Metal Gear Solid 4 will not be available this week in Spain: confirmed for almost every store

Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots will be unavailable this week in Spain due to the transport strike

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Tronad0r3834d ago

Konami realized that this game will bomb in Europe, so it makes perfect sense.

3834d ago

Is that jackthepwnsaur calling someone else an idiot?? wow!

"why do they call it xbox 360?

Because when you see it, you will turn 360 degrees and walk away" - Jackthepwnsaur

**side note** i dont agree with #1

wolfehound223834d ago

Dude your funny are you evan a gamer. Just looking at your comments I do not beleive you ever say one thing positive. All I know is you do not like the PS3 other than that I'm not even sure if you own a console. Since I do not see you saying anything else othere than PS3 sucks. Your pretty pathetic why don't you try and do something with your life and quit being bitter.

Keowrath3834d ago

Kojima WILL have his worldwide release!