GameInformer: First Hands-On With Dead Island 2's Gory, Gun-Filled Improvements

GameInformer- "Dead Island 2 is still over half a year away, but the team at Yager brought a brief playable demo to Gamescom to show off the improvements to core systems, including combat and crafting. We went through the experience twice, once with the Berserker and once with the Speedster.

The two play very differently, with foot speed making a big difference. The Berserker trends toward heavy weapons, with slower, movement and heavier swings. The Speedster is notably faster (as you might expect), preferring bladed weapons and sneaking up behind zombies for an instant backstab kill."

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ps4fanboy1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

i'll be needing this in my gaming life, when it arrives.

DarkOcelet1459d ago

This is what riptide should have faith in yager to deliver an excellent experience .

gamerfan09091459d ago

As soon as I heard this game had no beginning or end that's where they lost me with it. Yager made such a brilliant game with spec ops and now to see them making crap like this is so disconcerting. I wish Sony or MS could buy them and just let them make original stuff on spec ops level.

ground_beef1459d ago

No beginning or end ? Please do explain, I don't know much about this game, but am interested in it. But a game with no beginning or end ? Elaborate please !

gamerfan09091459d ago

The devs said on IGN that you can't beat the game. Essentially there's no beginning to the game and there's no end to it. You never actually get to beat the game. There's just never ending missions that get repeated over and over again.

ground_beef1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

@gamerfan0909 wow that sounds awful, at my current age right now (30) I can't play any game that doesn't have a decent story to it. I mean gameplay is paramount off course, but if there's no story then for me there's no game. Off course exceptions are sports and fighting games, and i love boxing and fighting games in general. But a shooter or adventure with no story ? That's just unacceptable at this age.

Can it even be called an adventure without a story? All interest in this game lost now. Thanks for the heads up dude.

Meltic1459d ago

I dont Think that it will be any cutscenes in the game. Not good one. Specially when it has no ending. Crap...