Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will support Split Screen, 20 sensitivities in the game

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will support split screen and its official.

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TimidPixel1219d ago

Pretty cool that they continue local co-op support. Also assuming the extra sensitivities mean more detailed choices that's good for me cuz I'm always switching between 6 and 7.

ShowGun9011219d ago

this is one of those things that should always have been included in every game, like customizable controls. heck, there should be 50 sensitivities!

3-4-51219d ago

local support + bots gives a game infinite replay value when the community eventually dies off.

It's the small things like that, that can help make a game great.

20 sensitivities is awesome as well. More options is almost always a good thing.

FITgamer1219d ago

I hate the split-screen option in MP. It's a boosting enabler and allows people to troll with second player.

700p1219d ago

"troll with a second player" lmao really? Dont get sensitive with people from the internet.

DonDon1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Than don't play. Simple.

Me and the wifey will be slaughtering fools this November though via split screen online. We haven't been interested in a COD game this much since MW3. EA shouldn't have made Titanfall exclusive to Xbone. We would have wanted a game by the original Infinity Ward much more but are not buying a Xbox just to buy that one game (don't want to have to pay for BOTH ps plus and Xbox live every year too).

Clown_Syndr0me1219d ago

Well I love it, as it means I can game more socially.

Hk85karlsson1219d ago

Does this mean I can play against a friend (locally)?
Like the old times?

ScottyHoss1219d ago

That would mean... *shudders*...socializing...

ShowGun9011219d ago

ah, the good old days, when shotgun campers could actually be punched!

Ghost_Nappa1219d ago

You do realize that you and your split-screen partner are always on the same team, right?

Hk85karlsson1219d ago

I thought it was like Black Ops where we could play against eachother locally?
Not online.

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The footsteps sound are horrible it sounds like a 🐴 is walking by..also the 🔫 sounds is bad ✌

Rimeskeem1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

4 player splitscreen vs?

Master-H1219d ago

4 player splitscreen or gtfo sledehammer

GMW1219d ago

Ahhhh, memories of Resistance on the PS3, come back to my mind. I had some great 4 player split screen matches with friends over at my house. We played for almost 8 hours straight one night! Nothing beats offline split screen gaming with your friends physically there. Lots of verbal duelling goes on too. Plus you see their full reactions. Lol. Last time I had had that much fun was going further back to four player split screen in Goldeneye on the N64. Ahhhh to dream someone can make another game like those....

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