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GameZone: "When H1Z1 launches in early access, it won't be perfect. I hope anyone familiar with the early access release model will understand this. In my hands-on time with the game at SOE Live, I encountered glitchy AI, wonky rag doll physics, and doors that repeatedly got stuck when attempting to open. These were just a few of the issues I encountered while playing (though none were necessarily game breaking). Simply put, H1Z1 is very raw in its current stage. You have to understand though, this is just the nature of early access."

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DanielGearSolid1434d ago

Good preview, I think world events would be a cool way to change up the aimless survival from time to time

Pillsbury11434d ago

I have such high hopes for this. With this and dayz my thirst for zombies will be quenched.

Dynasty20211433d ago

And yet everyone slates DayZ for being early access and "broken".

***k sake gamers are such pathetic hypocrites.

I'm sticking to DayZ. This just looks like a cheap ripoff with really rubbish animations.

And the game is on one server? Good luck getting rid of gangs camping the best areas of the map then.