Pokémon Trading Card Game Coming to iPad

At the Pokemon World Championships this weekend, an iPad build of the Trading Card Game is being shown off. No release date is known at this time.

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Codewow1431d ago

Whatttttt Pokemon on anything other than a Nintendo system!? Has it begun!? Microsoft goes PC, Nintendo goes mobile!? I mean it would be great for the people who don't have the money to buy a 3DS or something.

WeAreLegion1428d ago

It has been on PC for a long time now. This is The Pokemon Company, a separate entity from Nintendo.

ABizzel11428d ago

It's funny you said that, because I'm writing blogs about where the future of gaming should go for consoles (3 platform future). I already have Nintendo and MS up, and I said Nintendo should go mobile with a N-Fusion device (basically a high-end 4DS, that can connect to the charging cradle and through HDMI become a pseudo home console), and Xbox should go back to it's PC roots and become what Steam Machine tried to achieve (they'll succeed simply because they already have an audience of million of gamers).

I'm working on Sony right now, and why the 3 platform future is best for gaming.

Software_Lover1428d ago

No money for a 3ds but they have a more expensive Ipad?

pompombrum1428d ago

Lol is this the "shocking" announcement? Well that's one word to describe it.

Chrono1428d ago

Next, Nintendo phone?