The Daily Five: Things The Walking Dead Needs to Succeed

"At Gamescom, Starbreeze Studios unveiled OVERKILL's The Walking Dead. The PayDay 2 developer is being tasked with the job of developing a co-op experience within The Walking Dead universe created by Robert Kirkman." - David Wales, Stealthy Box

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cfc781375d ago

Hope this turns out well love the tv series and a great game to go with it would be sweet.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1374d ago

The hell with this shit, this crap show needs to die. It's giving the zombie genre a bad name

mixelon1374d ago

Don't be ridiculous. It's perfectly decent.

Freaking zombie hipsters.

daBUSHwhaka1374d ago

Have you ever watched it.One of the best shows out there.Can't wait for season 4 over here in the UK.

funkybudda1374d ago

@Lightning Mr Bubbles,

I have to admit the plot is getting a little stale, but show is still decent.

Sharky2311374d ago

It's probably just too complex for you to understand Mr bubbles. Just turn on Sesame Street and you'll be ok!

MysticStrummer1374d ago

The show was great for a time but it definitely went very bad last season after slowly declining through the previous season. The writing got sloppy and/or lazy. I don't want it to go away though. I want it to get better again. There are definitely worse offenders against the zombie genre out there.

Baka-akaB1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

It helped live zombies shows and movies from getting stale and the obsession of adding gimmicks like running or smart zombies .

The classic Georges Romero and famous zombie tales were precisely about display human interraction and dramas , and mirroring how the human race is it's worst own foe , rather than the brainless zombie outbreak . In the classics , zombies provides the claustrophobic backdrop and excuse to display trapped humans at their lowest

A so called fan of the zombie genre should be able to detect and discern that , even when disliking the serie , instead of just calling it crap

Lightning Mr Bubbles1374d ago

Damn, I only got two bubbles left.

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Clown_Syndr0me1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

It needs less of the TV show and more of the comics.

I say this because TV adaptation games a rarely good, perhaps if it goes back to its roots a little it will be better. Id rather not see any characters from the TV show or the comics though, as I know Id find myself making comparisons. For those that havent read the comics I find they are alot darker, more shocking and generally feel more "post-apocalyptic". The TV show is great though, its just slightly more tame.

TWD has so much potential. The comics and the TV show only cover a small area, there is the rest of the world to consider and all the stories that could be told.

It bugs me a little that Daryl has almost become the face of TWD. I like him as a character, but he doesnt even exist in the comics.

mixelon1374d ago

Given it's the payday devs it's not likely to be anything like Survival Instinct, and more like L4D..

If that's the case it really doesn't matter if its more like the show or comic, as the story won't be a primary feature.. When converted to that form of game they'd both be the same. I wouldn't mind an alt timeline game that pulls good characters from both comic and tv, there's really no reason that couldn't work, and I'd like to see Jesus fight alongside Darryl, etc. :D

There's always the telltale series for people who want it more comicish.

Grave1374d ago

Please have crossbows.

Lukebb911374d ago

Isn't this set in Washington? If so then its a completely new cast of characters