This might be the craziest 'Madden' ad ever

The start of the NFL season approaches, which means if you're a video game fan, we're closer to the arrival of this year's Madden NFL installment.

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DaleCooper1374d ago

I'm loving this ad, actually had me laughing at a few points.

700p1373d ago

I think this may be one of the best gaming ads ever. lol

sonarus1373d ago

Huge madden fan and i buy the game every year. I don't need no gimmick ads to sell me on the game. EA already paid NFL to ensure they are the only football game on the market so regardless if it sucks i will still buy it.

This ad was WEAK, boring and lame. Instead of telling us the new features and new upgrades to the game its just 3 mins of nonsense smh

tgunzz1373d ago

@sonarus, I don't know my fellow gamer... My ass cracked up a couple times....

DaleCooper1371d ago

I can see where you're coming from, but I think the ad was aimed at people like me that don't buy the game every year. They just wanted to get people talking about it.

Though it seems we're talking more about the ad than the game itself! I do hope they put out some trailers showing gameplay and what features are being added to this year's version.

christocolus1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Lol... Great ad by EA. My brother&his pals are big madden fans. he was basically rotflol..loved the ad too. Hope Madden is released on acess before launch. Would be great if gamers could preview it before buying.

n4rc1373d ago

I think all games pretty much will hit access early.. But I think they've confirmed madden to be one

SactoGamer1374d ago

What the heck did I just watch?

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The story is too old to be commented.