Why Is the PC vs Consoles Debate So Heated?

GeekParty writes: "Recently, a buddy of mine posted something on Facebook claiming Sony was crazy for passing on EA Access. He was over the moon about the service, and couldn’t believe Sony doesn’t offer it to their consumer base. As his friend, I was excited for him, even if I personally wasn’t interested — at least not yet — in signing.

But then who just had to step in with his two cents no one asked for? You guessed it, Mr. Petulant PC Gamer, that’s who."

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fonger081431d ago

Because it's in our nature, "only the dead see the end of (fanboy) war" -Plato

darthv721431d ago

up until the original xbox came out, i used to game on a PC with titles like half life and counter stike. But I never would say that PC was better than console as they are two very different environments.

there are a few crossover titles but if i was playing a console it was either dreamcast or ps2 as well as older systems. Then when the xbox came out, I just sort of stepped away from the PC during that time. I must say that the port of doom 3 wasnt half bad and was much easier to play than rebuilding my PC to play it.

half life 2 was the game that brought me back to playing on the PC. i remember getting an ATI Radeon 9800 pro for that game (still have it). juggling between Pc and console was tough. Ultimately i still have my gaming PC but i dont play on it like i do 360 and ps3 and the sort.

I like all types of gaming platforms and just felt that (for me) being able to just pop in a game and play and not have to worry about "minimum system requirements" was the way to go. I may be missing out on maxed out graphics of PC versions but Im okay with that.

traumadisaster1431d ago

There should be no fight only consumer vs corporate. If on a budget consoles are perfect, if larger budget and enjoy tech pc is a hobby.

XisThatKid1430d ago

All in all I say it's the nature of the industry or us as consumers we convict to our habits and are passionate about their personal choice and culture. I Don't think it's wrong for PC gamers to have an elitist complex and for gamers to defend their personal choice. just like the "Console War" in general We just like to defend out personal choices in life and this is no different and both sides have great points to argue their sides. The competitive nature of out communities is the blood that drives our industry we love. Like it or not. Although some can take things a bit too far I'm sure everyone can agree...

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DevilOgreFish1431d ago

I have my feet in both realms, and to tell you the truth i use my PC way more. i only switch over to play them exclusives. Unlocked gaming experience + Steam + Game Pad usage + the MODing community; completes the package to PC gaming and keeps me very attached.

iceman061430d ago

I LOL'd at that quote! Are you sure it was Plato and not Sun Tzu!?!

fonger081428d ago

I'm pretty sure it was Plato... I remember seeing it at the begining of either COD Modern Warefare or Fallout, can't remember which.

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Corpser1431d ago

" And I’m sure that for the folks that game on them, a keyboard and mouse is the only way"

Wow at the ignorance

aquamala1431d ago

I think the average PC gamer is more familiar with console gaming than how the average console gamer is familiar with PC gaming, you see ignorant comments like that all the time: you have to spend $2000 on a gaming PC and upgrade every 6 months, you can't play on a couch, you cant' play on a TV, you have to play games with mouse/keyboard, etc etc etc.

Oschino19071431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

Well when they (pc fanboys not every pc player) always bring up top of the line setups and such it takes away most of that.

It goes both ways but it's odd to me how many bring up rigs and components they don't even have or use when trumping PC as if a majority do use them.

They brag of hundreds of millions of PCs but only reference and tout what the top 1% are using. And honestly, if some console guy really is so clueless and ignorant why even give him the time of day or acknowledge their comments.

I feel like I see more PC people in debates/discussions/arguments with the clueless and ignorant over those with valid points and good knowledge.

But the main point of the author was why does it always seem when people are positive and excited for something on console some PC player shows up and starts going way of topic waving his e-peen.

Oh and I am surprised no one speaks of all the pc vs pc hate that goes on. Whether it's custom vs pre built, this companies components vs that companies components, laptop vs tower, etc... It's just as bad in many cases I have seen.

ABizzel11431d ago


I think he/she was simply referring to the fact that many PC gamers, do play with Keyboard and mouse, and say controllers don't offer the same precision, but personally I use 360 controller for most of my PC gaming, and only go to the mouse and keyboard for competitive play.


Unfortunately your statement is true, and most console gamers are ignorant of PC gaming (learn the definition of ignorant vs. stupid before disagreeing trolls). They don't know about specs., they don't know of the advantages, they don't know about pricing, they simply don't know much of anything about PC gaming simply because they're use to buying their console which generally has a set price, and plug and play.

OT: I think the hostility of many of these so called PC Master race gamers, are simply for the fact of trolling. As I pointed out in a previous comment, most Steam gamers have systems on par with the XBO specs, while this might not represent the majority of PC gamers, or the majority of steam users it's a clear indication that PC performance isn't all GTC 780 Ti in SLI running games in 4k, that my friend is what we call BS for most of these trolls, especially when they list supposed framerates and resolutions and never any hardware to back it up.

Competition can be fun at times, but in the gaming industry it goes to far to the point of alienation over which platform you like best. Tomorrow I will have all 4 platforms (only need my XBO), and I will game on all 4 of them. Just because my PC has vastly better specs than my PS4 / XBO / Wii U doesn't mean I'm not going to enjoy them any less, and the same goes for the PS4 vs. XBO / Wii U. Enjoy what you have, and when fallacies are presented against your platform of choice simply post truths with links and evidence and go about your business.

dastar1011431d ago

I guess it's because when someone spends a lot of time and money on something they want to show it off and boast about it as much as possible and the only thing you can compare a gaming PC too are the consoles because they all share the same functionality of actually being able to play games.

WeAreLegion1431d ago

The reasons have been posted and talked about over and over again. We already know the reasons.

I personally just try to ignore the elitists. Most people I know game on at least one console and at least a halfway decent PC. Most people own PC's. You might as well make it a gaming PC for a little more money.

I'm rocking the PS4/Wii U/PC/Vita combo this gen. Might get the XBO later.

incendy351431d ago

Anyone who labels themselves is probably a tool anyhow. There are gamers and then there are jerks. It isn't some sort of religion.

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