8 little known, fascinating PlayStation 4 facts

Feedvibe: "Little known facts about the PlayStation 4 that makes us appreciate the console even more."

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1nsomniac1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Wow not to subtle with the agenda... My guess is that it was attempting to be.

I'm not going to make any more of a comment than that but it's definitely not going to go down well with N4G..

ShinMaster1499d ago

A couple of things did seem almost like backhanded compliments lol

Mithan1499d ago

Why? It is a factual article. Nothing wrong with it.

In other news, I might go buy my PS4 today finally.

Spotie1499d ago

Some of the items do have the feeling of taking cheap shots.

sonarus1498d ago

Nothing in the article came off as a cheap shot or not true to me. Why is it seen through a negative lens by sony fanboys. SMH... SMDH.

SpinalRemains1381499d ago

What are you talking about?

The article is about little known facts, which they are.

wsoutlaw871499d ago

Which of them was little known? Also some of those are observations not facts.

XBLSkull1499d ago

Honestly for 95% of gamers all of it is unknown. Most gamers know Playstation, Xbox, and a few associated franchises.

Development time, CPU/GPU, resolutions, DRM, co-processors, RAM and the like don't mean a thing to the vast majority of gamers.

jakmckratos1498d ago

Try reading the whole text and not just the bolded topics.

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blesbok1499d ago

I think im sexually attracted to sony products...ps4, sexy...vita slim, earbuds/headphones, sexy...even their am/fm radios are hot.

Cryptcuzz1499d ago

If you think those are sexy, wait until you see my Glacier White Destiny PS4 Bundle. Now that is sexy overload!

I'm thinking of picking up a Vita Slim myself. I got the Original black Vita, but I am considering giving that to my bro that has his broken by our nephew. A white one to match the Glacier White PS4!

blesbok1499d ago

I actually just swapped my vita 1000 for the 2000...sounds strange, but I love the 'cheaper' feel. It brings back memories of my peacwalker psp 3000.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1499d ago

I love my Sony PS4 and my Sony Gold Wireles PlayStation headsets. And I want to get a Sony Bravia TV and the Sony Xperia Z2 phone if it releases on Verizon.

MRMagoo1231499d ago

I have a pretty new model bravia 40inch at mo for my gaming and it is amazing compared to my samsung, such good tvs by sony.

dragon821499d ago

I am rocking a 55" LED 3D Bravia and I agree that they are amazing TVs.

wsoutlaw871499d ago

Sony tvs are nice but way overpriced with companies like vizo offering comparable tvs.

Cryptcuzz1499d ago

Cheaper feel? I thought it was just the screen change being LCD instead of OLED (also being slimmer)

Can you elaborate on that? I don't think it should be anything drastic that I couldn't bare with.

Also, How is the screen compared to the OLED version. One of the reasons why I want the Vita Slim is to see how it is when doing Remote Play with the PS4.

Often times with RP with the PS4, I found the screen to be quite dark and would have to higher the brightness in game.

IcemanK21499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I just switched to the Vita slim and LOVE it, huge upgrade in my opinion. From the longer battery life to less hand cramping from better ergo/weight, it rocks. The screen is not a huge downgrade like some are saying also, actually the 2000 is more color accurate. I love the screen. Last the textured back and smaller rear touch screen make it feel better/more accurate in your hands.

Cryptcuzz1499d ago

IcemanK2, thanks for your input man. I'm already sold on the 2000 and will be picking one up soon. Thanks to another poster above and more recently you :)

DarkOcelet1499d ago

I dont think anyone will ever forget e3 , when they talked about the ability to share games and when everybody clapped when they announced the price . Great list , i didnt know they approached bungie , good to hear that :) and thank you it's only one page , unlike clickity click sites with 10 pages .

Rimeskeem1499d ago

Mark Cerny said that they planned to make it 4 gb of ram but on the last meeting with the devs they decided on 8 gb instead.

ziggurcat1499d ago

"2: The PS4 CPU is actually quite weak."

*sigh* the xbone has a jaguar CPU, too.... nice try, author.

Cryptcuzz1499d ago

My friend, I don't think the author had any intentions of downplaying the PS4. So no need to bring up the X1, as no one said anything about the X1.

ziggurcat1499d ago

that point was clearly positioned as downplaying.

same with point #3, and #5 is just plain stupid.

blesbok1499d ago

I'm sure he was comparing it to average pc builds. However, in sony's case, that weakness is a strength (according to the author) as it allowed a beefy gpu.

ziggurcat1499d ago

except there's no real point in comparing console specs to current PC specs, even if you're comparing to the average because any way you slice it, an average PC is going to be a lot more powerful than any of the three consoles on the market right now.

the reality is that it's really not "quite weak" when you compare it with the other two systems.

medman1499d ago

I think it's pretty outstanding that a 400 dollar console can give us games that are on par with "high" setting on current gaming pc's... of course pc's capable of ultra are going to perform much better, but for a reasonable amount of money you get a stable gaming ecosystem with quality content with very good performance. Not too shabby my friends.

uth111499d ago

Console games get better optimization the PC games do. This is because they have fixed specs and because they can't take the lazy way and tell you you need a better graphics card.

John Carmack says that the XB1 and PS4 games can perform as well as a PC twice their spec because of this.

mysteryraz111499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

high end pcs arent average pcs so no average pcs arent stronger, average pcs are actually weaker then the wiiu , my pc is average and weaker then the new consoles so dont say stupid crap like that

tee_bag2421499d ago

An average to below average 'gaming PC' is far stronger than the new consoles. I have a laptop without a graphics cards inside. Safe to say I don't expect it to play any games .

Neixus1499d ago

I think it was more meant like this
''you know that games look incredible on ps4? well, in fact the cpu is quite weak, this proves how much optimizing is a big of a deal''

SpinalRemains1381499d ago

Xbox could have a brick for a CPU and PS4's would still be weak.

Nothing in the article implies anything about Xbox.

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