Dragon Age: Inquisition Has Over 200 Hours Worth of Gameplay

BioWare’s RPGs have always been notorious for their high amount of content within its games. And it looks like the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition will take that to the next level.

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ATi_Elite1499d ago

now that is more like it as long as it is not full of gopher missions.

go find me lemonade
go find me the sparkling sword of omen

but full of mission critical exploration and meaningful missions with Bosses

anticlimax1499d ago

Well maybe not too focused on bosses, it's not a jrpg after all. Meaningful however, that's the key word. Let the missions make sense.

The leader of a grand organisation doesn't fetch lemonade for anyone!

XBLSkull1499d ago

That's about 185 more hours than I have time for lol... That's like a full time job for 5 weeks. Guess I'm passing on this cause I'd rather get in 10 20 hour games than a single 200 haha

Baka-akaB1499d ago

You'll probably be able to finish it under 40 hrs . Those 200 hours will be for those wanting more out of the game

pandehz1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Leader of the Inquisition HAS to fetch lemons if his 'wife' says so.

Also change baby diapers.

HanzoHattori1499d ago

I read somewhere that this game is f2p. Is it f2p or a stand-alone game?

anticlimax1499d ago

stand-alone. free-to-play (hopefully not free to pay) would be the one they just announced. Shadow realms or whatever it is called.

pandehz1499d ago


*scratches head*


You must be on some other internet.

700p1499d ago

Im thinking about upgrading my pre order to a collectors edition now. Bioware deserves my money!

DarkOcelet1499d ago

Yessss ! 200 hours is more like it .

Jyndal1499d ago

The only thing that stops me from being a hardcore Dragon Age fan is the whole party system. I'd just as soon be on my own, a single character going out and doing everything on my own, ala' Skyrim.
The constant banter between the characters in the first DA put me off the game entirely.

TRD4L1fe1499d ago

Really? I loved the back and forth between characters, it added to the immersion. but I can see your point

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The story is too old to be commented.