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Submitted by Dnarbeis 2802d ago | news

2 Days to Vegas, First the 360 and PC version later PS3 version

PS3tour: "Yesterday we did tell you that the game 2 Days To Vegas will come to the PS3. Today I can report that once the 360 and PC version ready, that only then they will work on the PS3 version. This I can see from the mail that I got back from the company SteelMonkeys.

"Thanks for pointing out, will be fixed tomorrow. It is in development on PC XBox360, PS3 squ will commence as soon as first 2 are out of the door, so it would be delayed against them '

This means that when the PC and the 360 version from the door 'then the PS3 version.
Very sorry, but so be it!" (2 Days to Vegas, Culture, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
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aggh im on fire  +   2802d ago
The ps3 delays are a bit annoying. Was thinking of getting Alone in the dark for the ps3 until i heard of the delay now it will be purchased for my 360.
Same with this one. Its nice to be different but having a different architecture to pc/360 is costing Sony with delays.
Hydrolex  +   2802d ago
well I don't know what do you know about this game but
2 Days 2 Vegas Developers confirmed that the PS3 version is gonna be better because of its Blu-ray

Xbox 360 version of the game will miss some stuff because they cannot put the game into a 9GB DVD.

look for PSU 2 days to vegas
InMyOpinion  +   2802d ago
"- "Blu-ray solves a lot of their problems". Since 2D2V is such an epic title, he said that to fit the game onto a simple DVD, they would either need to cut out chunks of the game or release the title on multiple discs."

Is that what you meant? It doesn't say anything about one version being better than the other.
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Pp p  +   2802d ago
I'm glad i don't own a ps3
JVIDICAN  +   2802d ago
i thought you said you played MGS4? lol
ravinshield  +   2801d ago
Time_Is_On_My_Side  +   2802d ago
This was on PSU months ago...
They said on PSU articles that they want to use the extra space on Blu-ray. I'm pretty sure it was PSU (PlayStation Universe).

It doesn't tell you the date but using Blu-ray discs for its extra space would do that. I know they said it in one of the articles though.

PSU Exclusive: 2 Days 2 Vegas in 2 Days HTML:
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InMyOpinion  +   2802d ago
"- "Blu-ray solves a lot of their problems". Since 2D2V is such an epic title, he said that to fit the game onto a simple DVD, they would either need to cut out chunks of the game or release the title on multiple discs."

I doubt they will cut out chunks of the game.
jvillan  +   2802d ago
Another one...? C'mon now sony or whomever is responsible for this
Raoh  +   2802d ago
i think i see a trend.
it takes time to develop for ps3.. takes time cause you have to really learn it.. pc and 360 are about the same

seems to me these developers are trying to get a game out to the lowest common denominator (pc/360) then develop/port to the ps3..

the way things are going one of two things are in my future (mind you i hate pc's, i have macs at home and i dont want to be a pc gamer. also i have had three 360's in my home in less than a year due to hard ware issues)

1. sony can keep a steady line of games coming in on their own.

2. might be time for me to give up gaming.

i had bioshock for the 360, as a ps3 owner i know some are excited about bioshock but really the hype is almost dead.. what new news could a ps3 owner get that wasnt announced last year or at the video game awards?

slightly better graphics? i would hope so, your no longer under deadline to release a title.

included dlc? better be the disc can hold more and its already out.

i'm at a point where i'm this close to not buying almost any EA title,and am being pushed to only buy sony in house games and become a casual gamer. maybe the nintendo has it right, stick to in house franchises and if third party wants to develop, hey its on you..
chanto23  +   2802d ago
As much as i love the PS3...
we have to be logical about Bioshock...Bioshock uses the Unreal Engine and we all know how that goes...i want Bioshock as much as everybody else but i'm skeptical, i'm not hyping myself over this one cause i dont want to get disappointed. On the topic at hand i'm about to give up hope on games coming when they are supposed to and on Sony securing 3rd party exclusives. I know what the machine can do cause look at MGS4, the game is amazing but these games are coming to far in between.

Looking the bright side, Sony will have to push more exclusive titles from their studios in order to keep up with these delays
power of Green  +   2802d ago
Very smart, work on the strongest hardware first so the PC/360 versions don't get gimped by PS3's inferior hardware. I'm glad devs are being honest about this instead of going the lazy route gimping games be default be using PS3 as the lead etc so they do not have to work as hard.
power of Green  +   2802d ago
The lowest common denominator tactic did not work that good although devs were able to match the PS3 and 360 versions somewhat it was gimping their work by default and devs need to compete.
Worring about PS3 the lowest common denominator is bad news for devs its better to do this like this even the DarkSpace devs said this which was basically: We will get a great product from the 360 and if the PS3 isn't able to handle our 360 standard so be it....
etownone  +   2802d ago
i thought this was a ps3 exclusive?

guess i was wrong.

anyways... always a good thing to get timed exclusives, even if it's by default due to the gimpedstation.
Xi  +   2802d ago
that was 8 days
or something like that. And it was recently put on hold along with the getaway.
power of Green  +   2802d ago
Alot of people confused 8-Days with Vegas but 2 Days 2 Vegas was indeed thought to be a PS3 exclusive at one point.

Those PS3 games you mentioned were canceled
Mcrmarcher  +   2802d ago
Reading your comments just made my laugh my ass of, thanks needed the laugh lol
SUP3R  +   2802d ago
This is as old as the sun.
Says you  +   2802d ago
I don't know about you guys but if every body was like
Insomniac everything would go faster then this its like everybody is giving the PS3 the short end of the stick except (Insomniac and Konami)and for the 360 since its easy to develop its like the 360 is spoiling the developers and they just don't want to bother developing anything for the PS3 I mean for Insomniac its a challenge for them and yet they love it considering they love how hard the PS3 is to develop for them

and Hideo Kojima doesn't seem to hate the PS3 architecture and he loves it

PS3 is like an rubics cube its complicated but once you figure it out you understand it

XBox 360 well its as easy as lighting a molotive c0cktail.
xtreampro  +   2802d ago
@ reatard POG and etownone
firstly a company that spends millions on 2 games (GA3+8Days) and works on them for nearly 4-5 years doesn't all of a sudden cancel both titles, you both must be serious retards if you dont understand that, when working for a games company the developers have to work towards a deadline, if the developers were to stop production on a certaint game knowing that they wouldn't make profit out of the title the production on that game stops within the first 2years of production (learn how the games business works before you xbutt's chat a load of BULL-SH1T!), and in the article it clear says that due to other games coming out made by London Studios, the line up for 2008 is already full, so both games have been held back in production, YES! HELD BACK!, NOT CANCELED!

and the 360 and PC versions of 2 Days 2 Vegas are coming out first cus they are easier to develop on, both of them dont use advanced CELL Processors like how the PS3 dose, and if you lot have seen the first screen shots, their from the PS3 version of the game, 'how do i know that?' well because they were released when the PS3 was first shown to the public, just recently the developers released a game-play video of the 360 version, and it looks crap as HELL!, it looked like a PS1 game or even worser, and another reason why the PS3 versions held back is because they want more time to explore the capabilities of the PS3's CELL, and also cus alot of the development tools needed to uterlize the true potential of the CELL nearing completion in production, once they get their hands on those tolls they can start on the real-time aspects of the game for the PS3 version

Edit: 'the good things in life are hard to work for', these developers are actually getting spoiled, they dont want to work hard, all they want to do is use baby beginners hardware like the 360 and put together a crap PS1 game and then expect to earn cash for it,amazing as it is, these rip-off ps1 games(360games) are bought by the 1980's DVD owners(the xbutts)
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LuHawk  +   2802d ago
your dumb ass needs to be pimp slapped. The ps3 is weak period
acdata  +   2801d ago
potential of the CELL can only use in media encoding and decoding something cell made for it and not for game
sony and Toshiba made cell for HDTV and set to box and hd player not for game console
so if u want see potential of the CELL in game PLAY B3HINDE (tm)
felidae  +   2801d ago
delay after delay after delay ...
tudors  +   2801d ago
Two words "development tools"
Sony need to invest in Dev tools, not just any old Dev tools but ones along the lines of MS Xbox-360 Dev tools, I don't buy the lazy ports rubbish, obviously the PS3 is just hard to development for, yes games like COD4 and Uncharted contradict this statement but maybe some are just better than others, it does not pay dividends to deliberatly spoil a game with a lazy port.
xtreampro  +   2801d ago
@acdata and LuHawk
shows what knowledge you have, the CELL in the PS3 is different to the ones used in TV's, recently i think Toshiba have started using the CELL in their HD-TV's, its based on the same CELL stucture the PS3 uses but has a few differences that are optimized for TV use, you must be stupid if you think they just took it out of the PS3 and dashed it in to their HD-TV's, all future consoles will use the CELL, the CELL is the future of gaming.

just cus sony went with future tech and is trying something new, doesn't mean they will fail, the Wii went for something thats been around for 40 years(motion sensing) and now you can see the decline of the console, people are loosing interest in it cus it never came with something new (that also includes same PS2 graphics), the PS3 came with something new and something that wasn't even out until now and thats the CELL Processor, because of the CELL you can now have more enemies on screen, have a longer draw distance in the scenery and have more detail in the characters, its even capable of doing a smooth transition between gameplay and cutscens (also the other way round).

games like GA3, 8Days, Heavy Rain, KZ2 all show the capabilities and benefits of having a CELL Processor in the PS3, the xbox still hasn't pulled of graphics like Uncharted, has no Adventure Platformer game that can match R&C.F.T.O.D and has no racing game that can match the beauty of GT5P, and no developer has even attempted to make a game as real as Heavy Rain using the xbox360's hardware,

and you know why? because the xbox360 doesn't have those capabilities and none of these games are possible on the 360 cs of its lack of power, its hardware has been use to its full potential and GeOW2 shows that its clearly been used to its fullest, if you use simple logic you would know that more research goes in to better hardware (PS3) and less research ends up with inferior hardware (xbox360), Toshiba, Sony, and IBM spent years researching and perfecting the CELL and the whole structure of the PS3, the research started after the release of the PS2 in 1999, once released in japan research began on the PS3, they thought about the future and how the market would be the time the PS3 is released, MS just put together existing PC parts that were available at the time and called it a NEXT-GEN console, and rushed the whole thing. so thers only 2 years or less before the 360 dies out

and by the way 'LuHawk' the PS3 is gaining momentum and is rising while the 360 is struggling in sales in every other country apart form America, so its the strong Period for the PS3 and weak Period for the 360, get your facts right
acdata  +   2801d ago
GA3, 8Da both are cancel and show how cell is not capable for those visual
and uncharted has maximum 4 and 5 enemy on screen because of power of cell compare to kameo Thousand enemy on screen
the games like mass effect. gears of war.GR advance warfare. lost planet.DeadRising .PDZ. has better gfx than uncharted

and i think sony put PC GPU in ps3 and call it nextgen
PortMyHead  +   2800d ago
That people still hold this title with such high expectations that not only they validate its very existence by commenting on it, but also assume the game itself is less worthy of discussion than Sony delaying the title.

Look, I'm really not one to bash games, ever, but in Steelmonkeys case, I make an exception. This is only because I used to actually work there and know first hand what an absolute shambles the place is.

I would urge everyone in the room to just take a peek at what steelmonkeys is capable of.


Ok, I put it to you that the reason ps3 is delayed is that sony have declined to publish it. I mean, with all the sony bashing thats going on all over the internet, some of it warranted, Sony would most definitely want to make sure that when they do release something, that its actually worth releasing. And when you take one look at Steelmonkeys history with game dev, and they're history as a company in general (dig a little, I dare ya), would YOU release a game of theirs without seeing ONE BIT of in game footage???

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