Star Citizen Teased in Dazzling New 4K Trailer

Hardcore Gamer: Not many games can show a random thirty seconds of footage and let it speak for itself, but as evidenced today, Star Citizen can.

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ValKilmer1463d ago

It's amazing that an upstart is surprising the visual quality of fortune 500 companies.

ATi_Elite1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Space Combat/trading Simulator, FPS, Land Vehicles, Alien races, Exploration of space, land and explore planets, Crafting, Gamer run economy, Battle Space Stations

StarCitizen has it ALL!

more secrets to come.........

Gh05t1463d ago

When they actually complete it than I will say it has it all but its promised so much that its going to be YEARS before half that is working.

Disclaimer: I am an original backer of this game.

General Shrooms1463d ago

no landing and exploring on planets upon release

Perjoss1463d ago

Exciting times for space exploration fans!

Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, No Mans Sky, Civilization Beyond Earth, Limit Theory

edqe1463d ago

I would add X:Rebirth. Yes, it had awful start but it is going forward nicely and be already quite decent.

DanielGearSolid1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

You're all being tricked, this is vaporware.

All the gameplay so far has secretly been a mix of CGI, live action, and claymation (shocking, I know).

The money has already been spent on the purchase of a private island. I've seen the bank statements.

They also purchased plastic explosives to detonate their studio. They're still juggling whether 3 or 7 interns will die in the explosion. To quell suspicion

The feds have already been paid off and will classify the explosion as accidental.

Oh and, you won't be able to hunt them down because they will be sending all of their fans a demo just b4 canceling the project. Similar to Men in Black, it will wipe your memory, going back to b4 the kickstarter began. In addition to changing their appearance thru surgery

Believe me guys, I'm an insider

I have decided to put a stop their nefarious plot.

But i will need funding. Bruce Wayne level funding. I'll post the link to my crime stopping kickstarter. Remember I'm doing this for you.

Love you guys

pandehz1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Pssshhh dont listen to him.

Fund my Iron Dude project.

user56695101463d ago

Can't wait for this game. Still haven't pledged. Been busy I promise I'll do it later

user56695101463d ago

but but it star citizen is not demanding it only have to render a ship in space and nothing else. ______(ps exclusive) will look better when it release and it has more going on on screen.

star citizen and elite get ready for the hate.

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