star Citizen
The Division
Rainbow Six Siege
Ands if games like Battlefront and FFXV end up coming in 2015 + all the other reveals that will happen this game has some serious competition in not only GOTY but even shooter/mp of the year. However I would not roll it out because who knows it maybe epic beyond belief. I will wait to play it before I downplay it against other big games that may very well be disappointing.

rodelthegreat1462d ago

You forgot Pillars of Eternity and Galactic Civ III.

nX1462d ago

Did you just seriously forget Bloodborne? You don't deserve these bubblez :D

jcnba281462d ago

The Order? Are you serious bro?

Zelda is most likely to win GOTY next year.

MysticStrummer1462d ago

I'm as big a Sony guy as most here, but The Order isn't going to a contender. The same goes for Quantum Break. Both are very pretty but also very typical looking in the gameplay department.

I do agree that Evolve won't be a big winner either though.

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aviator1891462d ago

best mp/co-op seems more likely.

Rimeskeem1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

I don't

Uncharted 4
The Division
Super Smash Bros
Star Citizen
The Order
Halo 5
Batman AK
Zelda for Wii U
Rainbow 6 Seige
Quantum Break

all the other games that we have not seen much of but know exist

MysticStrummer1462d ago

Early awards like these are next to meaningless. How many glowing previews did we see last generation for games that ended up being mediocre?

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GarrusVakarian1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

"More Awards Than Any Game in Show History"

Wow, really? I mean, it looks good, sure....but damn. Really? That's really surprising to me.

XBLSkull1462d ago

Yeah I didn't have high expectations for this one but guess I'll have to take another look at it.

WeAreLegion1462d ago

I think the problem is that there aren't many big games at the show in playable form.

jcnba281462d ago

Of course it's surprising to you because it's not a sony exclusive.

MysticStrummer1462d ago

Yeah it couldn't be an honest opinion…


BiggerBoss1462d ago

Or maybe it's surprising because the game doesn't look THAT amazing. It's very pretty and has solid gameplay, but everything I've seen leaves me underwhelmed personally. Lack of content is one of my biggest worries for Evolve

iceman061462d ago

Wasn't there an article about the rules for nominations at Gamescom? There were some strange rules that would basically limit several games from being included.

1461d ago
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nikrel1462d ago

I've played the Alpha & yes it's an Alpha but the core gameplay is going to be the same overall..

This is going to be a great game but GOTY, no.

Freeball1462d ago

With you on that. Enjoyed the Alpha, great MP where the more you play the better the game gets, but not a GOTY contender for me either.

Dark111462d ago

Yes but they didn't talk about it yet.

theshredded1462d ago

Offline mp with story bits

HaveAsandwich1462d ago

They know something I don't then, because I thought it looked very bland, from recent vids. Maybe it isn't.

RiPPn1462d ago

Just like Titanfall last year and it wasn't my thing. Lame that all these multiplayer only games keep winning all the awards when these games target audience is such a small slice, then again who puts any real credence into these awards anyway?

MysticStrummer1462d ago

Agreed. I thought Evolve's concept sounded very cool but the demo fell flat for me. I won't buy it at full price and maybe not at all.

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