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Themes coming to PS4 with Update 2.0

The feature-packed System Software update 2.0 will bring themes to the PlayStation 4. (PS4)

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Abash  +   321d ago
Finally! Can't wait to customize the background of my PS4's interface
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   321d ago
I'll probably be boring and just change it to a purple version of the current theme, lol.

Purple ftw!
Borma  +   321d ago
Nothing wrong with that at all. Personally I prefer Black as my background color. To me it makes everything pop. Looking forward to 2.0 firmware.
JoGam  +   321d ago
Or colors by month. Who remembers that?
guitarded77  +   321d ago
I'm just sick of blue... I need some change.
Yi-Long  +   321d ago
I just hope European PS+ members will now get as much free themes love as the USA gets.

The USA gets lots more free avatars and themes than us.
jjonez18  +   321d ago
I want the same flowing dynamic theme from the ps3. I would also like to be able to change the system background music.
Army_of_Darkness  +   321d ago
It's about time! I nearly sold my ps4 because of it! Gawd Damn I needs me customization! Lol
Bloodborn  +   321d ago
I hope there'll be dynamic ones like on PS3 where it changed the color depending on day and time... can't wait for v2.0!
AliTheSnake1  +   321d ago
killer4fun53  +   321d ago
I like orange :)
Why o why  +   321d ago
Purple is my favourite colour....what a perfect colour.

Any news on folders?
GribbleGrunger  +   321d ago
I've listened to the podcast at that point three times now and haven't yet heard them talking about themes. Is the time stamp right?
Yeah I'm boring as well, maybe just brown or green
GTgamer  +   321d ago
Yesx 1 million good god I'm tired of looking at blueeeee ಠ_ಠ I want a DriveClub or theOrder Dynamic theme
guitarded77  +   321d ago
@ Yi-Long

We haven't gotten free themes since Sony changed PS Plus to offer more games. It's been over a year I'm sure. I kinda miss the free themes and avatars, but whatever... at least we get more free games now.

We also used to get games released on a weekly basis. Now it's all at the same time like the EU. I don't like that. It was cooler getting something every week, and the download wasn't some absurd amount when spread out.
Conzul  +   321d ago
Purple is what I put my Vita backgrounds to. Would love it to match on my PS4 as well.
Army_of_Darkness  +   321d ago
Damn! So many disagrees lol! Bad sarcastic joke I guess :-p
LOL_WUT  +   321d ago
PS3themes who remembers that website?

Yea bring on the update! ;)
user1439414  +   321d ago
Sony continue to make the PS4 better I love them :)
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   320d ago
My favorite color is x-ray!

(((((((((O)))))))))) ((((((((((O))))))))))

Can't wait to have some dynamic ish if they have it. I miss having that funky roulette Dia Los Muertos theme in my living room during Cinco de Mayo.
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SmielmaN  +   320d ago
I like to have a custom theme with a pic of mine for the background. For instance, my ps3 is the telltale games walking dead theme with a pic of me and my wife at lake Louise in Alberta. Feels like a personal thing that way. I've hated not having the theme option with PS4
HiTMaNHuntr  +   320d ago
I hope they have a pink theme for me. :)
Ares84HU  +   320d ago
PS4 slowly catching up with PS3 in terms of functionality but not there just yet.
XisThatKid  +   320d ago
YES LUKAS YES same here!
ZORDON   321d ago | Spam
Heisenburger  +   321d ago
I would have killed just for the ability to make the background purple, like my ps3.


Edit: @Luke

Haha hell yeah brother! Purple ftw.
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   321d ago
Purple bros FO LYFE.

Why o why  +   321d ago
Fully fledge purple member reporting for duty
DeadlyOreo  +   321d ago
Ahh I want to be a purple member. Where do I sign up?
Ocsta  +   321d ago | Funny
Apparently purple denotes sexual frustration. Which is weird since Prince was as purple as the Jokers balls and he got more ass than a toilet seat.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   321d ago

Lmfao, epic comment.

+ bubbles.
Conzul  +   321d ago
Purple is also the traditional colour for "royalty"
EyeWishUHeaven  +   321d ago
I'm also applying for membership in the Purple Lovers fan club.....My Forum name is a Prince song....as is my PSN Name: Power-Fantastic (Feel free to add me for Diablo folks). Wait this isn't the Prince fan club thread.....
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Sheikh Yerbouti  +   320d ago
Your User is a Prince song too I guess...? It's Spelled Like Prince made it for you. Use of capitol U and use of homonyms...

Mine is from a Zappa album. Both funky dudes...!
Kemo_Spear  +   320d ago
Proud member of the purple people clan checking in!
iDadio  +   321d ago
Hopefully some of the theme websites start straight sway, some of the custom themes on the ps3 are very impressive.

I fancy a Bloodborne one.
macethedon  +   321d ago
Don't get your hopes up as the link to the blogcast has been removed & this post on GAF seems to confirm that it was a mistake.


I hope this all just means that they want to do a proper press release for it, instead of just mentioning it on a podcast, Fingers crossed.
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pwnsause_returns  +   320d ago
it probably has to do with the fact that they where not suppose to reveal that. i listened to the podcast myself this morning, and they where casually talking about it as if its happening.

im pretty positive that we are getting more features here than what was announced at TGS, and themes are probably one of them. this is a 2.0 update after all.
jimjam3442  +   320d ago
MYSTERIO360  +   320d ago
I hope we get the choice to use that wonderful watchdogs background.

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mrmarx  +   320d ago
bubble me up if you will put boobs and booty on your bacground
DonDon  +   321d ago
Would be nice to able to use the dynamic ps3 themes I already paid for and hopefully NOT have to repay for them. Also would be nice if the let us use our own background images. Imagine if we could use HD Gif files as dynamic themes! Or make our own moving image/dynamic themes from games using the share button...
DanielGearSolid  +   321d ago
You're joking right?

You want Sony to rewrite the code for each the thousands of themes to work on ps4.

And on top of that u want it to be free?

Be reasonable
spacedelete  +   321d ago
i've already paid for themes on PS3 so why should I buy them again ?
Eonjay  +   321d ago
It doesn't make sense because the theme was made for a totally different operating system.
DanielGearSolid  +   321d ago


You bought them to work on ps3... They work
Sony doesn't owe u anything
Spotie  +   321d ago
You paid for PS3 themes, not PS4 themes.

Get real.
DonDon  +   321d ago
"Be reasonable"?

I am talking about any themes that already ARE planned to be re-released on ps4 (from ps3).

If for example, Sony re-releases the LBP2 sackboy theme for ps4 (re-engineered or not) than it would be nice if it were cross-buy. Why would I be opposed to getting it free? And if it isn't free, than I won't cry about it, I just won't buy it again. Like I said, I'd prefer an ability to make our own dynamic themes using video clips from gameshare, or .gif files.

Why is it that fanboys like you assume that people who have preferences (such as me) are somehow overdemanding by simply stating a scenario that they think is optimal to them? Me paying for old themes is not in my rational best interest. So I would rather be able to use old ones if it isn't too much of a hassle for Sony. If it is, than i'll concede and accept the ability to make my own themes via share button, background images or download gifs from browser.

Perhaps you're overreacting. IF its not a hassle for Sony than i'd like to be able to use my ps3 themes. If it IS a hassle, I am more than "reasonable" by asking that we be able to use our own pictures (like a windows PC would let us do).

I'm not making demands, i'm simply stating what I am hoping they will do by default. Fanboys like you need to be relax bro. Either way i'm happy as Sony has been excellent 4 generations in a row. No need to be defensive. Consider sunlight once in a while and staying away from n4g all day. Seems to make you very antsy.
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Why o why  +   321d ago
You make a fair case don don but that doesn't mean people who believe you were being entitled are fanboys.....
Scatpants  +   321d ago
You wouldnt have to do that.
MonsterChef  +   321d ago
I bought several themes from Sony last generation with the mind set that these themes are not going to be ps4 compatible, I knew Sony was going to make the Ui appear basically everywhere and at anytime so I knew that a ps3 dynamic theme that is constantly running in the background waiting for you to press the home button makes no particle sense on ps4, however I hope they come out with some bad ass ps4 dynamic themes
jimjam3442  +   320d ago
@spacedelete my nes cartridges wont work in my wii u, nintendo better give me free downloads and hd remakes cuz i already bought them.
DanielGearSolid  +   321d ago
What about my comment qualifies me as a fanboy?

How did I overreact? Did I insult you? Or type in caps? Or use exclamation marks?

I just pointed out that it would unreasonable for anyone to think a purchase made for an older device, would grant you access to it on a newer device.

I didn't say anything about custom themes, so im not sure why you brought that up
thejigisup  +   321d ago
The best defense is an even better offense. You tell 'm.
Ziggy123  +   320d ago
I agree "It would be nice". And holy crap these guys replying are sensitive lol
Rearden  +   321d ago
It keeps getting better and better.
Clogmaster  +   321d ago
OG Dante!
Si-Fly  +   320d ago
To be fair it's something we should've had from release ... But still, glad themes are finally on their way.
imt558  +   321d ago
Not bad at all. But i need folder option also. To many squares.

Does anybody heard anything about themes on 1:16:00 in that interview?
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jwk94  +   321d ago
I'm surprised we still don't have folder support.
Cryptcuzz  +   321d ago
We didn't know about themes being part of firmware 2.0 until now, so it's a good chance folders might be included as well.
RevXM  +   320d ago
When we get themes it surely must mean that Sony have finalized and figured out how the OS is going to be.

Hopefully it will be some sort of ps4 optimized XMB.
The Ps3 xmb is really good just sayin, Ps4 speed with an updated full fledged XMB = awesome.
Doesnt have to be, but I hope it will be rich and intuitive nonetheless.
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XxGrim_Reaper05Xx  +   321d ago
bahabeast  +   321d ago
ps3themes.com :)
mushroomwig  +   321d ago
ps4fanboy  +   321d ago
yessssss!(again) absolutely awesome...gonna be some sick one's on ps4, buzzing.
Dontworrybhappy   321d ago | Bad language | show
PhoenixRising37  +   321d ago
KnownAsEpic  +   321d ago
Speak_da_Truth  +   321d ago
Sweet!!!! That's great even if its not dynamic themes its ok I'm tired of staring at the blue one even doe blue is my favorite color.
brotherlymoses  +   321d ago
This has been the number 1 most requested feature on xbox feedback, they have been releasing many updates, but still can't add theme support? Sony beat them to it? Wtf, get your shit together MS ,
bosoxs505  +   321d ago
This article is not about Microsoft. I'm sure Xbox will get theme support soon.
ScottyHoss  +   321d ago
It's not just MS, Sony needs to get their update game on too. I don't have an X1, but Sony needs to come through with their original features promised and some they forgot about but have been sought after since release. Still need MP3, DNLA, External HDD, suspend and resume, they need to do more on both sides
FanboyKilla  +   320d ago
@scottyhoss lol just updated the xone with mp3 playback. we good over here lol. and got external hard drive support. but you dont have an xone so how could you know? if you dont have a xone how do you know what it needs? we good homie. we aint starving for updates. they happen at least once a month here. updates aren't news to xone.
ScottyHoss  +   320d ago
Brotherlymoses seems to disagree with you :P fanboykilla, for a killer of fan boys you sure have a bias. Unlike you and your pathetic one bubble. Both consoles are missing features they were promised, good for you you got MP3, but rubbing it in my face is pretty sad, homie.
Rimeskeem  +   321d ago
No need to say anything about MS.
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Godmars290  +   321d ago
I thought this gen hadn't made the mistake of the last, coming out a year or two too early, but I was obviously wrong.

At least these consoles are built better - where likely built in mind - for things like this than the 360 and PS3.
dastar101  +   321d ago
The hardware and build quality of both consoles is pretty solid right out of the gate this gen it's just the software that wasn't all there in the beginning but that's changing now with constant updates coming from both camps. Things keep getting better and better.
Nicominoru  +   321d ago
Cool, hopefully they eventually make it to where you can access your PSN Avatars you purchased from the PS3 on the PS4. Currently the only way to change it is by accessing PSN on the PS3, which is kind of annoying.
MonsterChef  +   321d ago
Get the Playstation app on your phone and you can change your avatar to anything you download on your phone from the Internet, or even pictures from your gallery, that's better then paying a fee for a static image
Cryptcuzz  +   321d ago
Really? Anything you downloaded on your phone and it'll show as your avatar across all PSN services (PS3, Vita, PS4, etc.)?

That would be awesome, I did not know that and will be trying this now. Thanks!
DeadlyOreo  +   321d ago
Really? Is this true?! Because I've had the same old Sack Boy avatar for centuries due to lack of avatar options :/
Nicominoru  +   321d ago
I didn't know that I'm going to try it thanks.
MonsterChef  +   320d ago
Yeah it is, I got a picture of my dog with 3dglasses as my avatar add me to see for yourself psn name is the same as on here, I told one of my psn friends and that same night he changed his to a Shazam avatar that looked pretty sick
Travis3708  +   320d ago
Why do you need Avatars? when you can just use the PS app to have any pic you want..
migh_and_highty  +   321d ago
Vita loses another exclusive....
xActionBasturdx  +   321d ago
How was it exclusive if the ps3 had it first?
migh_and_highty  +   319d ago
It was a joke, I dont get how everybody missed that. Ok maybe not a good one but hell a joke nontheless.
Rimeskeem  +   321d ago
sonic989  +   321d ago
really looking forward to it .
i requested this feature a long time ago so thanks Sony for listening
mochachino  +   321d ago
Themes better mean I have the option to change the background colour and use my own wall papers.

I don't want to be forced to buy new themes to have something different.
ps4fanboy  +   321d ago
knowing sony ,probably both man, i don't mind the fact of buying a dynamic theme , as they were cheap on ps3 , and some were pretty awesome.
Eonjay  +   321d ago
I actually prefer these jam packed updates instead of the drip feed method.
ps4fanboy  +   321d ago
i hope they bring home also ,used to have some laughs in there... he hee.
BludoDaSmelly  +   321d ago
I liked the air paint theme on ps3
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xActionBasturdx  +   321d ago
So does this mean we get to make our own custom themes like before?
ZerobyZero  +   321d ago
Best news of the day.
Twiggy  +   321d ago
Big breasted cosplay ladies shall populate my theme.

One day lads, one day.
Cryptcuzz  +   321d ago
It appears we have something in common when it comes to the female anatomy. -High Five!
Twiggy  +   321d ago
You sir, are the kind of man I would have a beer with.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   321d ago
Kratos or something for me. Or the Uncharted 4 A Thief's End cover.
XtraTrstrL  +   321d ago
Oh YEA! Make it be true that DLNA is coming too, and it'll be a crazy update.
ziggurcat  +   321d ago

i'm also wondering when the hell the avatars i downloaded on my PS3 will be available to select on my PS4 so i don't have to keep switching to my PS3.
Travis3708  +   320d ago
Just use the PS app to select any pic you want as a Avatar..
ziggurcat  +   320d ago
the what, now?
XtraTrstrL  +   320d ago
What Trav said. That's how I'm using my Picollo avatar. Just get the PS App on your phone, set any pic from your phone as your avatar, then on the PS4, set the avatar to the PS App. Also, make sure in the settings it's set so everyone can see it. Then you can basically use anything. There will be situations where it'll still show your PS4 avatar for certain things, but in general it shows the avatar for almost everything.
mysteryraz11  +   321d ago
ok folders next and the ability to save stuff off ps4 browser onto the ps4 like the ps3 could and playing music while you play games
Undini  +   321d ago
Nice to hear that. But where is the 1.8 software update for Gamescom....
ziggurcat  +   321d ago
you're right... there was supposed to be a new FW update around this time...
Paprika  +   321d ago
Themes!!!! Give us a theme editor in the console and that'd be epic. Hope we can have some nice dynamic ones too. I want to create one with final fantasy menu sound effects or s metal gear solid codex sound!
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