Why Bioware's Approach To LGBT Issues Benefits All Gamers

How Bioware's approach to LGBT issues (specifically in the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition) benefits video gamers worldwide. A look into how comprehensive freedom of choice can change the landscape of role-playing games, and the industry as a whole.

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Fullmetalevolust954d ago

Nicely written article, I enjoyed reading it.
I look forward to playing Dragon Age: inquisition, it's shaping up to be a great game.

DesertFoxJr954d ago

Same here, I'm really excited for it. Pity it was delayed till November. Oh well, patience is a virtue.

JediDiah954d ago (Edited 954d ago )

Not everyone has fallen for "homosexuality is normal" jazz. No Sale!

rextraordinaire954d ago

Not everyone has fallen for "Christianity is normal" either. Win win.

LAWSON72954d ago (Edited 954d ago )

So Christians are the only ones that dont want gays in their video games? Yeah... I am going to guess try again. Sure the religious go to extremes but even some of the unreligious don't want to see men getting affectionate with each other.

I will wait and see how the character (s) plays out before I judge. I am far from religious but I really don't want to see some really gay stuff in video games

rextraordinaire954d ago

@lawson No not everyone. But the guy I replied to is, according to his bible comment below.

DesertFoxJr954d ago

Did you even read the article?

JediDiah954d ago

Did you even read the Bible?

DesertFoxJr954d ago (Edited 954d ago )

If you had read the article, you would have known that it takes no stand on either side of the cultural war going on about LGBT issues, but rather focuses on the merits of Bioware's decision to allow players to have more complete control over your created character in their games, which is a good thing. More freedom, more enjoyment for every gamer. You're not forced to be gay, and I'm pretty sure Dorian's not going to come up and buttram you at somepoint during the game.

sonic989954d ago

if you really read along the lines .
its not only the bible who disallowed such acts other holy books also did the same .
which makes me think they MUST have no religion at all to accept such an act JUST SAYIN

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