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Why Witcher 3 fans are angry over Collector's Edition exclusives for Xbox One

Game Idealist takes a look as to why Witcher 3 fans are angry at CD PROJEKT RED that the Xbox One is getting exclusive content in the Collector's Edition. (PC, PS4, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Xbox One)

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Axios2  +   201d ago
Why be angry?

It's same price with the extra content on X1 as it is on the others without the content, this is a good deal, jump on it and enjoy.
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-Foxtrot  +   201d ago
So jump onto a good deal even though it's not your platform of choice....yeah that's a good way to spend your money.
randomass171  +   201d ago
He might own both consoles so in his particular case it wouldn't be too costly at all. But for everyone else who only has a PS4 it presents quite a frustrating situation.
-Foxtrot  +   201d ago

With it being a new gen and all I highly doubt everyone will have both systems at the moment...he might but all of us do.

It's not like collectors would buy the Xbox One version if they had a PS4/PC and can't play the game because the don't have the console.
darthv72  +   201d ago
So now they are demanding packaging parity?

Im losing interest in next gen.
xHeavYx  +   200d ago | Well said
It's just physical stuff, I'd be more upset if it was in game stuff, like the extra hour of content in Watch Dogs or Assassin's Creed
These "upset people" sound more like crybabies
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johndoe11211  +   200d ago | Well said

People are assuming that just because the xbox one is getting extra content that it's the ps4 fans complaining. It's not. It's the pc fans that are head hunting right now and they should.

The PC community has been the main supporters of the witcher series over the years. Yeah it also made it to the xbox one but the pc community has been the main supporters behind CD Projekt Red and this is a slap in the face.

This isn't a new IP here. this isn't a new game that they just decided to make for al lthe systems. This is a franchise that has been one of the biggest selling pc franchises ever. It doesn't even appear to be timed dlc which makes it all the worse.

The witcher is practically synonymous with pc and you can't help but feel it a little for the pc community.
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Cupid_Viper_3  +   200d ago | Well said
Leave to Microsoft to piss off every single camp they can with their business models.

First with tomb raider, and now this.

Please don't get me wrong here. I don't find fault with paying a Dev money to develop extra contents for a multiplatform game. The game was going to release as is, and you decides that your group of gamers sgould get more, fine, pqy the dev to make extra contents for your your platform specifically. But I think it is a sh!tty business model to pay a Dev money to keep already existing/planned contents off other platforms. That's literally messing with other gamers who don't want sh!t to with you.

And I don't like it when either Sony or Microsoft does it. You can tell that other gamers don't like it too, because at the conferences, nobody really claps when they here " exclusive 2 hour mission for **** platform ".
ShinMaster  +   200d ago
I can see how the fanbase on PC that has supported the series for a while now might be upset.
Haki1112  +   200d ago
Not anyone problem but your own. You chose to buy one console.
XBLSkull  +   200d ago
You have no basis to be angry at anyone but yourself since you don't have/won't buy an X1. Microsoft paid to manufacture some extra trinkets to throw in their version on the collectors edition, and give them to X1 users free of charge. Sony can do the same thing if they want to. You guys always seem to complain about Microsoft throwing money around, but being an owner of PS4/X1/PC all I see is positive gains. Sucks to be a one trick pony, I suggest having 3 and get the best of everything.

If those little toys mean so much to you go ahead and buy the X1 collectors edition and the regular version of your other platform.

"I'm so sad because Microsoft has money and continue to use it to the advantage of its users" - Pathetic point of view
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thorstein  +   200d ago
So the Witcher 3 Collector's Edition for PS4 that I bought on Amazon isn't real?

Amazon, you got some 'splaining to do!

(source: http://www.amazon.com/Witch... )

Cloth Map and Gwent Packs are all you get extra.

Would like the cloth map, but oh well.
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3-4-5  +   200d ago
Shouldn't the game itself be the thing that matters the most.
donthate  +   200d ago
This is a ridiculous bunch of cry babies on one particular platform, PS4.

Let's face it, other platforms gets plenty of exclusive content digitally and there isn't the same amount of outrage and Xbox One owners PAY THE SAME TOO!

When the boat is turned, and it is not in their favor, suddenly they start whining and crying like babies!

You know what my solution to all of this has been, boycott it!
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Gaming101  +   199d ago
I don't get why anyone cares, collector's editions are giant wastes of money that take up shelf space and guarantee scaring off any girl that will walk into your room... so if you're one of those guys who is still buying collector's editions, we all know you're probably still a virgin.. lol
Prime157  +   199d ago
@haki1112, "Not anyone problem but your own. You chose to buy one console."

That's awfully short sighted. As this tend matures, it becomes ALL of our's problem.

I mean, this ties into what pre-order bonuses have started... http://www.somethingawful.c... The chart in that link is exactly what that means. I'm sorry you don't see, or have, a problem with this.
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admiralvic  +   201d ago
"It's same price with the extra content on X1 as it is on the others without the content,"

Its not Xbox One fans that are mad they're getting more stuff, it's fans on other consoles that are mad they're losing stuff and paying the same price. Even if the items are deemed "worthless" in your eyes, I don't think it's hard to grasp why some people would be disappointed they either have to buy a specific version of the game or miss out.

I also guess some people are mad a Witcher 3 dev said ( http://www.eurogamer.net/ar... ) there would be no exclusive content for any platform and feel this goes against what was said before.

In the end, I assume this is a vocal minority regardless and most people don't care, but I still bad for any fans that have to lose out on collectibles because of this choice. I much rather see everyone get the same thing, than every console get something unique / special, since that can be rough on collectors.
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darthv72  +   201d ago
i see this as what gamestop does to interest consumer into buying a game from them instead of Target, Best buy or Walmart.

its nothing to effect the game, its just a perk to where you get it from. I dont have time to run all over and see which retailer is giving away what. i will buy a game from wherever i choose and it may not have the same extra trinkets but its going to be the same game.

And that comment about "exclusive content" is nothing about the "contents" of the box. Its about the content in the game.
-Foxtrot  +   201d ago

Good point but since it is a vocal minority no one will give a shit unfortunately. They'll just see it as moaning because it doesn't effect them. As I've said most people think collectors editions are a waste of time and money anyway so they won't see it from our point of view.
admiralvic  +   201d ago
@ Darthv72

"i see this as what gamestop does to interest consumer into buying a game from them instead of Target, Best buy or Walmart. "

And there are a lot of people who disagree with this practice and don't approve of it.

"its nothing to effect the game, its just a perk to where you get it from. I dont have time to run all over and see which retailer is giving away what. i will buy a game from wherever i choose and it may not have the same extra trinkets but its going to be the same game."

This is like saying its "cool" a Japanese game lacks the Japanese voice option, simply because you like English. Its super awesome it doesn't affect you, but just because you're not affected doesn't mean it's not a valid complaint. Especially since there are people out there that love games so much that they import special editions from other regions and misc other collectibles.

"And that comment about "exclusive content" is nothing about the "contents" of the box. Its about the content in the game."

Not that I am saying I agree with the point (I actually just pulled it from this article), but they DID lay it on thick and they DID NOT explicitly state content in game.

"We'll not deliver exclusive content to any of the platforms, nor will we artificially delay release of the game on any of the platforms because somebody's paying us money for that. It's definitely against our values. We are not doing that."

I mean, it's against their values to make exclusive DLC, but not against their values to make exclusive content that fans / collectors miss out on? You do have to admit it sounds a tad hypocritical.

@ -Foxtrot

This is one thing I hate about game communities. There are a lot of stances, but they're typically met with people who go "this doesn't affect me, nor does it affect anything I care about, so your complaint is stupid and invalid" like Darth is doing. While I'm not totally and completely above it myself, I try to see both sides of the story and will outright tell you, Darth and anyone else that reads this that I have no stake in this matter.

I've never played The Witcher, nor do I care to play it in the foreseeable future, much less buy a fancy collectors edition, but I still understand where some people are coming from and don't agree with unique physical extras being platform exclusive.
darthv72  +   200d ago
vic...you are confusing things. your example of the voice options relates to the content of the game. not its packaging.

the packaging of a game has no bearing on the contents within the game itself. that would like saying because the game came in a jewel case instead of a dvd case...now the game is totally different.

Packaging parity is what they are arguing over.

So now because of this...Activision and bungie better make damn sure that the destiny bundle for the PS4 has the same goodies in the box as the bundle for the xb1. And the same goes for the XB1 bundle of COD should be packaged the same for a PS4 version.

there can no longer be any sort of differentiating between platforms when it comes to their packaging. right down to the little bits of paperwork otherwise we will have a major uproar over the lack of a registration card in one copy of the game.
admiralvic  +   200d ago
@ Darthv72

"vic...you are confusing things. your example of the voice options relates to the content of the game. not its packaging. "

Serious question, what difference does it make? I mean, you started your last post by saying "I see this as what GameStop does to interest consumers into buying a game from them" and I apparently have news for you, thats TYPICALLY just DLC. Yeah, sometimes they do a poster or special item, but more often than not it's something like the OoT costumes (Hyrule Musou), Mythical Creatures Pack (LittleBigPlanet), Exterminator Weapon Skin Pack (Evolve), Driller Machine Gun (Far Cry 4), Razor Head Spear (Assassin's Creed Unity), McLaren 12C Pack (DriveClub), among others.

Anyway, my point was just that it was something you clearly don't care about and brought up an example. Most people don't care if a game lacks Japanese voice acting (just like some people don't care if it lacks English), but just because you don't see the importance doesn't mean it's not important to someone or these complaints are silly / invalid.
darthv72  +   200d ago
No offense man but you seriously sound like you are entitled to what the xb1 box comes with even if you dont want the xb1 version.

Im sorry but...not everything has to be equal. there is no rule that says everything must be the same. Its a game, not an individuals civil rights being violated.

If this situation gets you twisted, will you be equally vocal if the next big multiplatform release come out with some extra odds and ends for one version instead of for all?

If you want equality then you best stand up to all manner of differentiating circumstances. Those mario kart toys MC Donalds was offering should been at burger king as well...just saying.
admiralvic  +   200d ago
@ Darthv72

"No offense man but you seriously sound like you are entitled to what the xb1 box comes with even if you dont want the xb1 version. "

And you seriously sound complacent, but I'll make this easier for both of us. Instead of droning on about semantics and turning this into a heavily distorted issue, how about you simply explain how this is good for everyone or why it shouldn't be changed.

"Im sorry but...not everything has to be equal. there is no rule that says everything must be the same. Its a game"

This is correct, but it also doesn't make the complaint invalid.

"If this situation gets you twisted, will you be equally vocal if the next big multiplatform release come out with some extra odds and ends for one version instead of for all? "

Considering I've already said I have no interest in The Witcher 3, aren't I doing that now?

"If you want equality then you best stand up to all manner of differentiating circumstances. Those mario kart toys MC Donalds was offering should been at burger king as well...just saying."

And NOW we hit the strawman argument BS that I get sick of hearing.
FanboyKilla  +   200d ago
you are not loosing anything. xone just gets more. i dont see articles complaining about destiny giving content to ps4 and not xone. wow!!! are you people serious. all i hear is thats why destiny is better on ps4. lol now its an abomination. playa hating arse fanboys. lmfao ps4 destiny exclusive content blah blah blah. you must have forgot?
ShadowWolf712  +   200d ago

There's a difference. The "Exclusive Content" is timed. Others can buy it later.

There is no limited collector's edition coming out for the other platforms later. That's not an option. Can't wait it out.
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Software_Lover  +   200d ago
They aren't losing anything. Microsoft just paid for them to make something else for their collectors edition. If Microsoft didn't pay for them to make it, then it wouldn't exist FOR ANYONE. It's not like it's a freakin statue or something.

People need to get over themselves. If this were done for the ps4, there wouldn't be some huge outcry, even from the pc fans. This $h!t is getting sickening.
joab777  +   200d ago
I'm not angry but they lied. And they ate my favorite developers. I remember praising them when they said that they wanted the experience to be the same for everyone.
aliengmr  +   200d ago
"I remember praising them when they said that they wanted the experience to be the same for everyone."

Here's the problem, it 'is' the same for everyone. The GAME is the same. CDPR makes GAMES, not CE junk that very few are even interested in.

I guess you just can't win in this business. CDPR makes a rare stand in the industry to avoid pre-order exclusive BS and opts to deliver a full and complete GAME across all platforms, They are also totally against DRM and offer great post launch support, but because a FEW people didn't get a cloth map and some cards, its like "F*** those liars!!!"

There's something to be said for picking your battles.

Start cancelling those pre-orders I guess.
joab777  +   200d ago
Like I said, I'm not angry and it doesn't affect me one bit. But, they did lie kinda. Thats all.
n4rc  +   200d ago
Most of it isn't strictly because of this incident.. Its a snowball effect

Some genuine concerns will get lumped in with the entitled crybabies that plague the internet.. Many just seem to think they are entitled to everything but at the same time, brag about getting stuff you can't have.. And there are some here, not pointing fingers..

But the experience is the same.. Its some extras thrown in.. Tons of products, retailers etc do this.. One country gets better preorder bonuses then another, this chain gives out a hat or shirt..

I feel most don't even care about the items, just pissed that others are getting something they aren't..
aliengmr  +   200d ago

Except they didn't "kinda lie" they were referring to the 'game'. As in the ONLY thing that truly matters.
deadie  +   200d ago
"And they ate my favorite developers."

I can understand your frustration. ;)
dumahim  +   200d ago
Even if I wanted to buy the Xbox One version (since I own both), I can't because the Collector's Edition has been sold out for a long time. It's a shitty move to make this change after all the collector's editions are already spoken for.
KarmaV12  +   200d ago
Literally anything that happens to Xbox or Microsoft gets bashed. People keep telling them to improve and get better and everytime they do, everyone (A SPECIFIC GROUP OF PEOPLE) turn on them and makes them look like crap.
Aceman18  +   200d ago
Meh it's not that serious I still plan on buying the PS4 version, and I can still enjoy it from beginning to end.

Not having the extra content is not going to ruin my experience playing the game.

But I would like to say it does seem that the devs did go back on their words about not doing exclusive content for any system.
Aceman18  +   200d ago
I get 2 disagrees why because

1 I don't care about the extra content


2 I still plan on buying the game on PS4 and still enjoy it

Which is it lol?
Eonjay  +   200d ago
Read the article. It pretty clear why people are upset.
Eddie20101  +   200d ago
It's a collectors edition of a game, people buy them for the extra content specifically, of course the people that buy these things are going to be upset at getting less things for the same price.

If you don't have an Xbox One, Which is a majority at least by 5 million you get the shaft. Stupid move CD project.

Another desperate move by Microsoft.
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Letthewookiewin  +   200d ago
Just give me the game I dont need a bunch of extra crap
700p  +   200d ago
The funny thing is..most people do not buy collectors editions. I think its just people whining just to whine.
rainslacker  +   200d ago
Most people do not buy collectors editions. True, otherwise they wouldn't really be collector's editions.

But, since they are obviously selling these collector's editions to the people that actually do buy collector's editions, some of the people that would buy collector's editions are upset that they are getting less content for the same price, since they specifically buy these collector's editions for that exclusive collector's editions content in the first place.

That's what collector's do...it's what makes them collectors.

Basically it devalues the collector's editions that aren't on the X1, as they have less content. I doubt that will actually be the case of course, as a cloth map and a card deck isn't going to be worth nearly as much as that statue in a years time, and the X1 just isn't as popular as the other platforms involved, but still, it's a bad trend in a market that is already starting to have bad trends happen to it, thus causing even less value in collector's editions despite prices continuously going up for them.
equal_youth  +   200d ago
what makes me angry is if i want to buy the collectors edition which i was planning on i have to choose between ps4 and x1. and now considering i am a collector which i am not ^^ i would go with the complete version which is the x1 edition but i don't like to play this game on my x1.. so i have to go with the not so complete ps4 version. it kind of grinds my gears ms is doing this to me.
Reddzfoxx  +   200d ago
Its physical content which if there is one smart person in this comment section they would order the xbox one version keep the "physical content" and sell the game. Its like then you got your "physical" collector edition content on ps4 or PC.

Truly funny how people are oblivious to the simplest answer sometimes.
Lord Maim  +   200d ago
Sure, if they want to take a hit on the price. No one's going to buy a second hand game at full price, even if it's still shinkwrapped.
SonyPS4  +   200d ago
Because it's only on Xbox One, a system many gamers don't even want.
Lord Maim  +   200d ago
Why be angry? I have the first two games on PC, and will be buying the third on PC as well. Its not a huge difference in physical content, but its still a thumb in the eye to have to pay the same price as a package with some additional extras. Being an old fan of Ultima, a cloth map instead of paper would be pretty sweet, but not enough to double up on an inferior console version that I would never play.

Microsoft is out to burn the village just to keep warm.
poor_cus_of_games  +   200d ago
Oh axios I missed your bs.
brish  +   200d ago

"It's same price with the extra content on X1 as it is on the others without the content, this is a good deal, jump on it and enjoy."

It's because most people want the content but don't want an xbox one.
BallsEye  +   200d ago
I still don't get the people who cry over this. It's same situation everywhere else, just digital content:

Destiny - ps4 extra content, same price
The Division - XO extra content, same price

I could list probably hundreds of same deals. Just get over it. It's not like someone forces you to buy it.
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ziggurcat  +   200d ago
i honestly don't see what the big deal is, either.
Fanci  +   200d ago
It's funny how Sony got exclusive content for Watch Dogs and Destiny, but there was far less complaining going on about that. Grow up and deal with it, who really cares about a little bit of extra content
Infamazdre  +   200d ago
There mad because there a bunch of Yoshida's hoes and he ain't feeding them right. You want what Xbox has to offer buy 1 and quit bitchin
Rimgal  +   201d ago
This is just getting ridiculous.

It's just some cards and a cloth map, it won't affect your game.
BG11579  +   200d ago
I don't get either, but a friend of mine does.
She is an hardcore fan of the universe. She has it all, even the books. Her main platform is the PC. The moment she read about the exclusive goodies for the Xbone, she went ballistic.
Right now she's sharing a piece of her mind about this situation all over the Internet, specially the polish developers.
She isn't usually like that.
beerzombie  +   200d ago
She should get help because its just a stupid game.
Galletto3  +   200d ago
....she can just buy those goodies somewhere else. Every game that has a collectors edition has their stuff end up on ebay, craigslist for super cheap a month or two after the game is released
BG11579  +   200d ago
Galletto3@ I believe that will end up doing that exactly, but still I'm under impression that CD-projet broke her heart. ^^
BlackWolf12  +   200d ago
No, it's not hard to understand why they are angry, I would be too.

They are paying the same price for less content.
n4rc  +   200d ago
Yup.. And that's understandable..

But some enjoyed their exclusive content and didn't feel it was bad, but now want to object to the practice when its them missing out.

I'm going to pay the same for destiny but get less content then another group.. Did the same with watch dogs..

If you aren't one of those people.. Then I feel your pain.. It sucks to pay More for less.. But if you enjoy when the shoe is on the other foot? Then I hope it bugs the crap out of you now lol..
Genova84  +   200d ago
Buy it for $47.99 on pc like I did. Wait, you didn't play the first two? Ok, get it for $53.99 then.

If everyone is getting this upset over something so mundane, perhaps MS was right to strike this deal ...
rainslacker  +   200d ago
You have to remember that collector's editions sell primarily to collector's. For the most part, the extra stuff is what they're paying a premium for. If they just cared about the game, they'd spend $50/60 and call it a day.

But that's not what the collector's mentality is about. It's about having memorabilia based on the game. Having something unique that only other people who paid the same premium would have. Same goes with many other collection hobbies like stamps or coins. They pay a premium for their stuff, because it's worth something to them, and it's often unique to a only a few(a few can be thousands in this case of course).

Of course, some people just buy collector's editions to resell them at a profit, but that's a different thing entirely.

So, what it comes down to for the rather niche market that is willing to dish out a large sum of money for a collector's edition(for whatever reason), the different versions of the collector's edition have become fragmented, and those other editions are going to be devalued because of it. Only X1 owners are getting the exclusive content, and that's kinda crappy since they are paying the same price as the PS4/PC users getting less content.

I'm a collector myself. I didn't have the Witcher 3 CE on pre-order, as nice as it was, because while it seems like a popular game, I've never played it. Since my plate is pretty full with pre-orders I decided to pass on it. But I do buy plenty of collector's editions, so I can see why people would be upset if all of a sudden, one edition decided to offer more for the same price.

We see this a lot in collector's editions offered in different regions. Sometimes EU territories get awesome collector's editions of a niche or popular game, and the US gets some crappy art-book and special packaging, or vice versa. In those cases it's because of the publisher of the game in that territory, but it's quite annoying, because we want that extra stuff...it's what we're buying CE for. In this case, it's the same publisher giving special treatment to the X1, and if I had to guess it may be because of a payout because as I understand it, the X1 version was sold out along with the rest.
Kavorklestein  +   200d ago
Let me simplify MOST of the "Exclusivity" complaints: Whining because it's not on PS4.
PC gamers are used to buying digitally, so I don't see them complaining as much.
And people aren't suddenly getting LESS for their money- They just aren't getting MORE for the money.
They USED to be just fine with the price they were going to pay for the collector's edition, but yet now suddenly they are mad?
(I personally like both consoles, and PC)

But honestly the biggest reason why this is suddenly a big issue, AS WELL as the crying over Rise of the Tomb Raider, is because PS4 owners are babies.

PS4 owners/potential owners would be saying the exact same things Xbox owners/ potential owners are saying if it was going to benefit THEIR console.

And, they would be saying: "It's just the way it is"
OR "Just accept it" or they may even go further and say "Xbowkzz suxxx"

So, how do we excuse the fact that Watchdogs, Destiny, and Batman: Arkham Knight, etc... have exclusive content AND Collector's Editions on one hand, but then cry about The Witcher's Exclusive Collector's Edition when it's on Xbox?

Because people are entitled cry babies.

The PS4 selling more units this early on doesn't mean there isn't still money to be made off of 15 million gamers/New gen console owners COMBINED.

Think about it from a Studio's perspective. They spend all this time and money and effort making a game for two platforms... do they want to have the Xbox One version sell like crap? Even though it is likely that they may have had to optimize or tweak around with code for the Xbox one version the MOST to get it up to par with what they are trying to envision with their game? They WANT BOTH CONSOLES to sell a lot of copies of their game, and this is a way to do it WITHOUT affecting the game, or gameplay by offering a more fully-loaded Collector's Edition.

Most of the people complaining aren't even going to BUY the collector's edition for Pete's sake.

Most of the people complaining also aren't thinking about it from the developer's perspective. If they can sell to a bigger audience on TWO console platforms, and get a bunch of cash from Microsoft for sweetening the deal a little bit, then it's a No-Brainer for CD Projeckt Red.

This is ONLY "a big deal" because Entitled brats are jealous. And Hypocritical. And ridiculous. And Whiny.
Especially when even MORE exclusive IN GAME content and exclusive DLC for several games is going to the PS4.

The people crying about it need to remember a simple fact: You win some, and ya lose some. Just because they bought a console that had sold more units so far, doesn't mean the world suddenly stops spinning for everybody ELSE, or that Jesus is about to allow PS4 owners into heaven....."exclusively&a mp;q uot;.

And it certainly doesn't mean that 3rd-party exclusivity is justified when it's for PS4, but yet, it's suddenly "Not okay" when it's exclusive to/for Xbox.

I personally don't really like exclusive game content or DLC, but I'm at least beyond whining about it online like a spoiled brat. Especially when no amount of crying is going to change anything, and it only makes me look like a loser.

You guys bought a console. That's it. It's not a portal to the 6th dimension, it's not a sanctified blessing from god, and it DOESN'T make you better than anybody else.

I'm not calling anyone fanboys, I'm simply pointing out behavior.

It's a PS4. That's it, it's not salvation in a box.
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Software_Lover  +   200d ago
...... that bit about Jesus is my new Sig lol
Kavorklestein  +   200d ago
Haha Software_Lover Yeah.. I typed:

Just because they bought a console that had sold more units so far, doesn't mean the world suddenly stops spinning for everybody ELSE, or that Jesus is about to allow PS4 owners into heaven..... "exclusively"

And good ol' PSN4G added a bunch of letters and symbols instead haha But I'm glad you liked it lol
IHassounah  +   201d ago
People need to understand , that content wasn't gonna be there until Microsoft funded the physical content. In other words they just helped develop something for their fanbase.
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Roccetarius  +   200d ago
I think this is something people won't ever understand. It's not like CDPR is the devil here, and Sony could've done the exact same thing with something similar. It's tough for the PS fans, because Sony doesn't have that same interest in Witcher 3.
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rainslacker  +   200d ago
You're probably right, but that has to be the worst thing in the world to spend money on for your fans. I mean, it's nice to give something back to your fans, but exclusive physical content in a limited run Collector's edition?

It's already sold out....they have absolutely nothing to gain by it. I'm sure it wasn't a huge sum for them to provide, but it just seems like wasteful spending to me.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the gesture if this is indeed the case. It's nice that MS would do something nice like that, but it just seems so limited in it's application and marketing potential, and once again, has done nothing but piss off some of the fan base of the game.
#3.2 (Edited 200d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
FalloutWanderer2077  +   198d ago
I think it may of already been paid. Think about it for a sec. CDPR were on Microsoft's stage TWICE back to back, 2013 and 2014. I think this was their payment to Microsoft for that privilege of stage time. This is what the statement about having the game recognized worldwide would mean IMO.

To be honest, I am not a fan of this decision but I know very well that it could of turned out a lot worse i.e. Exclusivity for 1 platform,DLC exclusivity and on and on.
#3.2.1 (Edited 198d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
-Foxtrot  +   201d ago
Course they are, they've said in the past ""We are treating all gamers equally" yet they go ahead and do this

The problem is they are expecting people on PS4, PC and Xbox One to pay the same price when one of them includes more stuff.

This might not be a big deal to people who see collectors editions as a waste of money but there's people out there like myself who love collecting these editions and when you do you always ant to get the best edition....however now people need to buy the Xbox One version to get the best edition with more stuff included. Hardly fair.

It's not like in game content when timed exclusive content will make it's way to other consoles eventually...this isn't the case here, once the edition comes out that's it. It's not like they will mail you the extra bits once the exclusiveness wears off.

I'm hoping they'll earn some respect and bring it to all consoles so collectors will be able to happily buy it on their platform of choice and know they've got the full package.

If the PS4/PC collectors editions were cheaper then fair enough but they aren't. How can you justify , regardless of what the content is, paying more for less. The sole purpose of these editions are so you get a load of trinkets and other goodies.

Honestly though I don't expect people to understand when most people see these editions as a waste of money.
#4 (Edited 201d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(17) | Report | Reply
darthv72  +   201d ago
There was a collector pin included with the ducktales remastered game for wii-u. i think it might have been included in the 360 one but Im not sure. it isnt anything really substantial but it was something i saw being done at Target. i didnt see it at any other store. if it was then i apologize but from what i could see...it was at Target but not Walmart or even Gamestop.
Rimgal  +   201d ago
They did that?


How dare they include a pin on that game, and do not do the same thing for the console of choice. I'm going to Capcom site right now to tell them how I feel.

And btw I'm joking, and I just feel some gamers just want the pick the slightest thing to rage about.
#4.1.1 (Edited 201d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(7) | Report
-Foxtrot  +   201d ago
That's more to do with pre order stuff from the retailer don't you think

If it's like "COME TO GAME AND YOU GET AN EXTRA CLOTH MAP AND CARDS ON ALL PLATFORMS" then at least despite not having a choice where to get something from it's still giving you a choice with the platform.

Problem is it's coming from them, the developer it a deal with Microsoft. So now it's like

"Yeah we have so extra goodies...but only Xbox One people will get them, you guys on the PS4/PC are still paying the same price"

Even then people hate pre order stuff as much as something like this. Then again it's expected from retailers...not developers


It's not really picking the slightest thing. Why would you want to pay more for something when your getting less. If your not a collector or into this editions then like I said you won't be bothered but some people do. You want to get the most for your money because these editions are quite pricey
#4.1.2 (Edited 201d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(8) | Report
Rimgal  +   201d ago
@-Foxtrot I actually buy every Assassins Creed collector's edition since Assassins Creed 2, and every year I get extra dlc content exclusive for playstation, and I never saw anyone complaining about that. And I never thought that I would see the day where people would be complaining about the lack of some cards and a cloth map in a game.
#4.1.3 (Edited 201d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report
-Foxtrot  +   200d ago

"and every year I get extra dlc content exclusive for playstation, and I never saw anyone complaining about that"

Christ sake...as I've said above in game content is TOTALLY DIFFERENT to Physical content in collectors editions

All that Assassins Creed content has came to the Xbox much like how that Destiny DLC on the PS4 will come to the Xbox One.

Physical goodies can't do that unless they magically get mailed to you.
Rimgal  +   200d ago
@-Foxtrot so I looked into some of my PS3 games and this is what I saw.

L.A. Noire has a exclusive mission
Bioshock has exclusive DLC challenges
Bioshock Infinite includes Bioshock 1 and has a custom audio mode for the Pulse headset
SSX has the Mt. Fuji track
Stranglehold included the movie Hard Boiled in the PS3 collectors edition.
Dead Space 2 comes with Dead Space Extraction
Mortal Kombat comes with Kratos xbox 360 got nothing
Mafia II comes with the exclusive dlc The Betrayal of Jimmy

And this is just for some of the games I own. Basically I paid the same amount of money as any xbox gamer, and I got more stuff because I'm a playstation gamer. I do not see this as a bad thing, and I appreciate that sony is willing to pay to give us more stuff. If MS is doing the same thing, then good for them, and competition is always a good thing. And I never saw anyone complain about this stuff ever.

But here is not even on the game, and I'm sure some people cares about the cloth map, and for that person not getting is a big deal. And for that person that is really angry about this, my advice is just to wait, because I'm sure he can buy the cloth map later on Ebay for 50 cents. Most people just want the statue anyway.

Edit: I forgot about Diablo 3, a game that I bought for the PS3 and I'm double dipping for the PS4. It also has some exclusive content that xbox owners will never get.
#4.1.5 (Edited 200d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report
gangsta_red  +   200d ago

Well get a Xbox One and you'll have the collector's edition It's no different from when Japan use to get exclusive content for games only in Japan.

And didn't The Witcher appear on consoles for 360 first? According to the majority of N4G logic this means that Xbox One deserves something extra. Or does this not apply anymore??
-Foxtrot  +   200d ago
Why should I buy an Xbox One just to get the edition. They should be making it for all consoles and make them equal. If they want to do pre order content in game fine because it can easily come to other consoles but leave collectors goodies out of it.
darthv72  +   200d ago
Fox you dont have to buy the system to buy the collector edition of the game. That is usually what collectors do.

They buy the different versions of something because of the variants available.

They may only play one copy if they play them at all. I know plenty of gamers who buy two copies. One for playing and one for displaying.
#4.2.2 (Edited 200d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report
ger2396  +   200d ago
Throw in an Xbox one with the purchase of the collectors and we're golden.
BX81  +   200d ago
@ foxtrot
Just simply stop worrying about it. You're not getting a map and some cards. Big deal. Either buy the game or don't but there is not point in making a fuss over it.
Haki1112  +   200d ago
@Foxtrot just go sit down somewhere MS Funded the extra content. If you want this content buy an X1 or write to Sony about it.
whoyouwit04  +   200d ago
Remember those rumors about Sony Supposedly getting a lot of 3rd party exclusive support? I wonder did the insider really know that it was Microsoft to be the one to really get all t he support. but was just afraid to say it because of the backlash of a few brain washed extremest idiots. Seriously look at all the 3rd party exclusive things Microsoft have been getting lately. the crew only on 360 for last gen, tomb raider the division DLC, the witcher 3 extras for collectors edition and the list just goes on and on. I really wish Devs will stop feeling the need to explain them selves to people because they are too immature to understand that the video game industry is a business.
#5 (Edited 200d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DanielGearSolid  +   200d ago
So watchdogs, destiny, Batman, BF hard line, Batman, MGS, Far cry 4, Diablo, etc are first party?
DanielGearSolid  +   200d ago
Said batman twice... Fail

Meant GTA V
Haki1112  +   200d ago
Wait all those games got extra content for PS4??? I DEMAND A LOWER PRICE!!! lololol
castillo  +   200d ago
Cause they think they are entitled to everything or are deserving of such concept. Anyone bother to think that this may be a paid concept by MS to attract people to buy it for Xbox one .
#6 (Edited 200d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
incendy35  +   200d ago
People are angry over the Xbox One? Well this is new.
KillerByte23  +   200d ago
You didn't see PS4 users make a big fuss when Crystal announced that LARA CROFT AND THE TEMPLE OF OSIRIS COLLECTOR'S EDITION will be exclusive while Xbox One users only get the Gold Edition
ShinMaster  +   200d ago
No, but it's easy to see why not just PS4 gamers, but also the PC fanbase that has supported the game for years, might be upset.
ElementX  +   200d ago
More collector's edition garbage. I don't know why people want all that cheap junk they throw in those things. Cloth maps, coins, figurines, cards, stickers, etc... it's all worthless. You look at it once or twice then it ends up in the trash. It's not even going to be worth saving to sell.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   200d ago
Agree. $150 for junk that cost like $30 to produce. People must feel special or cool when they buy this stuff. I'm glad I don't. Waste of money.
#9.1 (Edited 200d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Truehellfire  +   200d ago
Lol. I am kind of in the same boat as you guys. Don't get me wrong, I like certain collector's items such as concept art. Other than that I really have no interest in any kind of "Collectors" item. Especially figurines and trinkets that will just end up taking space in my closet. My biggest concern is just the developers making the best game they can possibly deliver, and CDPR is without a doubt doing that. I care about the game, not what comes with it.
rainslacker  +   200d ago
That's what collector's do. Some display it for a long time on their shelves. I have a bunch of collector's edition statues all over my gaming room.

I'd also hardly call them worthless. Quite a few of those collectible things can go for much more on their own than the collector's edition originally sold for.

Others never open the boxes, keeping it as a valuable game within their games collection, as collector's editions are more desirable than the game alone among collectors in general.

Not everyone is a collector. I can respect that you don't find value in what is being offered by collector's editions. But the old saying, "another man's junk is another man's treasure" comes to mind. I would suggest not being so judgmental, as it's not you're money or you're space, that these collector's are wasting.
ElementX  +   200d ago
I recently started collecting Lego. I have a number of sets which I'm not opening, however the expensive $200 sets I do build because they can go for double or triple the price in a few years, even when opened. I have the modular buildings currently available and I'm going to buy the pieces individually to build the rest of the series. However there has to be a market for collector's items. Will people in twenty years even care about items from a game they can't play because it's on ancient media? Searching Ebay right now I see a number of collector's edition sculptures for sale but the only ones with bids are Alduin from Skyrim
#9.3.1 (Edited 200d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
rainslacker  +   200d ago
I'm sure they will. Look at 20 year old games. They go for a lot of money in a lot of cases, and they'd be considered ancient media. Likely due to the fact that people would have the devices to play them on. That won't be any different in 20 years. Value probably won't be as high on the games themselves however, as the games themselves are produced in much more abundance, and there is the hoarders market which buys this stuff to resell at a profit later on, so the stuff is easier to get. Not to mention the digital market can really chop the prices of a popular game to next to nothing(like FFVII for instance).

As far as all the collectible stuff, yeah, it goes for a price. You don't see a lot of it on Ebay, but the Lunar:SSS collector's edition easily runs a couple hundred dollars complete. Arc the Lad Collector's edition goes for quite a lot as well. Many examples of collector's editions going for a lot.

TLOU post pandemic statue sells anywhere between $200-400, and I am sure that the Arkham Origins Joker statue will be worth a pretty penny one day.

And that's the thing. The value can change depending on how the franchise evolves. Old Mario stuff which was complete crap 20 years ago is worth a fortune now.

I guess the best way to think about it is in the lines of Disney memorabilia. Today, you could get some complete piece of crap happy meal toy, in 20 years that toy could be worth $100.

If one is going into it looking to make a profit, then they will more than likely lose out as you'd have to be very selective. But as a collector, I get those things for me, not to sell. I may sell them one day of course, hard to tell what the future holds, but for now, it's part of my collection.

The reason you don't really see a lot of those really old game collectible items on ebay is because the collector's or limited edition was a rather rare thing up until about the middle of last gen. Then it seemed half the games released came with some sort of edition, if not multiple editions. Even if the game was mediocre(Colonial Marines) or an unestablished franchise(Watch Dogs). TLOU was kind of an anomaly for a CE for an unestablished franchise, but it had the weight of ND behind it, and an absolutely beautiful statue, but if the game had actually sucked hard, it'd be worth practically nothing now. The other reason you don't see a lot of it is because for the real collector's out there, there are much better places to buy and sell your stuff should you so choose. Ebay is really a rip off.
#9.3.2 (Edited 200d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Tedakin  +   200d ago
Wait, that edition with all that crap included is only 60 bucks? Either way, Watch Dogs got exclusives on PS4. Destiny has exclusives for a year. This happens. Get over it.
#10 (Edited 200d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
brainfart  +   200d ago
couldn't of said it better myself!!
aliengmr  +   200d ago
Pretty sure its $150.
Dlacy13g  +   200d ago
Of course they are. MS paid extra money to get their user base more stuff to get added to their collector edition and they are feeling a bit left out that they didnt' have someone doing the same for them.
BattleTorn  +   200d ago
I don't plan on getting the CE for witcher, but I'd only be upset if it were digital content. I'm a sucker for exclusive digital content.
Gore-Content  +   200d ago
Because the polish peole said, "There's no one we're preferring." And then, M$ put out the $$$ and everything's changed.
Tedakin  +   200d ago
Just so we're clear.... Sony paying money to get exclusives in games like Watch Dogs and Destiny is okay and based on love of their fans. MS paying money to get exclusives in Witcher 3 is because they're greedy scum. Got it.
PhatGokuu  +   200d ago
lol crying over some cards and a cloth flag douche bags hahah
jts1891  +   200d ago
Remember when all the Sony fanboys told all the people who were complaining about the PS4 getting exclusive Destiny content to 'stop whining and deal with it, you're just butthurt!'?
shyheme1  +   200d ago
This console war is starting to get so ridiculous. Fans are starting to take things way to serious this generation. It deems whenever Microsoft makes a move, or get some type of exclusive, the community goes ape crazy, but Sony gets exclusives left and right and its no problem. I own both systems so I don't lose out on anything, but its pathetic to see these gamers takes things to heart.
rainslacker  +   200d ago
As a Sony fan, let me just say that this whole exclusive content thing is across the board just getting ridiculous. Not only is it fragmenting fan bases for the actual games themselves, it's being used as ammunition in the console war, and I wish it would just stop.

The fact that it's now being extended to collector's editions of a game on a particular console is just beyond stupid. It adds another layer of annoyance onto the collector's market which has seen way too many annoyances added onto it since the middle of last gen where something being a collector's or limited edition was getting to the point of being practically meaningless.

With this move it's now fragmenting the collector's market, because now die hard collector's have to decide if they want the exclusive edition with more stuff that will be worth less because it's on the less popular system and won't be as desirable because of it, or to get the same edition on another platform that will be worth less because it has less stuff in it, all while paying the same price. The physical content of course can always be brought and sold separate from the package, but to most collector's they prefer to buy the whole package...even in the 2nd hand market.
wizeonee  +   200d ago
PlayStation kids really need to grow up those guys bitch about everything Xbox. Smh.....
LAWSON72  +   200d ago
I think the PC guys are the ones mad. You know since those are the serious dedicated Witcher fans. I have the PC version on preorder and I wish I got a cool map but at least it is not in game content locked to people who spend more money
#17.1 (Edited 200d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
aliengmr  +   200d ago
Technically that is what CEs are, physical content locked to people who spend $150.
SilentNegotiator  +   200d ago
Xbox kids need to grow up and stop blaming everything on Sony fans, like a paranoid schizophrenic off his meds blaming aliens on the weather.

This game started on PC. The PC gamers aren't getting the best collectors edition possible. Who do you think is angry?
#17.2 (Edited 200d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
SonyNGP  +   199d ago
PC gamers buy physical copies of games?
SilentNegotiator  +   199d ago
Well they aren't going to DOWNLOAD the statue, medallion, etc.
DanielGearSolid  +   200d ago
This stuff isnt a big deal. But CDPR did say no special treatment.

Plus witcher fans are extremely hardcore, so I can see why they aren't happy
desertpunk86  +   200d ago
the more the hate for xbox the more i love xbox.
LAWSON72  +   200d ago
You must have got married to it by now, and just made continous love all last week.
#19.1 (Edited 200d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Iamnemesis4880  +   200d ago
That will be when gta 5 comes out then to the strip club ;)
HumanAfterAll  +   200d ago
Because "woe is me" Everytime Xbox gets something exclusive someone has to bitch, but when another company or platform gets exclusives no one gives a damn.

PC gamers shouldn't be mad because look at the GOG edition. Exclusive stuff there for them. Besides the PC version of the game is most likely the best looking/running version.

And PS4 gamers can't get mad because look at the exclusive things they get for other games. plus the exclusive titles such as The Order have their own collector editions. Never mind all the exclusive content for Destiny or Diablo 3 huh?

It's a couple decks of cards and a cloth map it's not in game content. Get over it. Stop acting like entitled brats.
#20 (Edited 200d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Iamnemesis4880  +   200d ago
Don't fret i bet sony will get there own editions for the witcher 3.
ShaqSoda  +   200d ago
Ps4 has Destiny exclusive dlc. It happens. But just for the record I rather have Witcher dlc, glad I have an X1.
Nine_Thousaaandd  +   200d ago
For me...I could care less, still buying it on PS4! But for those big time collectors, good job Microsoft...add more hate to your already damaged reputation in gaming.

You see folks, this is the game Microsoft will play over and over again, trying to win people back people over to Xbox. Phil said it himself, this is how they play hardball with Sony and Nintendo. When it comes to exclusives, Phil said they are better at it...and I have to agree with him!

PC and PS fans will lose out on a lot of exclusive goodies when it comes to big 3rd party titles. I hate to say it guys, but if this kind of stuff really matters to you, you have 2 options...buy an Xbox or buy this stuff on Ebay or Amazon used.

And what some people don't realize, is that a lot of folks on PS4 that used to be Xbox only players...really care about this stuff as well. Who's to say it's not them raging over this stuff more so than original PS fans.

Oh well, game on players...I'm looking foward to some Witcher 3 on PS4!
rainslacker  +   200d ago
There is a third option.

Keep complaining about exclusive content in general until companies stop doing it because it becomes bad PR for them. This is across the board of course...whether Sony or MS or Nintendo or PC.

The whole exclusive content has gotten out of hand. It's to the point it doesn't matter who started it, the fact is that everyone is doing it(everyone being Sony and MS). They've gone from competing on the hardware and strength of 1st party, and instead are trying to sway the tide by buying up content from outside sources. In the past, when it wasn't as prevalent, it may have been worth doing, but it's become such big business to buy exclusive content, that it can easily be abused to the point where these companies could feel that they don't have to generate new internal content to compel buyers to spend money on the system. It's just a lazy way to market the system, and I'm getting tired of it.

I'd rather see everyone enjoy the same content regardless of console preference, outside the obvious 1st/2nd party of course. It may be a controversial stance to take, but that's just how I feel since I myself develop games and would prefer more people play what I create than limit it to a payout for marketing/bragging rights to a particular console.
Nine_Thousaaandd  +   200d ago
I agree...well said!
Bonkerz  +   200d ago
The hypocrisy is unbelievable. I honestly cannot believe how bad it is that you guys literally praise Destiny because it has Sony stuff. Yet, anything Xbox gets completely reamed like its an attack towards gamers. I honestly dont even know what to say anymore its like you guys literally only see and think what you want and everything else is this awful thing.
gootimes  +   200d ago
The PC fans were the huge loyal fan base for Witcher and the ones upset, so put down your playstation voodoo doll.
#24.1 (Edited 200d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Ninver  +   200d ago
the cancer strikes again!

pure cancer in this industry.
icheerbothconsoles  +   200d ago
What makes me laugh the hardest is the biggest whiners are the ones who have no intention of picking up the collectors edition. And those of you who are who only own a PS4.......too bad. I was gonna buy this on PS4 but now I think I'll buy the X1 version.
poor_cus_of_games  +   200d ago
Well I've got both consoles but I'll definitely be getting it for the ps4.
Rickman  +   200d ago
Who cares? This is normal in gaming. How many JRPGs did ps3 get that 360 didn't get at all? I only have a ps4 and I'll get the regular version of witcher, the game looks sick! I'll get the CE for Order 1886 though ;D
aliengmr  +   200d ago
I'm finding are to sympathize with a few people that got swindled into over-priced marketing junk.

Take a stand, cancel. For once I'd like to see it happen. We all know it won't though. The whining will continue until some other article.
achmetha  +   200d ago
when can i preorder the ps4 collectors edition on amazon is all i care about. screw the new cards, let me preorder the thing first!
GamingSinceThe80s  +   200d ago
Gamestop still has them for preorder.
Alabamarolltide1990  +   200d ago
Talk about spoiled brats. Playstation 4 is getting destiny shit Xbox one won't be getting. Jesus it's so embarrassing to see people complain about this stuff
whybag  +   199d ago
I really don't get this news. Exclusive content, be it platform or vender specific, has been a thing for years. I don't personally like it, but this is not in any way, shape, or form new or uncommon.
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