We love the Metal Gear Solid 4 installation

PS3 Fanboy: "We love the eight minute installation required for Metal Gear Solid 4. Why? Because it's actually entertaining. This install does so much more than the typical one, by providing valuable information as how much time remains in the install, and various bits of sage advice. For example, this warning tells you that this game is exclusively on PS3. We like the way you think, Kojima.

It's also marvelous how Snake's cigarette burns in real time, with the cigarette getting smaller every time Snake shakes the ashes off. Funnily, there's also a health warning about the dangers of smoking. Check out Joystiq's gallery to see more from the game."

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GodsHand3837d ago

You sure that's a cigarette? Take a deep breath pass to the left Snake.

Jamie Foxx3837d ago

if installations are ment to be boring noone told kojima

SmokeyMcBear3837d ago

well if you look at it, the way the pinky and ring finger are all folded close up top, well thats exactly how you hit a joint. Smoking a cigarette, the pinky and ring finger are more curved, in a cup motion inline will all the other fingers, well thats at least i see it.

GaMr-3837d ago

my boy SmokeyMcBear is a professional

Yooo Smokey hit me up on PSN kid. You never holla. We haven't played since RFOM.

JsonHenry3837d ago

I don't know why anyone cares if they had to install a game anyway. Been doing it on my PC for years.

AceLuby3837d ago

Just keep kicking a dead horse. We get it. 360 lovers hate installs. PS3 owners don't care.

And the smoking thing... This is a mature game (17 or 18+) and if the player wants to go have a smoke they can. And if they don't smoke they won't.

Plus its a running joke since MGS1

The Wood3837d ago

is that some of the people who 'hate' the idea of installs seem to 'love' the idea of DD. Serious double standards to a certain degree I feel.

ravinash3837d ago

Do you think its actually the cigarettes that are causing snake to age rather than being a clone?
He went through about 4, one after the other.

Bonsai12143837d ago

i liked the compatibility one. for use on ps3 only.. :D

SmokeyMcBear3836d ago

its been too long gamr... need to get in on some GTA IV multpiplayer, or some R2

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Hagaf223837d ago

If snake would have only done some tricks or cartwheels during the install it would have been that much better, but still a good install period...

lsujester3837d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Or some "life lessons" a la Jack Handey.

"Deep Thoughts with Solid Snake." I can see it now....

momitsweekend3836d ago

snake sitting on a middle east street and trying to play with children.kinda cool for me...and anti-war

FredFredrickson3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

It's funny to me that everyone keeps posting about how great the installation is. It's just a sad attempt at convincing themselves that installations don't suck... and guess what?

Whether or not they add a fancy load screen or not, installations for consoles always stink, and I dread the day they make their way to the other machines.

The Wood3837d ago

what would the game be like without the install, probably worse. Im a pc gamer also and pretty much everything you do on pc needs an installation so i really see no problem here. The DMC4 1 was a bit of an annoyance though. This one was fine.

FredFredrickson3837d ago

I'm a PC gamer as well, but there are certain traits of PC gaming that I just don't want to see make their way over to consoles. Half of the reason why I use a console instead of my PC is so that I can just sit down, pop a game in, and play. Worrying about file sizes, hard drive space, install times, etc. should stay out of the console arena, in my opinion - simplicity is good sometimes.

GiantEnemyCrab3837d ago

So true Fred + bub for you.

iHEARTboobs3837d ago

I think non-owners of the PS3 are more worried about installations than actual owners of it. I think that's sad.

AceLuby3837d ago

Install, don't install, whatever... I'm not running out of space on either of my machines... These are one time installs... I pop it in, go grab a beer, roll up some 'preparation' and by the time its done installing I'm ready for beer #2 and a few hours of gaming.

dragunrising3836d ago

Never had a problem with it. What is the big deal? Are we so rushed and pressed for time, we can't afford 8 minutes wait? The people who make a deal of it have never gamed on the PC, even casually. Perhaps that statement is a broad generalization but seriously. Eat a sandwich or take a $hit if you can't stand installing the game. People reported the installation of MGS4 because it IS funny and atypical of what you usually experience. We don't need install time stories anymore guys/girls....please?

Britjadg3836d ago

its funny. in the time its taken you to b1tch about the install time on N4g, the game would probably have installed on the console.

personally i dont understand the install time issue - i think its retarded to go on about it. if anything the only thing i agree with on issue of installs is the issue of space, as i am currently @ 48GIG on my 60GIG console (which is actually only 55gig according to drop down in memu)

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The Wood3837d ago

watching snake smoke made me wanna light up

go figure

Mr_Showtime13837d ago

Jack Thompson might hear you!

vickers5003837d ago

Yeah, he might cite your comment as an "official study" that "proves" that video games lead to smoking.

Silogon3837d ago

Face it, and install is an install and I don't care how you cut it.

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