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What the Canadian-based company showed at Gamescom with Inquisition has left little doubt that they can fulfill their expectations in bringing the biggest and most gratifying RPG epic yet.

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ValKilmer1464d ago

It really could be the best RPG of the modern era. Glad we're shifting away from JRPGs and into more realistic territory.

elninels1464d ago

Since when has dragon age represented realism? And compared to jrpgs are they all that much more realistic. Besides jrpgs will be back. Sony hasnt sold so many ps4 units in japan yet, they'll need local support.

noctis_lumia1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

say that again once ff15 and KH3 are coming out

DarkOcelet1464d ago

Thats good to hear but the future of rpg's thats gonna be extremely hard to do but we shall see .

Theyellowflash301464d ago

Nope, Xenoblade Chronicles, Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 15, and Persona 5 are the future for me.

gamerfan09091464d ago

A bunch of games with no gameplay is the future for you. Gotcha.

DarkOcelet1464d ago

What ? No gameplay !! I think you are not thinking clearly , maybe you need to rest .

Theyellowflash301464d ago

No Gameplay?

Xenoblade Chronicles X Gameplay

Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay

Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay

The only game that doesn't have any gameplay that I said is Persona 5. But if you have played Persona 4....then you already know 5 is going to kick ass.

elninels1464d ago


Persona is all gameplay, building relationships and making decisions are gameplay mechanics. Xenoblade chronicles has an awesome real time battles with both melee and projectile weaponry that changes the way one attacks a situation. Ffxv looks to have action rpg mechanics similar to original kingdom hearts and a little star ocean, while kh3 will be a typical hacking and slash.

No gameplay?

anticlimax1464d ago

"We saw Dragon Age II aim more towards action rather than strategy, but while Inquisition even furthers this, it does add more tactical abilities. Switching between characters is almost vital...

...While this may look like a traditional Character Action RPG, it’s far more than that. It’s a much faster pace of combat, ..."

Even more action-oriented than II? Faster? This better be lies. I thought they were listening to the criticisms of DAII?
And DA-games are notoriously hard to mod, so no one to undo all this broad audience-madness.

pandehz1464d ago

I actually enjoyed DA2 combat much more than 1.

Im glad they realize that most ppl think faster today.

anticlimax1463d ago

It's not about thinking faster. When an attack takes longer, it feels like a real blow instead of just whirling and flurrying. With the speed of DA2 I felt like they were fighting with styrofoam swords instead of iron.

Plus it means less attacks per battle -> choosing the right attack becomes more important and thus:

If the combat is too fast, you don't really need to think. You bash.

pandehz1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Its a fantasy world.

These uber powered mages and what not should be able to do anything Bioware throws at us.

Look at so many other games doing it in spades. Huge weapons, superfast moves, or whatever.

I dont mind the slow nature of some games. But I do enjoy faster pace as I like the feel of speed and the idea that what I'm thinking is executing right away so in that sense my strategy works out and plays out right away. Just speed differences thats all.

Also DA2 combat had a nice flow to it from encounter to encounter. Here bioware adapted from both because I bet they know DA2 combat was appreciated by many except the vocal minority.

''If the combat is too fast, you don't really need to think. You bash''

That ''too fast'' never existed in dragon age games I feel. Even Diablo 3 doesnt feel too fast and that can get faaaast at times. I can still make out whats going on in D3 and reposition, use skills, re arrange my attack tactic etc. Thats the beauty of that game. I guess it differs from ppl to ppl,I see fast and work fast. Im good in Battlefield in that way too. Most players who act fast and see fast and accurately have an advantage in those games. Reminds me of metro map in BF3 LOL.

Not saying DA needs to be like that and also it cant as it would be tough to manage 4 characters in Diablo speed but there is a balance there. Handling 4 while at a reasonable speed. To me DA2 was ok. I wouldnt mind faster for certain classes, like rogue could be a fast one, and mage certain spells could be fast while certain slow etc. The balance of hp to dps ratio should be there.

anticlimax1463d ago

I don't know about vocal minority, but I see it in terms of doing right by your (original) fanbase. Origins was made for the fans of the Baldur's Gate games, and along the way theyseem to have catered to those loyal fans less and less.

To broaden their audience they seem to want to include both the tactical and the action-crowd. But the nature of a compromise is that everyone is a little unhappy. I say let Diablo fans have the Diabloseries, and if they want a partybased version start a new IP.

They did the same thing with Mass Effect, where the last game was only vaguely reminiscent of the first in gameplay-terms. The people who fell in love with ME1 were often not that happy about the changes in 2 and 3, while most people who loved 2 and 3 never even played ME1. (Based of course only on those people I've talked to)

Jyndal1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

I think Witcher 3 is more of what I'm going to be looking for from future RPG's

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