Video game exclusivity is good for gaming

There's been a lot of backlash against Rise of the Tomb Raider's Xbox exclusivity, arguably justifiably so. But is a backlash against exclusivity in generally justified? MWEB GameZone columnist Zaid Kriel makes the contention that exclusivity is actually a good thing for gaming. And always has been.

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Eddie201011496d ago

No, not when it's a third party game franchise that's was released on all systems before, especially when the past games sold better on other systems. Developers need to consider their fan base if they want their games to continue to be successful.

Buying exclusivity to games that are associated by most to the competitions console is kind of shady and probably won't gain them much in the long run = not very smart.

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SaveFerris1495d ago

In the article it mentions that 'the game's creators owe you nothing as far as their future projects are concerned.' With that kind of attitude there could be a lot of gamers choosing not to support you by not buying your future games or buying them second hand.
I understand that this is a business but if you don't repay that loyalty to the fans that bought your game, why should gamers be loyal back to you if you treat them like dirt?

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Spotie1495d ago

SOME exclusives are. Not all.

It's not complicated: you can't paint everything with the same brush. All the fanboys who want to point out other types of exclusivity will never be taken seriously- well, they FAMOUS ARE fanboys, after all- if they can't even understand that.

Buying the exclusivity of a long running multiplat solely for the purpose of shutting out owners of other consoles is not good.

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