After the hype, was GTA V the game We Wanted?

From GamesReviews:

"With the announcement of GTA V, I had to be convinced to buy it. The trailers promised a return of humour, of mad characters, of different missions and of PARACHUTES. It was enough to pique my interests, but not enough to make me buy on day one. I certainly noticed one thing though: the hype metre for the latest in the series was off the scale, but this had been the case since GTA Vice City, and it isn't enough to make a great game."

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DonDon1463d ago

I liked it alot too. The only disapointment was the ending (if you can call it an ending). At least it keeps continuing with Trevors background story (lol his mother) after you beat it.

Amazing game.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1462d ago

In my opinion no, I didn't like being 3 characters. Good game, but not as good as the PS2 days of GTA3, Vice City, and San Andreas. Just my opinion.

DonDon1462d ago

@ Lightning: Just because u didn't like it doesn't mean that the new mechanic of using 3 people is the cause. It's like when people said they disliked Mario Kart Double Dash and claimed it was because the karts would carry 2 characters instead of just one per kart. That makes no sense, since it gave more gameplay options without being detrimental to the core mechanics of the game. If anything was wrong with Double Dash, it was the slow pace. So with that said, I am curious as to WHY you think the 3 character structure is in any way detrimental to the GTA experience...

Dee_911462d ago

It could always be better but I was more than satisfied with what they gave.It doesn't even feel like its been almost a whole year.
As for the online.. Its what you make it.Me and my friends have loads of fun online.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1462d ago


There's no real explanation, I just like one character better because I become closer to that character, I kind of get attached and it makes the story better for me. It's just my opinion, I usually prefer 1 protagonist in my quest or stories, things like that.

Overall, I just didn't like the game as much, didn't really like the characters expect Trevor, didn't like the heist missions, and I hate that crippled ass dude, can't stand that fool.

Mr-Dude1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

I didn't enjoy GTA V, actually found it the worst GTA in the series. I don't know why I could't enjoy myself. I mean, It was beautiful, big and had funny and good characters, but in the end I was dissapointed. Maybe I overhyped myself with it... Online was the same, when I kept dropping out of the game because of the connection issues (I live in Holland, Internet here is very very good) I gave up on the online part, so I can't comment further on that.

But it was me, many people including my friends had fun. I just didn't... So the remake is a moneysave for me I guess.

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Meltic1462d ago

Good game but not so many gang missions. Hideouts like san andreas. I liked that. Killing gangs and stuff, i guess they tried with something new and it worked but i missed more gang missions.

Dee_911462d ago

Yea, thats one thing I hated but expected.They tried to make it real and show how gangs in LA are nowadays.Now if they made a GTA in Mexico you can expect a lot of gang missions... a lot.

BX811462d ago

Yeah it was the only gta game I liked and finished.

Matt6661462d ago

IT wasn't my favorite GTA, (so far GTA VC&SA are my favorites) but it was still an enjoyable game.

3-4-51462d ago

No. Probably the most hyped, and the most Let Down I've ever been with a game.

I expected so much more.

* The driving was less realistic than GTA4.

* Can't steal cars and sell them at will like you could in GTA1 & GTA 4.

* Characters in the story were all trash and not likeable at all.

* Trevor went from cool character to whinny little brat near the end.

* Online was extremely overrated and boring after about 2-3 days.

THAT is what we got for $350 million dollars ?

I'd rather we'd have gotten about 4-5 games for that money.

Most overrated game of all time IMO.

DarkOcelet1462d ago

1-driving mechanics were better than gtaiv
2-you didnt need to as you had so much money
3-i personally loved them but yeah nico was awesome , cant argue with that .
4-Trevor was weird , pyscho, cool and had alot of characters in one .
5-I never bought it for the online , nor did i touch it so i cant comment on that .
6-it was from 250-285 million dollars , dont know where you got the 350 million from.
To each his own but i loved it more than gta 4 .

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Codewow1463d ago

I loved the story. Online is alright, but I kinda wish the missions were more integrated into the world rather than siting in a lobby loading up random missions. Now I am just waiting on heists, which looks to be a bit disappointing to me as I expected full 16 player coop bank robbing, etc, missions. Not cops vs robbers.

thorstein1463d ago

Yes. But remember, GTAV was announced and sold as that game. The online component was a free gift given to those who bought the game and was announced later.

matgrowcott1463d ago

I like that way of looking at it, but I do wonder if we'd ever give any other game the benefit of the doubt in that way.

thorstein1462d ago

My reply bears explanation.

Rockstar Announced GTAV in November of 2011.

Rockstar Announced Online in August of 2012.

The online announcement contains the following phrase:

"Access to Grand Theft Auto Online is free with every retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V and launches on October 1st" -Rockstar

GTAV launched September 17th. I'm sorry those that disagree have amnesia about this but I followed this from the first announcement of GTAV, and while I agree about GTAOnline not living up to what was promised, it is from Rockstar's mouth that it was free with a retail copy.

In fact, almost all speculation leading up to the GTA Online was a separate title.

Codewow1461d ago

They marketed it like it was this big thing. We all knew it was meant to be there day one, but they couldnt pull it off without a delay.

thorstein1461d ago

No they didn't. They even said it launches half a month later. It even says so on the original announcement of GTA Online.

I feel like I'm in the twilight zone here.

And compared to GTAIV's online mode, it was/is a big deal.

The way they seamlessly transition between SP and MP is pretty amazing. There are other things that are fun, but I have never said that I didn't want all the things that were promised.

I just said that it was announced 10 months later as a freebie for those who bought the retail version of the game.

thricetold1458d ago

So because r* said it it must be true? In that case EVERY sp game with an mp portion is doing the same thing, which is not the case. I didn't buy gta5 for the sp, it was just there while I waited for online.

Many players don't even play the sp portion when they are buying a game for its mp. Let's not start giving devs/pubs ideas that they can start charging more for ONE game.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1462d ago

I had it since launched but never beat it. I was just too hyped about the PS4 being around the corner that I didn't even want to play my PS3. I can still play it if I want to on PS3 but I think I would rather wait for the PS4 version.

700p1462d ago

The story was great..the online fiasco was a huge turn off though. And when it was working, i got bored pretty fast.

Hanuman1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

The online fiasco was very temporary. GTA Online is the only reason my 360 is still in use. Love that game! Will definately be playing it on PS4 again and I can't wait for the first 'real' DLC. (TLaD\TBoGT style)

DonDon1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Must not have a whole lot of other online games to play on your 360, because GTA V's online got boring real FAST for me; and it was something I anticipated even more than the campaign lol . All my friends stop playing unless we just want to use it as a chill session type of game with microphones (kind of like Playstation HOME, but with guns).

thricetold1458d ago


There's another game that allows a player to race cars like midnight club one minute and jump into co-op cover based shootouts or competitive PvP the next? By all means point it out.

If a player is interested in arcade racing and third person cover based shootouts it covers those areas nicely. I've even seen full on air jet combat that should satisfy players interested in dog fighting jets.

It just covers a few genres nicely. Boredom comes from players own lack of imagination in a sandbox world that lets you do most anything you can think of. If its boring its because you're boring.
Not everyone wants to play a bunch of generic military fps's.

chrissx1462d ago

Really good game. But wished there were more heists in the story mode.

thorstein1462d ago

Absolutely. Even if they weren't part of the main storyline, I really thought I would be able to do them as side missions and really rack up the money.

Scrivlar1461d ago

No but what I mean is that you don't need to touch the online part of the game, you can treat it the same as all the other GTA titles and just enjoy the story mode.

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