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PS4’s The Last of Us: July’s best-seller, July’s biggest disappointment

The PlayStation 4’s biggest game of the summer missed sales expectations by 50,000 copies, according to an analyst. (PS4, Sony, The Last Of Us)

Axios2  +   346d ago
Not really surprising, it was only released a year ago on PS3.

@ Lukas, I dare you to find the word "disappointing" in my comment. I'll dumb my response down for you so you can understand; I'm not surprised ANY game released for a 2nd time within a year has not met analysts expectations

@ Lukas, all is forgiven, cheers
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   346d ago | Well said
Stop trolling, TLOU:R is anything but a disappointment. Top of the July NPD chart, despite only 4(?) days of it's sales being counted, and is currently sitting at 95 on metacritic (I know how much you love those metacritic numbers, Axios).

I've yet to come across a single person who owns the game who is disappointed by it. And why would they be? It's a better looking, and better running version of the most awarded game in history, with all the season pass DLC.

Some random analyst company says it's a disappointment....so it's a disappointment? Give me a break. Disappointments don't top charts after only 4 days of sales.
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TheTowelBoy   346d ago | Immature | show
XBLSkull  +   346d ago
I'd call it a disappointment. Tons of perfect scores and GotY awards. It's good but not the most amazing game ever. I would give it 8/10 and I'm probably 2/3 through at this point. A solid game but my expectations were much to high.

of course its the top July seller, who releases games in July? No one, and this game is proof of why developers should spread games out and not pack them all into holiday season. We game year round and if you put out a good game we will buy it regardless of the time of year.

can anyone tell me how long the DLC content is? Not sure I wanna play more than an extra hour or two.
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Sadie2100  +   346d ago
Did you read the story? This is about sales expectations/predictions.
NewMonday  +   346d ago
so 50k is now a "big disappointment"? sigh!

it most likely sold many times that digitally and exceeded expectations.
HammadTheBeast  +   346d ago
Relax man, you took his comment completely out of context.
jebabcock  +   346d ago
I think there is some critical grammar here that is being ignored... "BY 50,000" implies it was 50k short of expectations. It says nothing of what total sales were...
Biggest  +   346d ago
"I dare you to find the word "disappointing" in my comment."

This is an easy game.

"PS4’s The Last of Us: July’s best-seller, July’s biggest disappointment"

Axios2 + 3h ago
Not really surprising, it was only released a year ago on PS3.
rainslacker  +   346d ago
Didn't TLOU:R sell 1.5 million on it's first day?

They were off by 50K units and they consider that a disappointment? 50K units of 1.5 million is a .03% discrepancy. Hardly a disappointment.

Maybe I'm reading this article wrong, but apparently Sony isn't disappointed in the sales, just some analyst group that got it wrong.

Overall game sales were down, but TLOU:R was most decidedly a successful launch of a game. Way to flame bait a title and article.
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Rhythmattic  +   345d ago

Then don't.

Two thirds the way through ay?
If you dont know what the games about by then, and haven't enjoyed it , why even bother finishing it?

I say 1/3 your trolling, the other 2/3's is BS.
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This article is full of crap. This dude should just stick to watching his gay ass college sport.
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sonarus  +   345d ago
@rythematic. Not everyone has to love a game. But I like how xbl skull calls it a disappointment with an 8/10 review scores. I wish more disappointing games managed an 8/10 from me lol.
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Gaming101  +   345d ago
For those who didn't read the article, an NCAA football game has historically been released in July and was always the top seller every year, and it's no longer being made. Analysts took into account that this is a remake in their forecast, you must take all factors into account, however the only disappointment was that it didn't meet forecasts.

It is not saying that it is in any way a low selling game overall as it is the month's best seller, or has disappointing quality. Get it now? Good.
SnakePlissken  +   345d ago
I was disappointed the first time it came around. In fact, I couldn't bring myself to even finish it.

Pacing was slow, felt too generic to me. Like most new games these days. I know a few others that felt the same.

Very overrated game!
Rhythmattic  +   343d ago
Just popping back in.....

Sooooo agree with this review.

Lukas_Japonicus  +   346d ago
I apologise for jumping to conclusions about your comment. In my defence, you didn't really make it clear what part you weren't surprised about.

Please accept my apology. I love you really, Axios.
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Sevir  +   346d ago
lol @ "I love you" Lukas let that be a lesson that we can get overly serious about our hobby,

lets keep the pitch forks and torches away... we all know how amazing the last of us is!
sourav93  +   346d ago
I see why you moved to GAF Lukas. Some people....
Conzul  +   346d ago
I thought Lukas was being deeply sarcastic.

Lukas_Japonicus  +   346d ago

I wasn't being sarcastic. I was an ass, so I apologised for it.
Ezz2013  +   346d ago
"I love you really,Axios"

is that a Bromance i see ?
morganfell  +   346d ago
^^^You are assuming they are both males.
CrashJones  +   345d ago
Hey Lukas, share the love bud, and hook us up with a bubble will ya? :P

ps. I was on the shelf about picking up TLoU again, but I did, and was far from disappointed. Just an absolutely amazing gaming experience(again)... made better this time(so smooth), and with all the original DLC.
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DragonKnight  +   345d ago
I'm not surprised you'd be confused since Axios2 is a known Xbox fanboy.
incendy35   346d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
princejb134  +   346d ago
i feel like the game didn't sell well because of the ip name
not many people know about the last of us
I'm sure if it was called something like call of duty : last of us it would have sold 5 million easily
ABeastNamedTariq  +   346d ago
It sold more than 5 million on PS3 though.. People know.
princejb134  +   346d ago

I meant for ps4
rainslacker  +   346d ago
It sold 1.5 million on it's first day. That's a pretty good number for any game. Particularly for a game "not many people know about".

This game will have legs going into the holiday season, so given the install base, and the reputation this game has gotten since it's PS3 release, and the fact it's $10 cheaper than most games(probably more come November), I wouldn't doubt that this game easily hits 3+ million sold by the end of the year...if it hasn't already.
Corpser  +   345d ago
Only on n4g are there people that think it sold 1.5 million in 24 hours , the only source for that is insiderp, a site banned in neogaf
medman  +   346d ago
I'm sorry...did I miss where sales figures were posted? An article calls a game a "disappointment in sales" without knowing just how many copies were sold? The game was available for all of a few hours in the month of July....geez. Dubious, at best.
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Eddie20101  +   346d ago
It sold 1.5 million in three days and it was a remaster. If it sold a little under in three days, that does not make it a failure at all.

The only failure is that publishers did not release any major games for the month.

This is some kind crazy spin to say The last of us was a failure by any means.
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Eddie20101  +   346d ago
let me correct something, TLOU sold 1.5 million in it's first 24 hours.
SnakePlissken  +   345d ago
Alot of people bought into the hype. You tell enough people that this is supposed to be the greatest game of all time! More than half of them will believe you.

I found it quite boring and too generic. I didn't even want to finish it. There are so many better games out there!
Eddie20101  +   345d ago
I would have say that you have no idea what a great game is.

It is not hype, it is one of the best games ever made.
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ramiuk1  +   346d ago
i played it on ps4 and its best story game i ever played,characters,story the feel of the level design was amazing.
Ocsta  +   345d ago

Someone named XBLSkull thinks it was disappointing. Seems legit.
Syntax-Error  +   345d ago
What did it have to contend with? It's the only new game for PS4, so of course it would've done well. Waste of money considering the graphics upgrade wasn't that major. If you look at what GTA V did compared to TLOU then you would feel a little cheated. We have been dying for something new since Watch Dogs. Even our PS Store isn't as good as PS3's. They are really slacking on the PS4
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JeffGrubb  +   346d ago
July was pretty weak, but surprised Last of Us didn't do a little bit better.
randomass171  +   346d ago
For a remaster I thought it did pretty dang well.
Angels3785  +   346d ago
It only had 4 days of sales recorded for npd
Cryptcuzz  +   346d ago
I wonder why the article or the analyst did not even mention the fact that it only had 4 days of sales for the month of July?

The analyst should be the one to blame. He should be complaining that his prediction for the whole month of July has been short by a measly 50K units, for a game that was recorded in sales for only 4 freaken days lol.
PassiveAttack  +   346d ago
Do remember NDP doesnt count digital sales. Here in canada we have the remastered bundle that comes with a digital copy, but even non remastered ps4 editions are coming with digital copies of tlou:r

The sales are way higher then the ndp report.
JeffGrubb  +   346d ago
You're right, PassiveAttack, but this analyst is taking that all into account. The expectation was for it to sell 50,000 new physical copies in addition to what it was supposed to do digitally.
jebabcock  +   346d ago

go back and read the article. And compare it to your comment. The article merely says it was short 50k... Your comment makes the implication that it's total physical sales were less than 50k. Be a little more responsible than that if you are going to be so adamant in your position...
rainslacker  +   346d ago
According to Sony, it sold 1.5 million on it's first day. If after 4 days, the analyst was off by 50K units, then he was off by .03% compared to first day sales alone.

Now, calling that a disappointment is a big stretch. Any analyst that can come within a .03% margin of error on their predictions would be highly sought after for their accuracy. The typical analyst margin of error is in the 5-10% range.
Spotie  +   346d ago
I can't believe how hard you tried on this article. It would be impressive if it weren't so sad.
ColManischewitz  +   346d ago
Were expectations out of whack here?
GribbleGrunger  +   346d ago
It failed because it didn't meet an analysts expectations? LOL
JeffGrubb  +   346d ago
No one said it failed.
HeWhoWalks  +   346d ago
Er, what would you call a "disappointment", a success? Not that it WAS a disappointment, but today's journalists are very much like many of today's gamers - entitled individuals who whine more than they cheer they very hobby wee all share.
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JeffGrubb  +   346d ago
@HeWhoWalks I call a "disappointment" a disappointment. Things are not binary.
LeCreuset  +   345d ago
Exactly. Click-bait these days. Let's devote an entire article to undermining TLOU's status as the best selling game last month, based on projected sales figures from some game analyst not named Pachter (whom I also wouldn't take seriously).

What takes me out is that I often see statements about selling double last month's consoles and only being available in X number of countries repeated in the media with not even a tenth of the analysis of what exactly that means as is taking place in this article with TLOU.
ShowGun901  +   345d ago
I'd say the analyst failed at predicting the correct sales... but lets blame devs, producers, and consumers! thats easier than me being wrong /s
DanielGearSolid  +   346d ago
I would THINK Sony's expectations are the only ones that matter here.

But hey what do I know
JeffGrubb  +   346d ago
Sony is a public company, so that is incorrect.
DanielGearSolid  +   346d ago
What I mean is...

Sony's expectations account for dev costs and other expenditures. That the analyst doesn't have access to.

Also, one analyst doesn't = July's biggest disappointment.
iceman06  +   346d ago
True...BUT, the public usually bases their expectations around the expectations of the company. Plus, we don't know the magic number of those expectations.
Rimeskeem  +   346d ago
As we all know analysts are the supreme ruler of gaming and if they say something or predict something they must be right. (sarcasm)
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incendy35  +   346d ago
I ended up buying it.. begrudgingly haha.
WeAreLegion  +   346d ago
It surpassed most expectations for its sales.
MysticStrummer  +   346d ago
I need a refresher on what "disappointment" means I guess, or else this author is from Bizarro World.
iceman06  +   346d ago
Disappointment-a noun used to define your argument in the most abstract way possible so as to not have any basis of comparison. LOL

***Warning, this definition was STRICTLY derived from the context of its use in this article. Use at your own peril!!!***
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MRMagoo123  +   346d ago
***and if worst comes to worst, there is usually a cream or pill for it***
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   346d ago
For only 2 days and it still was the best selling game of June. Supposedly selling 1million copies on PS4 alone. I bought it the other day.
Locknuts  +   346d ago
Maybe because July almost always sucks.
lolosgolos  +   346d ago
How does a game fail with no competition?
Letthewookiewin  +   346d ago
What a stupid article.
bjshepp  +   346d ago
I knew that insider" who claimed TLOU sold 1.5 million copies in the first 24 hours was full of crap. Yet everyone took his word for it, without getting any facts. It hasn't even sold 50K copies and it had no competition whatsoever.

Maybe this will tell developers to stop re releasing games that are barely a year old.
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Kaimu  +   346d ago
Yes the last of us failed to sell 50 k copies

#14.1 (Edited 346d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DVS-Zev  +   346d ago
" It hasn't even sold 50K copies and it had no competition whatsoever."

You're borderline autistic.
rebeljoe14   346d ago | Trolling | show
rebeljoe14  +   346d ago
Read it again or go back to school and learn sentence structure. It says the game sold SHORT of 50,000 not ONLY 50,000. Meaning the game is sold in the millions but is 50,000 LESS than expected.
bjshepp  +   346d ago
Yeah. I misread the article. Didn't have enough time to edit it. I apologize for jumping to conclusions.
Biggest  +   345d ago
Jumped to conclusions? LOL!!! What you did was jump to "I don't even know how to spell conclusions so what ever I am jumping to is WAY beyond that!"

The insider may have been wrong, but your feelings on the matter have far less importance. Less than 50k sales and you thought it may have been correct AND felt validated. Wow.
Macdaddy71  +   346d ago
What last of us number two didn't pull game sale up!!!! OMG sad the month of July turn out bad with out a Sport game, Hmmmm see what greedy people does to the rest, I hope all them NCAA players enjoy there $5.00 dollars each they get,....
Truth is game release sucks right now, no ncaa, can't play last of us beat it on ps3....
marioJP87   346d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
HanzoHattori  +   346d ago
What a stupid article. The Remastered version has already sold 1.5 million plus copies and it hasn't even been out for a month.


"The game itself sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide within 24 hours of its launch across the globe, making it the biggest selling day 1 game on ‘next gen’ platforms.

The leaked SONY ledger accounted for around 70% of retailers worldwide, so we are unaware if the consolidated numbers from digital and retail have surpassed 2 million copies on launch day. Approximately 25% of the sales were via digital transactions over PSN.

The effect The Last Of Us : Remastered made on hardware sales has been significant, as over 200,000 The Last Of Us : Remastered PS4 console bundles were sold across North America and Europe between 31st July 2014 and 1st August 2014."

Other sources


Idiots writing articles and leaving out the actual facts. Facts reported by SONY!!!

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Subaruwrx  +   346d ago
There aren't many decent journalists reporting on the Video Game Industry. Many of them don't bother to use multiple and/or reliable sources. Give them one source, or even worse a rumor, and they'll spew forth a bs article.
#17.1 (Edited 346d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ShowGun901  +   345d ago
TLoU is selling great, and im happy more people get to enjoy it! The only "dissapointment" would be if you dont have a ps3 or ps4 to play it on!

on a side note, im sorry everybody in the entire universe didn't collaborate to make sure TLoU sold *EXACTLY* the correct amount of copies to please this "analyst"... he should email us next time!
aquamala  +   345d ago
All these articles use the same source from insiderp, are they reliable? I don't know, but 1.5 million seems ridiculous to me, it sold about as much as infamous and watch dogs ps4 so far in just 24 hours?

All we know is it is the best selling game in July NPD, but we don't know how many copies, could be 100,000, could be 1 million
Austin48  +   346d ago
The Last of Us remasterd did very well episcially for a remake this article is click bait all the way don't fall for it
danny818   346d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
FayZ_  +   346d ago
lou is a great game, amazing story & i'm a guy who prefers online gaming. but lou remaster was not needed, the ps3 version looked great & the remaster was just a cash grab, it didn't look any better just boosted res & fps. if they were going to remake it they should have totally improved the textures, more bloom effects & so on, the remaster still looked last gen, but it was still a great looking game for the most parts.

im sure it sold well but i think most people would avoid re buying if they have it on ps3, the story was short but good, and the mp is a lil boring. they should have rolled out new maps & game modes, quite disappointed by the mp graphics too, they couldve increased player count, so much for next gen..
#20 (Edited 346d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
jts1891  +   346d ago
It wasn't needed? Yeah, it was. 30% of PS4 owners didn't have a PS3 last generation, I'm one of them, and if they hadn't remastered the game, I wouldn't have been able to play it. And if you think the Remaster looked Last Gen, you haven't played it in person. It looks better than any game I've seen on next gen consoles, including InFamous: Second Son.
jts1891  +   346d ago
So, it's a disappointment because a group of analysts made a prediction and it turned out to be wrong? How amusing.
SilentNegotiator  +   346d ago
Missing expectations by 50K on a game that sells millions is the "biggest disappointment" for July? I guess July was a stellar month, then - only the most minor of disappointments.
Dynasty2021  +   346d ago
MP is pissing me right off.

SO, SO insanely slow to get into a match. Like 5 minutes EVERY time to find a lobby full of enough players.

The glitches etc just scream lack of polish.

The PS3 version was so much better.
LightDiego  +   345d ago
Nobody cares for your opinion on anything related to consoles, you are just a sad fanboy who plays only in one platform.
trouble_bubble  +   345d ago
The logic in this article is so flawed and irrelevant. So if in turn I "predict" the Halo MCC to sell 10 million copies, I can turn around and call it a failure if it " only" sells 9 million? Because if missing a random nobody's target by a mere 50k is cause for such vitriol, then missing a mark by a whopping 1 million would be an astronomical disasterpiece, right? lmao. Who are these people?
Big-finger  +   345d ago
Titanfall has a lifetime sales of just 2m on xbone while the last of us has 1.5m sales under 24 hrs. Disappointment to who?
mrpsychoticstalker  +   345d ago
Disappointing, including the multi-player. Pretty game indeed, but I want to play games. Not movies.

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