How to Get New Cheetos DLC for Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

Despite the love-hate relationship gamers share with the devil of powdered cheese, Cheeto dust, I’m sure you all like free junk. Plants vs Zombies discounts, Cheetos DLC, stickers, and a sweepstakes entry are all at your cheesy fingertips with a new promotion from the snack food company.

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Stapleface1496d ago

I want that Chomper, the cheesy deliciousness of Cheetos is just a bonus in this case.

jegheist20141496d ago

excellent since i know manager at gstop i can get 10 dollars store credit back with my recipt if all bags come with 10 dollar off coupon

Clown_Syndr0me1496d ago

I havent seen Cheetos for about 10 years (UK), forgot they existed lol.

MichaelTM881496d ago

I guess I'll be buying Cheetos next week....