Sony Comments On Lack of AAA Titles For PS4: "Perception Issue, 2015 Great For Core Players & More"

Playstation 4 is selling like a hot cakes, recently at GamesCom 2014, Sony announced that PS4 worldwide sales has crossed 10 million units. However, critics and fanboys have still tagged it as a "Console With More Indie Games" all because of lack of AAA titles, especially during upcoming Holiday Season.

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nX1430d ago

"Starting with Destiny, it'll really begin to take off."
That's very true. From September onwards every month is filled with interesting games until at least March. Up to now I think both next-gen consoles had a pretty weak lineup but remember that the first year of every new console is/was pretty rough.

ANIALATOR1361430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

If you don't care about Destiny there's not much else apart from Diveclub for this year. 2015 is where it's at

amiga-man1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Sony always delivers not only quantity but quality and diversity, sure it may take a little more time but I would sooner that than rushing games to market.

One things for sure when the floodgates open and their first party studios start pumping out their wares there will be no shortage of quality games coming to the PS4.

LordMaim1430d ago

If you don't like all the exclusives, there's still the better versions of all the multiplatform games. Not sure what you're talking about.

KwietStorm1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Planetside 2, LBP3, Deep down, Secret Ponchos, and others aren't exactly a what I would call games not on the radar. And those are just exclusives.

Eonjay1430d ago

Destiny is going to be huge because its fun.

listenkids1430d ago

As you mention Destiny, this is related to all titles so, what if you care for Far Cry, Lords of the Fallen, AC Unity, Alien, Evil Within, Shadows of Mordor, Diablo 3, Fifa/COD(etc), The Crew, LBP 3, Dragon Age, Inf. Last Light? Heck even GTAV and Metro again, or lesser titles like Sherlock Holmes and such, not to mention some big hitting indies like Hotline 2, Velocity 2x and Drifter.

Unless you're unemployed with enough money to handle this year, you won't finish that much.

Granted most aren't incredible looking titles, but enough to quench a thirst.

Evilsnuggle1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

I think this is the next play in the xbonefanboys playbook . SONY has no games or all SONY game are indie games . I don't think some gamers understand what a indie game is or is not . Being a indie game is about the financing of the development of the games not the size or the budget of the game . Project CD Red is a indie studio but the Wichter 3 is a AAA game . The tomorrow children , RIME and The Wild are not indie games the are all financed by SONY making them all first party or second party game not indie games . AAA game only refers to the budget of a game only it could be a indie or a first or second party game .

The reason i prefer SONY compared to microsoft is variety in different types of games . SONY first party game are always fresh and new . microsoft is rinse and repeat first person shooter , racing and third person shooter all action games . At microsoft some suits in a meeting go over charts of what games appeal to there core demographic 13-25 year olds . So microsoft can make a maximise profits . At SONY there first party game studio are there to make art and new game experiences .

Im personal hyped about The tomorrow children, The Wild and RIME i love new game experiences. SONY Gamecom was better to me than their E3.

garos821430d ago

you guys can't be serious. What about Far cry4 , Alien Isolation , Destiny, the evil within, Shadow of mordor,assassins creed? even the new call of duty is looking decent. People who complain about lack of games are either full of it or just moan for the sake of moaning

itBourne1430d ago

Why does everyone completely disregard LBP3. Little Big Planet is fucking amazing.

HiddenMission1430d ago

That's not true at all this year is still chalk full of games just look. I listed like 10 games...there are way more so while 2015 will be amazing 2014 is by no means dead.

Farcry 4
Dragon Age Inquisition
Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes
Guilty Gear Xrd
Dragon Ball Z Xeno...something lol
Alien Isolation
Assassins Creed Unity
Shadows of Mordor
The Evil Within
Lords of the Fallen
Little Big Planet 3

uptownsoul1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Here are all the upcoming games I know of that are AAA Playstation Exclusives:

Natural Doctorine, LBP3, DriveClub, SingStar, Guilty Gear Xrd, Samurai Warriors 4, and Infamous: First Light (which is a stand alone game, separate from 2nd Son)
**Thats 7 Playstation AAA exclusives for 2014**

Confirmed PS4 games after 2014

PS4 has Uncharted 4, BloodBourne, The Order, Until Dawn, Gran Turismo 7 ( http://www.ecumenicalnews.c... ), Yakuza 6 (
), Without Memory (
), Sony Bend's game ( ), Guerrilla's game ( ), Sony Santa Monica's game ( ), Sony London's game ( Quantic Dream's game ( Naughty Dog's game (
), Media Molecule's game (
Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, The Order, Until Dawn, Gran Turismo 7, Yakuza 6, Without Memory, Sony Bend's CONFIRMED game, Guerrilla's CONFIRMED game, Sony Santa Monica's CONFIRMED game, Sony London's CONFIRMED game, Quantic Dream's CONFIRMED game, Naughty Dog's CONFIRMED game, Media Molecule's CONFIRMED game… **Thats 14 CONFIRMED Playstation AAA exclusives after this year** ...

Pogmathoin1430d ago

Core players..... Sounds like an MS PR statement....

MeLoveRamen1430d ago

Are you kidding me, the only games coming to xbone that isn't coming to ps4 are sunset overdrive and halo remastered, FH2 this fall and where as ps4 has littlebigplanet3 and driveclub, everything else is multiplat and everything else is indies, so that must mean xbox1 has no games too uhh.

The funny thing is that the ps4 has had more AAA games this year than the xbone. Xbone(titanfall, FH2, sunset overdrive, and halo remastered) where as ps4 has had Infamous, MLB 2014, Last of Us remastered, LittleBigPlanet, and Driveclub. The only difference is that Sony puts out indies inbetween AAA releases so we have something to play all the time. The More the Merrier. Some of the best games i have played this year have been indies.

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Sayai jin1430d ago

People need to patient with the next gen console as far as games. There was not a plethora of games last gen either. The games are coming.

esemce1430d ago

Please can you fools stop with this 'nextgen consoles' BS, They have been out nearly a year and are current gen.

1430d ago
Sayai jin1430d ago

@Esemce - Resorting to name calling. By your comment you are the only fool.

People forget that last gen consoles really did not have games flowing toil about 9 to 12 months. Plus there was not a lot of cross gen or last gen games being made for the PS2 or Xbox.

Letthewookiewin1430d ago

If there were no games on PS4 it wouldn't have sold 10 million units and double the X1. It's a ploy from the Xbot side. I've got a backlog on PS4 and there is absolutely no reason to own an X1. Ryse, no, Forza, no, Dead R 3, no. Titanfall, No! Sunset Overdrive, No. PS4 has a ton of games I have no idea what people are going on about.

ScorpiusX1430d ago

Feel the same way about Playstation , no need to buy ever. Besides got a cousin who owns a PS4,just borrow his win win for me without the expense.

Letthewookiewin1430d ago

So you want to barrow a PS4 because you dont have the money to buy one yourself. Gotcha.

Death1429d ago

It's awesome that you can completely dismiss games on the Xbox One and then say you have no idea why people say there are no games on PS4...

FanboyKilla1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

how is destiny a big deal for ps4? you can play that almost anywhere. granted they may give you a helmet or armor, but i bet you take all they give you off for whats in the game.

i actually played destiny on ps4 and xone. same f n game. it will come to your preference.

if you can play the game elsewhere, its not a plus for you. the delusion that multiplats run better on ps4, is a sony fanboys wet dream. not true, and you are still pissy.

im not a fanboy. i own all the next gen systems. so if i choose to play games where i can do more than just play games (xone) what do you have that i cant get anywhere else? drive club? forza horizon, checkmate. next. lbp3? ps3 and lmfao. what about me? im left in the cold because i wont eat the shit you feed me.

if this is sony doing a graet job, and their fans are contempt with it, ill be selling this ps4 soon. no need to keep it around hoping it gets better. according to sony and its fans its already awesome.

if you think you are awesome, but you are not. you wont be spending anytime trying to become awesome, because in your mind you already are. smh at the sony fans. you only hurting yourselves, trying to prove a point that is a lie, to someone online, that probably can give 2 shiznits about whatever you are saying.

im willing to bet destiny sales more on ps3 and 360. its a cross gen game for a reason. advertised through next gen systems. the game is last gen.

Hardcore_gamerxbox1430d ago

Can you name me exclusive AAA game on ps4 from September till March watever u said ?

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1430d ago
polow got sol1430d ago

So i guess this is sonys way of telling us to abandon 2014

Spotie1430d ago

No. It's their way of saying you're looking at it wrong.

mrpsychoticstalker1430d ago

I see no real triple AAA exclusives. Is that wrong?

MysticStrummer1430d ago

@polow - Look up the word "perception".

HiddenMission1430d ago

See below for games coming 2014 and tell me it's dead...if you can your not a gamer by any means.

Farcry 4
Dragon Age Inquisition
Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes
Guilty Gear Xrd
Dragon Ball Z Xeno...something lol
Alien Isolation
Assassins Creed Unity
Shadows of Mordor
The Evil Within
Lords of the Fallen
Little Big Planet 3

PS: There are way more than this...these are just what I'm picking up.

imt5581430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

From September and by the end of the year there is BUNCH of games on both sides. WTF?

Well, if you want to know ( Golf Club is on PS4 also ) :

Btw. this month Diablo III and Metro Redux and InFamous for me. Maybe PvZ also.

iamnsuperman1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

While I would agree with you and it will sell on Xbox but the PS4 is in the same position the 360 was in the last generation (especially those regions in that era for the UK and USA). Destiny is going to sell more PS4 units that most of the exclusives it has this year. Destiny is popular and the PS4 version is popular also. That is why Sony is banking on it

come_bom1430d ago

All the disagrees! So I guess Destiny is not on the X1. Somebody better tell Bungie and Activision.

nX1430d ago

His comment had nothing to do with the topic at hand, hence the disagrees. We all know it's on Xbone as well, nobody talked about Xbone though.

ShowGun9011430d ago

the disagrees are because it doesn't matter where else it is. the article is about the ps4 having "no games"

not no AAA games.
not no exclusive games.

just games to play in general. so, besides having 2 infamous games, lbp3, and planetside 2, (probably forgetting something), the ps4 will also have the superior performing multi-plats... i'm really struggling to see how it has "no games"

no year 1 has looked this impressive.

HiddenMission1430d ago

Exactly, I think back to when the PS3 had it's 1st year it was really shallow and I had like maybe 10 games where as it's 9 months in and I know I have over yeah off to a great start and it's only going to get better.

MysticStrummer1430d ago

More people will play it… on PS4.

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