Far Cry 4’s diabolical Pagan Min probably isn’t who you think he is

The reaction Ubisoft received to Far Cry 4’s box art was not what the game’s development team at Ubisoft Montreal expected.

Here's who Pagan Min really is.

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pat_11_51196d ago

I think this might be one of the few Ubisoft games where I'm actually interested to see how the plot unfolds.

3-4-51196d ago

He helps you take out the bad guys.

Gh05t1196d ago

The reaction that unfolded after the box art release is exactly what is wrong with people now days... everyone jumped to conclusions, was offended by assumptions, and started blaming before knowing anything. Was he white? was he gay? I have a question DOES IT MATTER? Not really unless you are trying to find a reason to hate on something. People need to simmer down and stop being so over sensitive to any issue that is considered politically incorrect.

I cant wait for this game to come out. I loved most the characters in Far Cry 3 and I cant wait to see more from this game.

1196d ago