2 Days to Vegas, First the 360 and PC version later PS3 version

PS3tour: "Yesterday we did tell you that the game 2 Days To Vegas will come to the PS3. Today I can report that once the 360 and PC version ready, that only then they will work on the PS3 version. This I can see from the mail that I got back from the company SteelMonkeys.

"Thanks for pointing out, will be fixed tomorrow. It is in development on PC XBox360, PS3 squ will commence as soon as first 2 are out of the door, so it would be delayed against them '

This means that when the PC and the 360 version from the door 'then the PS3 version.
Very sorry, but so be it!"

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aggh im on fire3834d ago

The ps3 delays are a bit annoying. Was thinking of getting Alone in the dark for the ps3 until i heard of the delay now it will be purchased for my 360.
Same with this one. Its nice to be different but having a different architecture to pc/360 is costing Sony with delays.

Hydrolex3834d ago

2 Days 2 Vegas Developers confirmed that the PS3 version is gonna be better because of its Blu-ray

Xbox 360 version of the game will miss some stuff because they cannot put the game into a 9GB DVD.

look for PSU 2 days to vegas

InMyOpinion3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

"- "Blu-ray solves a lot of their problems". Since 2D2V is such an epic title, he said that to fit the game onto a simple DVD, they would either need to cut out chunks of the game or release the title on multiple discs."

Is that what you meant? It doesn't say anything about one version being better than the other.

Pp p3834d ago

I'm glad i don't own a ps3

JVIDICAN3834d ago

i thought you said you played MGS4? lol

Time_Is_On_My_Side3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

They said on PSU articles that they want to use the extra space on Blu-ray. I'm pretty sure it was PSU (PlayStation Universe).

It doesn't tell you the date but using Blu-ray discs for its extra space would do that. I know they said it in one of the articles though.

PSU Exclusive: 2 Days 2 Vegas in 2 Days HTML:

InMyOpinion3833d ago

"- "Blu-ray solves a lot of their problems". Since 2D2V is such an epic title, he said that to fit the game onto a simple DVD, they would either need to cut out chunks of the game or release the title on multiple discs."

I doubt they will cut out chunks of the game.

jvillan3834d ago

Another one...? C'mon now sony or whomever is responsible for this

Raoh3834d ago

it takes time to develop for ps3.. takes time cause you have to really learn it.. pc and 360 are about the same

seems to me these developers are trying to get a game out to the lowest common denominator (pc/360) then develop/port to the ps3..

the way things are going one of two things are in my future (mind you i hate pc's, i have macs at home and i dont want to be a pc gamer. also i have had three 360's in my home in less than a year due to hard ware issues)

1. sony can keep a steady line of games coming in on their own.

2. might be time for me to give up gaming.

i had bioshock for the 360, as a ps3 owner i know some are excited about bioshock but really the hype is almost dead.. what new news could a ps3 owner get that wasnt announced last year or at the video game awards?

slightly better graphics? i would hope so, your no longer under deadline to release a title.

included dlc? better be the disc can hold more and its already out.

i'm at a point where i'm this close to not buying almost any EA title,and am being pushed to only buy sony in house games and become a casual gamer. maybe the nintendo has it right, stick to in house franchises and if third party wants to develop, hey its on you..

chanto233834d ago

we have to be logical about Bioshock...Bioshock uses the Unreal Engine and we all know how that goes...i want Bioshock as much as everybody else but i'm skeptical, i'm not hyping myself over this one cause i dont want to get disappointed. On the topic at hand i'm about to give up hope on games coming when they are supposed to and on Sony securing 3rd party exclusives. I know what the machine can do cause look at MGS4, the game is amazing but these games are coming to far in between.

Looking the bright side, Sony will have to push more exclusive titles from their studios in order to keep up with these delays

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