Ubisoft Thinks It's Too Early To Release Assassin's Creed: Rogue on Xbox One and PS4

Ubisoft has recently stated that it believes it’s too early to start discussing PS4 and Xbox One ports of Assassin’s Creed: Rogue.

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randomass1711462d ago

Good idea since Unity isn't even out yet. Don't want to cannibalize your series with too many entries in one year. Looking at you Guitar Hero...

Mikelarry1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

But releasing two AC games in one year is not cannibalising the series....... Riiiiiiiight

OT: So what Ubisoft is hinting is if you are patient rogue could get a remaster for ps4 and xboxone

Rock-Lee1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Ubisoft is just making sure that they sell Assassins Creed on the old AND current gen consoles. By releasing one version for both gens, people who had the current gen system would obviously buy it for that system. But now, people might even buy TWO Assassins Creed games this year. Rogue for their PS3/X360 and Unity for their X1/PS4.

Ubisoft would never release ONE game for only the current gen and abandon the old gen. By creating two seperate games for both gens, everyone will buy an Assassins Creed game. People with old gens will buy Rogue, people with current gen will buy Unity and people with both might even buy both!

I will buy neither however lol. Assassins Creed is waaaaay to repetetive, just like every last AC before. And actually like EVERY Ubisoft game... Copy/paste game mechanic from this game in to that game. Create 4 different missions, multiply that by 25 with different NPC's and themes and you'll have OVER 100 MISSION WITH OVER 80 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY! And oh yeah, collect these 100 items, and you have over 50 CHALLENGES! Well, actually just 5 different ones, but they're multiplies by 10 and are all scattered around the world and are exactly the same.....

After 10 hours you've seen everything in a Ubisoft game, after that it's just rinse and repeat.

XBLSkull1462d ago

I agree Assassins creed needs the mass effect 2 treatment and give it more focus and cut all the time wasting crap. Black Flag was fun, but still last Gen. Gonna skip unity, let them learn some lessons on the new hardware, and I'll pick up 2015's AC.

Geekman1462d ago

Complaining about more games for both audiences..... seems legit.

nX1462d ago

It's hard to believe that there are people out there who would buy both AC:Rogue and Unity this year, there are so many other games coming out that I wouldn't want to play through almost the same game twice.
I'm not even sure whether I'll buy AC:Unity because I already played Watch Dogs and Black Flag on PS4.

Sevir1461d ago

Rogue is the Last PS3/XB360 AC game, They confirmed as much with Game Informer in their cover story regarding the game. AC will be moving from a yearly release after this year... Go out with a bang. an AC exclusively for PS4/XBO/PC and an uncompromised AC for PS3/XB360. great way to get fans to double dip and buy both if they've current and last gen systems

gatormatt801461d ago


"AC will be moving from a yearly release after this year..."

Moving from a yearly release to what then??

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DarkOcelet1462d ago

I think they will release it in 2015 with all the dlc and call it a remaster . 60$

FsterThnFTL1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

I would not mind a $50 Assassin's Creed: Rogue Remastered for PC, PS4 & Xbox One.

XtraTrstrL1462d ago

I didn't even know it was planned for X1/PS4. I thought it was suppose to stay with last gen, while Unity was for next-gen. I have nothing against it, as long as it is in the newer engine when it comes to next-gen, rather than just an upgrade like Blackflag.

ScorpiusX1462d ago

It's never too early to bring a great game to next-gen, besides I need Rogue in a dark green box to match AC BF, UNITY.THE OTHER AC games are in the Light green boxes.

kingjosh18761462d ago

You people should stop buying the games every year and maybe then they will stop milking the series.

kingjosh18761462d ago

The story has gone to crap because they are releasing now 2 games every year, they will continue to do this as long as people buy them.

kingjosh18761461d ago

Sigh, it seems people don't even care they are being ripped off considering the disagrees.

In the first few games there was this sense of wonder and interest with the story, trying to understand who or what the first civilization was and what their intentions are/were.

In order to continue releasing more games they have to add more story elements with each game and reveal too much, sometimes leavings things to be pondered over is better. A good story does not blatantly reveal everything to the player but leaves some sense of mystery, which cannot happen if they insist on releasing 1-2 games every year.

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