Is P.T. the Best Reveal in the Last Decade?

TenBensons of Entertainment Buddha writes: "Gamescom has been another great games convention, highlighting yet again the strength and diversity of the industry that we all love and hate in equally passionate measures. For many though, particularly those of us who were unable to attend, one thing shone through brighter than all the other news and noise. At first a rather innocuous announcement during Sony’s press conference highlighted a small ‘Interactive trailer’ that was available to be downloaded from the PlayStation Store."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1221d ago

I'd say it's one of the best reveals ever.

amiga-man1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

I think this reveal has lead the way to how many games will think about their reveal in the future, One thing it has done is it's got people talking about it, as a piece of marketing it's brilliant.

UltraNova1220d ago


If the level of detail and work put in just to reveal the game is anything to go by I can only be excited for the final game.

I was dying for a good Silent Hill game and by the looks of it we will finally get it.

Personally the moment this is available for pre-order I will be among the first to click on "proceed to checkout".

So far so good Konami.

ThatEnglishDude1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Without a doubt one of the most creative in recent memory. I've been trying to think of other games that got unique reveals and the only other one that comes to mind is Super Mario Brothers 3 which got it's first showing on that crappy movie 'The Wizard'.

ForgottenProphecy1221d ago

It's the best reveal of all time, nevermind of the last decade.

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The story is too old to be commented.