Destiny - Official "Mars" Gameplay Trailer Released

Today developer Bungie have released the official gameplay trailer for Destiny location 'Mars' that showcases the desolate yet beautiful red planet.

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xHeavYx1316d ago

Looking good, can't wait for my white PS4 and this game

pandehz1316d ago

Yep I'm looking at the white one too.

Still torn between X1 and this.

So hard to pick a console.

the_mack_attack31316d ago

Actually can't wait to play Destiny again! Having withdrawal issues!

TimidPixel1316d ago

Not much longer now fellow guardians. Soon we will counter the forces of the Cabal and take back Mars.

TRD4L1fe1316d ago

man it just gets better and better. can not wait to play this again. So much epicness in this game

Sevir1316d ago

I'm excited! Really can't wait for this game!

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