Dying Light Dev : Enemy Response?Resource Management? 1080 @60FPS?

Wajhi speaks with Maciej Binkowski from techland – the makers of the acclaimed Call of Jaurez & Dead Island series – who’s one of the devs currently working on Dying Light. We try to find answers to questions such as the enermy response, how resource managment and save havens work and if it does 1080 @ 60 FPS.

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ramiuk11374d ago

so does it?
video is annoying with the extra noise going on in background

TheWackyMan1374d ago

What am I even listening to?

Meltic1374d ago

cant wait for this game. But next time go to a room or something that isnt too noisy

Hk85karlsson1374d ago

This is Gamescoms biggest problem. Even the bigger outlets like IGN/GS have to face this issue.

Just look at the difference in quality, compare the press conferences: E3/Gamescom and the results is mindblowing.

Btw, this video was one of the worst, quality wise.

700p1374d ago

yeah it sounds like a bunch of zombies everywhere.

starchild1374d ago

Yeah, it really messed up a lot of interviews.