Kids obsessed with Call of Duty? Cure them with a trip to a real war zone

Swedish journalist Carl-Magnus Helgregren wanted to counter the lure of war games. So he took his kids to Israel to see the effects of conflict for themselves.

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Gh05t1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

There are others ways of doing this but hey to each there own I guess. Having been in and fought in a few conflict areas I wouldn't take my children anywhere near them as that is what I am trying to prevent.

I want to know why he didn't teach them the reason for the wars. Why would they not want to play a game about war unless he only taught them that war is bad. Why wouldn't they want to fight on the side they feel is right.

"I said: 'You really have to think about that because the reason they are there in the first place is because someone brought a gun, so bringing another gun wouldn't solve the situation.'"

Said no one who has ever had to actually fight for their own or someone else freedom.

""I hear a lot of parents saying: 'My children are playing these games and I don't know how to get them out of their room.'"

Stop buying the games for them, or take the game from them and force them to go outside... I mean really, you are the adult and your child gets to choose what they can and cant play or do. That is called bad parenting, feel free to cut the cable and internet and see what happens, they will be forced to find entertainment some other way.

DarkOcelet1501d ago

Forgive me for disagreeing , my hands are too big for the damn mobile , and i wanted to say you have a really good point in your comment but just like you said.. To each his own.

Heisenburger1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Another point, and I'm aware of the fact that I should tread lightly on this one, is what HE considers to be defending his country and freedom. My stepfather started as a bean counter because he got laid off at work and needed to support us at the time so he joined the army, just like that. I have nothing but respect for the man for doing what he did for us not for anyone else, pre 9/11.

Afterwards he never left. He kept signing up(or whatever you call it).

But if you are showing war to a child, how can you justify it. We never defended our soil. Nobody has marched an Army in our homeland and invaded us. We had terrorist attacks which where and still are a tragedy. But we've lost so many more of our men and women in the process. For what? My stepfather died in active duty after my mother and him divorced. He was the only real father figure I ever had, come to think of it.
How do you explain to a child what he died for? To find Osama Bin Laden? Because that's what it was all about at first.
After over a freaking decade of tearing families apart, we finally got our guy. Do you honestly think all of the bloodshed, and pain, and loss was worth it? In my heart I do not believe it was, not even close.

So that's my opinion. I mean no disrespect. I just can appreciate not knowing how to explain war properly to a child.

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Nonscpo1501d ago

What an impresive story, forgeting the most important fact that kids shouldnt be playing FPS's and parents should actualy do their damm jobs. Id have to say this approach was a well thought out one and I wish more kids could read this article and learn from these kids.