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Night Trap ReVamped is in Need of Help

Marcus Estrada writes: "Jim Riley, Rob Fulop, Mark Klein, and Tom Zito comprise the leading roles of Night Trap Inc. and are ready to recreate Digital Pictures’ best known title. Many of these names should be familiar to gamers and come with a high pedigree. With that said, it seems they have jumped into the realm of Kickstarter without considering some of the more basic aspects of how to handle a crowdfunding campaign. Although they may seem obvious to obsessed crowd funders like us, many projects continue to stumble in the exact same ways. I’m going to try and break down the main issues present in the Night Trap ReVamped project thus far." (Night Trap ReVamped, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

lilbroRx  +   262d ago
Why is the Wii U tagged in this? I thought this creator expressed his deep rooted hatred for Nintendo not to long along with this game not being on the Wii U. 3 days in fact.

He'll get no help from me.
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Dubaman  +   262d ago
Seems as though the voice of the gamer's actually got heard for a change: http://nintendoeverything.c...

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