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Submitted by Abriael 544d ago | news

Project CARS Runs at 60 FPS on PS4, Not There Yet on Xbox One; Cars Have 60,000 Polygons on Consoles

Project CARS is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in November, and the good folks at Slightly Mad Studios are working hard to optimize the game. (PC, Project CARS, PS4, Xbox One)

Axios2  +   544d ago
The first racing game to match Forza 5's 60fps 1080p, well done

Impressive to see the PC running at 200,000 - 250,000 polygons, 5x more than console.

@ Lukas, yes, edited
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GarrusVakarian  +   544d ago
You mean racing game, right?

Great news, good to see they had no problems developing this for PS4. Here's hoping they can get the X1 to reach a stable 60fps as well.
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ThinkThink  +   544d ago
It will.
Cerbus  +   544d ago
Most likely wont happen on X1 everyone knows all the hits Forza had to take to reach 60fps @ 1080p.
GarrusVakarian  +   544d ago

"all the hits Forza had to take to reach 60fps @ 1080p."

Exactly. They could also do the same for this game in order to reach 60fps.
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Bigpappy  +   544d ago
X1 has had many changes to help improve performance since launch. I would advice people to wait until these games are released to see if they reach 1080p/60fps, before using stuff like launch games to define what can be accomplished a year later with these changes which only came about in the pass few months.

Obviously, not all developer might be willing to go back and make changes I they think the game is running well enough, but these guys seem to be trying to do that so lets see what they achieve.
DevilOgreFish  +   544d ago
"In addition to that, we learn that the cars have about 60,000 polygons each on consoles, while the PC version on Ultra shows cars with between 200,000 and 300,000 polygons. "

The PC version is 5x more than the consoles, wow.
sonarus  +   544d ago
as a ps4 owner i hope it makes it to 1080p and 60fps. Because i know if i had an xbox and it didn't make it i would be pissed.

But we all know xbox owners dnt care about graphics
Sevir  +   544d ago
The polygon count is Low though. Driveclub's Polys are up in the 120,000k, This is probably how Forza was able to do 60fps on XBO...
ABizzel1  +   544d ago

According to DualShockers Drive Club car models are 250,000 polygons which is why it looks as god as many PCars PC demos, it says so right in the article, and there's a link with the Game Director even admitting it, right in that article.

As far as PCars goes, the PS4 version was a mixture of High and Medium settings (it's possible they upgraded to high, considering what the Art Manager said), and if the XBO can't keep up at 60fps on high (probably averaging around the 45fps mark) then it's probably easiest to just drop things down to Medium and add elements of the High settings as you go if 1080p is their ultimate goal (that or drop resolution and keep high settings). The Wii U version is obviously using low settings which still looks good.

So for now it's:
Ultra PC (no brainer here) > High PC & PS4 > Medium PC & XBO > Low PC & Wii U.

My question is if the Wii U version is going to be 60fps, what resolution, and what drop is there for Medium and Low settings (my guess 30,000 polygons for low settings).

Just for comparison sake, GT5 & 6 used 300k - 500k polygon models for photo mode, so Drive Club and PCars Ultra Settings car models are approaching Photo Mode for GT, and have reached photo mode for Forza 4 which had 250k poly models. Next-gen is here, and I always say Next-gen should aim to look like last-gen In-Engine CG.

Comparison gif from DualShockers
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Dee_91  +   543d ago
Man wish I could afford a PC that could play on ultra. My PC probably will barely be able to run it on medium settings at a comfortable tempature.So I guess PS4 version for me.Though I might jump to PC depending on what the mods look like.
Enemy  +   543d ago
Driveclub AND Project Cars on PS4. Really hope Project Cars is good. I would like to support these guys for putting out an amazing PS4 version of their game.
Spartacus10  +   543d ago
@ DevilOgreFish

Yeah if you are stupid enough to assume every PC gamer can run the game at ultra.

Anyway, if polygons matter so much to you, GT5 premium cars had 500k polygons last gen.
GamersHeaven  +   544d ago
Nice try.

Related video
dastar101  +   544d ago
His comment still stands...
torchic  +   544d ago

1080p60fps + cardboard crowds a la Excitebike? sure go on...
MightyNoX  +   544d ago
U mad?
thezeldadoth  +   543d ago
defensive. the game will look like shit compared to PC too so really its pointless to compare two console games graphics when both are in second and third
fr0sty  +   543d ago

Depends on how much money you dumped into that PC... and more importantly, how long ago you dumped that money into that PC.
johny5  +   544d ago
Just be lucky they don't drop it down to 729p!
SilentNegotiator  +   544d ago
Let's hope they don't give it average graphics to make it.
doolin_dalton  +   544d ago
Only the most biased fanboys consider Forza 5 to have "average graphics".

Due to the constraints of it being a launch title, Turn 10 chose to scale back the graphics in the areas that have absolutely no effect on gameplay, such as crowds, trees, and some other backgrounds, in order to achieve 1080p and 60fps - areas that DO affect gameplay.

Since you're replying to Axios2's comment about Forza 5's specs, I'm guessing you're referring to Forza 5 having "average graphics" in your opinion.
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Dee_91  +   543d ago
Yea Forza 5 graphics are far from average.But compared to the e3 demo and GT6 on a 7 year old console, it does leave a lot to be desired.
kayoss  +   543d ago
People states facts not being bias. The developers admitted that they had to downgrade forza to reach 1080p and 60fps. Lots of Xbox fans keep claiming that graphic don't matter but it's ironic that they keep bringing up how forza horizon is 1080p and 60fps. But in reality it's mediocre as best.
Xbox fan also say that gameplay is what matters and not resolution or graphics. But they go around touting Ryse is the best looking game on the new gen...but gameplay is crap. The hypocrisy. Xbox fans are ready to go 180 just like Microsoft when it benefits Them or their argument.
SilentNegotiator  +   543d ago
I was being hyperbolic, but still, Forza DID make considerable cuts to the graphics in order to achieve 1080p60fps. For a racer in 2013 on a brand new console, I would say the game's graphics aren't much higher than what should be expected. Barely above the average of expectation.

Axios2 only framed the comment that he made that way because he's a little one bubble troll. He needed a sharp retort.
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FastRedPonyCar  +   543d ago
Game looks amazing on all platforms
marinelife9  +   544d ago
What's the max number of cars in a race in Forza 5?
Rocky5  +   544d ago
15 AI + the player totalling 16 cars on the track.
lfc_4eva  +   543d ago
Why are so many people against pc games? The pc will always look better than consoles so just get over yourselves and deal with it.
Dee_91  +   543d ago
What are you talking about ?
Nobody against PC games.. more so PC gamers... if thats a thing. Bragging about how your pc can out perform a console that cost probably half as much as a PC that can play at those settings gets annoying.
d3nworth1  +   543d ago
Imagine this. You have a friend that is more athletic than you but instead of being a good sport about it he constantly rubs it in you face it and calls you names. Anytime you do something good he comes and rains on your parade. You would get a little annoyed with his behavior wouldn't you. This what console gamers have to deal with. Console gamers don't care what PC games look like. They enjoy what they have.
ShowGun901  +   543d ago
its like saying the ps4 version of destiny looks better than the ps3 version. a ps4 is $400, and a ps3 is... below $200 now? im not sure really, but the point stands.

if i want to spend $3,000, i can make a pc that can run anything at super mega ultra. you HAVE to take cost into account to compare them fairly. a Lambo will outperform your Civic! why havent you run out and bought one yet?
lfc_4eva  +   543d ago
At people above. Your reasoning is quite silly. Where was i bragging about pc games being better than console games? Please read more carefully. I said pc games will always look better than console games. FACT!

Next. Console gamers don't care what pc games look like. Why is that? The best looking version should be something to admire. Plenty of people on here are all too quick to slander the xb1 version and favour the ps4 version. So you do care when your version on console looks the best. Nice.

And finally. $3000 to build a gamjng pc? Are you off your head. Have you any clue how to build a pc that can play games at their highest settings? Clearly not because you would not have thrown in such a ridiculous number.
USA007  +   543d ago
@lfc_4eva lol, the comments were answering your question by trying to explain to you why console gamers get annoyed by PC gamers. They weren't saying anything about how you specifically were bragging. Maybe you should read more carefully.

And if your going for 4k gaming, you can easily spend $3000 on a PC and still not have the best performance.
d3nworth1  +   543d ago
I'll tell you why console game don't care what the PC games look like. Gamers in general only care about the version thats infront of them. Do you sit at your PC thinking about what the console version look like?
lfc_4eva  +   543d ago

Looks like I'm gonna waste my final bubble on you then.

You really should read more carefully, as Dee_91 was accusing of bragging, which my post did not refer to in any way.

Then ShowGun901 talked about blowing $3000 on a pc, but he didn't mention anywhere about 4k gaming.

Sorry but you have failed all round.

You may now use and abuse your remaining bubbles because I cannot come back to you and correct your mistakes :-)

And @d3nworth1. No dude I don't sit at my pc thinking about what the console version looks like. Really, that's such a silly question to ask. Nevermind.
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gootimes  +   543d ago
Do you really not understand why people compare console to console and not include PC?? PC's are not consoles!! People buy consoles for much different reasons than people buy a pc, that is why consumers compare them. When people buy PC's they compare different PC's from different companies or build there own, they are not in the market for a console.

That is indeed why consumers that are in the market for a CONSOLE compare the specs and game comparisons and such of CONSOLES. Why does that confuse PC elitists so bad? I own a decent PC by the way, and I understand why tare not brought up in a console debate.
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gapecanpie  +   543d ago
250,000 is pretty low.... 300,000 is the sweet spot! Thank god for PC!
d3nworth1  +   543d ago
You're joking right? You're not going to see a difference from 250 000 to 300 000 especially for models of car. Hell you can hardly see a difference from 100 000 to 300 000 unless your at 200 times zoom at area where there are curves.

You're an arrogant dick for calling 250 000 pretty low. You don't even have the slightest clue how to model. Alot of work goes into modelling so have so respect.
ThanatosDMC  +   543d ago
Bubbles to you gapecanpie. Sarcasm is lost to this ignorant douche.
Big-finger  +   543d ago
Forza has to downgrade the graphics and changed the crowd in game to 2-D cardbox in order to reach 60 fps. Not a very good example.
Rainbowcookie  +   543d ago
Considering the cost of console vs pc this is understandable. Driveclub has more polygons but it takes a hi in the fps running only 30fps. Not really a racing fan but I mean its awesome to be able to choose.And the damage models look insane.
FastRedPonyCar  +   543d ago
What's even more impressive is that these cars start off as roughly 19~20 MILLION triangle models and are scaled down to a level that these platforms can run.

Imagine how insane these racing games will look years down the road when GPU's can push that many triangles.... or even just double the amount the game is shipping with.
otherZinc  +   543d ago


The overrated PS4 may finally have its first 1080p 60fps game that doesn't dip below 60fps during play.

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gootimes  +   543d ago
And one day the underpowered X1 will get a next gen looking game to run 60fps/1080p without downgrades... Looks like PS4 did it before X1.
Future_2015  +   544d ago
very nice, but i would rather play with triple screen surround and steering wheel and pedals for the best racing experience on pc, also PC has 200,000 to 300,000 polygons on ultra settings compared to the ps4 60,000 polygons so i will stick with the PC version
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Software_Lover  +   544d ago
You done done it now!!!!
Yi-Long  +   544d ago
I won't get into a whole PC vs Console discussion, cause... really...!?

But just a little thing about the polygons: I honestly don't care if a car has 60.000 polygons or whatever. I would rather see 30.000 polygons per car if that would mean much more gorgeous and lively environnments to race through, better lighting, effects, etc etc etc.

After all, most of the time you'll be looking at where you're racing, not what you're racing. So I want gorgeous roads and scenery which are fun and challenging.
spence52490  +   543d ago
Awwwwww shucky shucky now!!!
kurruptor  +   544d ago
Congratulations. Glad to know that for a $1000 more, you can get better graphics on a PC.
XtraTrstrL  +   544d ago
Exactly! Forgot to mention, it'll cost you like 2+ PS4's to get that on PC.
Haki1112  +   544d ago
Doesn't matter the cost still performs better on PC and that's a FACT.
ATi_Elite  +   544d ago
Yeh and for $1000 you can play Pcars FOREVER and also use a G27 wheel or whatever wheel you want to or go one step further and connect it to a hydraulic set-up.

didn't even mention 4K TV!
lsujester  +   544d ago
I'll be playing on PC for sure if my DFGT still won't work on the PS4.
tee_bag242  +   543d ago
He was making a point about the higher polygon count on PC which is interesting. I never knew it would be such a massive difference but apparently knowing that upsets you. No need to act threatened.
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FastRedPonyCar  +   543d ago
My coworker's $700 pc runs the game at ultra settings at 1080p. Educate yourself before speaking.
Rimeskeem  +   544d ago
I'll stick to 460$ than 1500$
LogicStomper  +   544d ago
You do release that you can u upgrade certain parts of your PC right? It ain't like consoles where when you upgrade, you have to buy an entirely new one from scratch.
Rimeskeem  +   544d ago
@ logic

I know but it don't wanna build a PC from scratch just to play with more realistic graphics
ShowGun901  +   543d ago
you can upgrade certian parts sure, but that wont get you to 300,000 polys per car.

that'll take a beast of a computer!
Torgul  +   544d ago
Only 300k polygons, what a joke, You need 10 bilions!
CryofSilence  +   544d ago
That has to be the longest comma splice in recent memory.
ps4fanboy  +   544d ago
wait...the pc has that many more!!? please show me the article where you read this, very impressive!!!

i'll still be playing ps4 version though as i haven't gaming pcseed since unreal days...
Future_2015  +   544d ago
if u actually go into the article you will see PC has 200,00-300,000 polygons
In addition to that, we learn that the cars have about 60,000 polygons each on consoles, while the PC version on Ultra shows cars with between 200,000 and 300,000 polygons. On high it will bring the number down to 60,000.

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Haki1112  +   544d ago
@ Future_2015 N4G fanboys read??!!! People just read the headlines now and hit accept if it's positive about the PS4 and disagree if its pro MS
uth11  +   543d ago
In other words, only the pricy PCs get that many polygons. The average PCs will be in the PS4 range.
Sir_Simba  +   544d ago
I was wrong it actually does have that many
#2.7 (Edited 544d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
yewles1  +   544d ago

The very article just stated that:

"In addition to that, we learn that the cars have about 60,000 polygons each on consoles, while the PC version on Ultra shows cars with between 200,000 and 300,000 polygons. On high it will bring the number down to 60,000."
#2.7.1 (Edited 544d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
dillhole  +   544d ago
Wow PC elitists are really starting to sound insecure these days.
MysticStrummer  +   544d ago
They've been that way for years.
gapecanpie  +   543d ago
More like the sony fans because one minute they bashing xbox1 graphics but when PC is thrown into the mix all of the sudden graphics dont matter.... lmao thats being very insecure ... how can PC gamers be insecure when we know for a fact we are getting the better product hands down? That ret*rded logic doesn't even make sense.
dillhole  +   543d ago
@gapecanpie Well let's agree fanboys on either side are contradictory, irrational and generally quite tedious. But going around boasting about polygons and 4K monitors, regardless of how true such boasts are, come off as desperate and insecure. It's those who feel intimidated that need to constantly big themselves up. That "retarded" (you don't need to censor that word) logic is actually very simple psychology.
Aquariusgamer  +   544d ago
Do you even have a pc that will run it on ultra settings/60 fps?

How much would that cost, and is it worth it?
#2.9 (Edited 544d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
cyclindk  +   543d ago
Id rather buy a car and race it...
Rainbowcookie  +   543d ago
It would be the most real version out there, but you would be stuck with one car . Plus wrecking it won't make you feel good :)
Scark92  +   543d ago
Stronger the PC, the stronger the douche will be.
Software_Lover  +   544d ago
Lower the res or just go for 30. It works for Driveclub it will work for this game.
Spotie  +   544d ago
Drive Club can get away with it because there's no other version; the XB1 is already facing enough criticism for not having games at parity... Even though somehow the two consoles have the same power, according to some.
yewles1  +   544d ago
DriveClub's exclusive and only has 12 cars on track so far; Project Cars is multi and has to cater to even the 720p/30 Wii U version, even with up to 35 cars on track so far...
gootimes  +   543d ago
It would need to look photo realistic on consoles before it is getting compared to Drive Club though...
Mkai28  +   544d ago
They may have to lower the resolution to 900p to get 60fps on Xbox one. What all that's going on in this game, I really didn't think they could get 1080p @60fps on console.( ps4)
#4 (Edited 544d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Software_Lover  +   544d ago
They can hit 1080p 60 on every console. It just comes with some things scaled back, even on PS4
Neixus  +   543d ago
Microsoft has this parity deal, where they don't want the publishers' games on xbone if it doesn't run at same res as the PS4, because that makes it shine more on ps4.

Only exception if there is a big studio that creates the games, EA,activision etc etc.

The resolution probably won't get lowered
thexmanone  +   543d ago
Do you no where I could find a statement from MS about this so called parity deal from MS. I think that's just something the PS4 fans here made up.
Kiwi66  +   543d ago
The parity clause has nothing to do with resolution its more to do with indie games
patrik23  +   544d ago
another multiplat superior on PS4. Good job SONY!
johny5  +   544d ago
What is the actual polygon count on the PC?
Allsystemgamer  +   544d ago
Between 200-300k
windblowsagain  +   544d ago
So PS4 is high settings 60fps/1080p. 60,000 poly's.

PC can use 200-300,000 poly's on ultra.

But on high it's 60,000.

They will have to drop rez on xb1 to get 60fps or assets.
ps4fanboy  +   544d ago
(future-2015)i've watched many a high end pc version(s) of this game on youtube, up to date builds, and yes ,it is nice on triple screens with a wheel and chair combo to boot , but..if what you say is true about the pc having such a higher poly count on cars , i'll pass(probably) and wait for turismo whilst enjoying dc.

although nice(the high end pc version) nothing mind blowing tbh(which you would expect) , and far as i can see , not as realistic looking as dc..albiet it(project cars) probably being able to push way higher res(obviously) on pc.
ps4fanboy  +   544d ago
and sorry man , contary to popular belief , i'm not actually jesus...
Rock-Lee  +   544d ago
DriveClub has an average polygon count of 250.000 per car....

60.000 polygons @60fps (Project Cars) or 200.000-250.000 polygons @30 fps (DriveClub)

hmmmmm I think I'll go with DriveClub on this one!
AutoCad  +   544d ago
if you want a casual racer driveclub is your game..

Project Cars gonna be a beast sim racer,cant wait.
Rock-Lee  +   544d ago
That's true. I'll just get DriveClub since I can try the PS+ edition for free. If I like it I'll upgrade to the full version. Project Cars will release after that anyway. Hopefully they will release a demo or something. I haven't seen much of Project Cars, but if you can't upgrade cars (like on Forza/GT) then I'll definitely pass. If I'm gonna play a sim racer, I'll definitely want to be able to upgrade and change my car!

edit: I just read this in the FAQ of Project Cars

"Since the game covers such a variety of motorsports, each with their own performance restrictions, all vehicles are non-upgradable and come pre-installed with the best parts possible."

This is a big fat NO! for me. I loved Forza and GT mainly because you could upgrade your cars. Keep upgrading en tuning it to perfection. Different kits for different events. A super fast acceleration and low top speed on tracks with many corners, and super high top speed on 1000m sprints. Playing on regular circuits for 100 rounds with the same cars will get boring very fast...... After a month you've played with every car *67* in the game on all tracks. Get's pretty boring after that imho with a sim racer.

edit2: I just also read that you will be able to tune cars, just not upgrade parts. This is a little better to be able to tune your car. But still, I just loved upgrading cars in previous console sim racers. Big monster motorblock in a slower car, different exhausts and spoilers to make it a BEAST!
#10.1.1 (Edited 544d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report
user5669510  +   544d ago
Ps fanboys play gfx not games.
aliengmr  +   544d ago

The cars in PCars are based on actual cars in real life. Should those cars have a variant or upgrade that will likely be an option. Allowing you to upgrade your car means they have to fudge the numbers, their goal is accuracy.

Do not expect GT, Forza, or Driveclub.
DarXyde  +   543d ago
Or you can get both. You know, because they're different experiences and all...
MeliMel  +   543d ago
@rock lee,

A little disappointed because its suppose to be a sim, and you should be able to upgrade whatever you like.

That being said PGR never got tired even if I couldnt upgrade cars. Just some good old racing.
mysteryraz11  +   544d ago
driveclub looks better anyways I probally wont even get this game
edqe  +   544d ago
Different kind of games so no worth to compare.
windblowsagain  +   543d ago
Driveclub is a Point to Point type affair with many social features. Arcade but with much better handling.

PC is a Track racing sim type game.

I think it will be worthwhile getting both.
GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   544d ago
900p, there problem solved for X1. Framerate > Resolution, for racing sims!
ATi_Elite  +   544d ago
200k to 300K on Ultra settings OMG!

can't wait for the Project cars High Texture Mod to push things even further.....maybe 500k Polygon per car.

yeh I see the OBSCURE "$15,000 for a PC just to get 300k Polygons" or what ever remarks!

Not just the Polygons count but MORE importantly is the fact that I am using a G27 wheel and Pedals in a play chair and have the ability to use whatever Wheel I want to FOREVER!

Do you have those CHOICES or is whatever "the Company" says you can use is "Good enough" for you?

whether $400 or $4000 I want the CHOICE and FREEDOM to use whatever I want to.

a friggin .ini file for G27 compatibility is not that hard to make.

a Dev/Game goes this far for perfection then I want the best wheel for a great gaming experience.

I get sick of TROLLS trying to constantly downgrade teh cost to value ratio of my HOBBY PC Gaming to make their purchase seem so special.

your console purchase is SPECIAL to YOU and my choice of PC is special to ME.

Debate XB1 vs PS4 all you want as they are the same but just leave the PC alone because no matter the cost of my Gaming PC's, the FREEDOM of CHOICE is worth every penny......which is why America spends Trillions on our Military to Preserve our FREEDOM of CHOICE!

Happy Gaming!
#13 (Edited 544d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
windblowsagain  +   543d ago
Spends trillions?

America Makes wars happen so they can make money. Not the other way around.
ATi_Elite  +   541d ago
True but during the cold war the trear was very real
uth11  +   543d ago
If you love your PC setup, awesome.

I respect PC gamers choice of their preferred system as long as they can respect our preferences for consoles and stop trying to convince us otherwise.
TheGrimReaper  +   543d ago
"can't wait for the Project cars High Texture Mod to push things even further.....maybe 500k Polygon per car."


I don't mind if your PC is special to you but do yourself a favor and try to realize that this statemenet was plain stupid!
noctis_lumia  +   544d ago
lol xbox.....
where is marco ?
noctis_lumia  +   544d ago
hmmm will get this for ps4 cause many friends but also for my pc

CPU iNTEL CORE I7 4790K (1150/4.0GHz/8MB
MB gigabyte z97x-soc Force (1150/z97x
ram ddr3 teamgroup 16bg (2x8)kit 2400 vul
vga pci x sapphire vapor-x R9 280x 3gd5

im ready
tee_bag242  +   543d ago
Time to overclock that Devils canyon you've got. Not that you need to but because that's what it's for :)
#15.1 (Edited 543d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Travis3708  +   543d ago
If the xbox version is 30fps the internet will explode!!
MRMagoo123  +   543d ago
I think most people are more expecting them to lower res, I cant imagine they would choose to lower framerate.
Nine_Thousaaandd  +   543d ago
It's probably gonna end up like The Golf Club on Xbox keep the graphics quality close to high settings with a high frame rate!
#17 (Edited 543d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
WingWalker   543d ago | Spam
BrandanT  +   543d ago
Any news on the Wii U version?
I've a bad feeling that it's silently being cancelled.
Give_me_head_strong  +   543d ago
Forza 5 car models approached 1 million polys and even GT6 on PS3 car models had cars approaching 500,000 polys, so this is kind of sad news for console users who are planning on getting P-CARS.
Brettman2008  +   543d ago
Project Cars has a day-night cycle and weather modelling, unlike a lot of other racers. Its not all about the number of polygons per car, its about all the other graphical elements as well. But you'd rather troll in this thread wouldn't you.
imt558  +   543d ago
FORZA 5 cars had 1 MILLION polygon in Autovista.

But look how cars are IN-GAME ( not photomode ) :

Pretty BIG difference. IN-GAME ( not photomode) polygons are reduced. Cars in race in Forza 5 are around 200k polys.
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Badassbab  +   543d ago
Come on guys, Forza was a launch game and Turn 10 had to contend with crappy sdk and 10% less power due to Kinect. Project Cars doesn't have to worry about any of that.
CertifiedGamer  +   543d ago
200k per polygon on pc and 60k on consoles and everyone is bragging.

PS3 Grand turismo 5 did 500 k per car.
cruzngta  +   543d ago
DC owns this game and I would say FH2 is better as well.
WingWalker   543d ago | Spam
Azzanation  +   543d ago
No question about it. PC Project Cars is the way to go. Console versions seem pretty weak in comparison.
Si-Fly  +   543d ago
Lol ... All this arguing over a game that still handles like crap, has a horrible U.I. and terrible Force Feedback.
voltron420170  +   543d ago
Just saw a video on IGN.. This game honestly doesn't look great graphically..

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