Driveclub Vs Forza Horizon 2: Weather Graphics Comparison From GamesCom

One Angry Gamer "There’s a pretty startling look at the graphics disparity between Forza Horison 2 and Driveclub, and I have to say that Sony’s exclusive just completely wipes the floor with Microsoft’s exclusive… as far as weather effects go."

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GarrusVakarian1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

FH2 looks amazing, and dare I say....more fun than DC, but this really isn't a contest. DC wins.

Seeing those two games running next to each other like that really shows just how amazing DC looks, because FH2 is no slouch, yet it looks nowhere near as good as DC graphically.

GarrusVakarian1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Yup. Don't get me wrong though, it's like I said, FH2 is no slouch. It's just that on a graphical level, it can't compete with DC. I guess that's understandable, though, seeing as FH2 is open world.

tuglu_pati1500d ago

Both looks great. DC looks better, but considering FH2 has real damage (not cosmetic) and is open world is expected to be behind DC in the graphic department. DC looks real.

amiga-man1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Not even a contest for graphic realism Drive Club is the clear winner, as far as gameplay who knows but after playing Motorstorm by Evolution Studios I fancy Drive Club to have the gameplay to match it's undeniable graphic quality.

ABizzel11499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

As most people know I really like Forza, and it's one of my top 5 Xbox exclusives, but graphically speaking Drive Club just committed murder here.

Forza Horizon looks good, with great environments, weather effects (wetness and reflections look good), and textures look good too. But Drive Club trumps it in every category and stomps it in car models

There's really no fair comparison because Forza Horizon 2 is open world, and Drive Club isn't. You also can't compare Drive Club to Forza 5 fairly considering F5 was a launch title, and DC is a year 1 year game. And on the flip side Forza 6 vs. DC isn't going to be fair either considering Turn 10 will have had 2 next gen racers under their belt (F5, and co-develop FH2), and it will more than likely be a year 2 XBO game, vs. a Year 1 PS4 game.

Both games look like fun, and I'll have them both, but just graphically speaking Drive Club is the racer to beat on consoles.

Side note to Turn 10:
But word of advice to Turn 10, if DC still looks better than Forza it's going to cause MS and the XBO a bunch of hurt, especially among the online gaming community as fanboys run away with these kind of headlines.

darthv721499d ago

both look really good. i especially like the bright reflectivity of the FH2 car when the sun hits it after the rain. Very natural looking as that is usually what happens when the clouds part and you have sun shining on a wet car. The light seems to glisten very realistically.

The actual weather effects on DC are second to none however. I would assume the handeling of the car while driving in wet conditions would be very realistic to go with those impressive visuals. Im hoping for spin outs during races like that due to the slickness of the road.

PONTIAC08G8GT1499d ago

You guys need to realize that FH has way more going on being that it's an open world game, meaning there's no loading of a track and preplaced environments. A lot more is going on in one game then the other. That's not to say DC doesn't look better, because it does. I like how FH had some dry patches on the road, that was a nice touch.

BTW I can't wait for Forza 6 when they can implement these FH weather effects (hopefully)

Boody-Bandit1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )


How can you say FH2 has more going on when the weather effects and graphics of DC are on a completely other level. This whole both games look great is just fudging the obvious disparity between the 2 visually. FH2 would look amazing for a last generation game but it's just a minor bump visually from the original Horizon which I have logged over 1000hrs on and still own to this day.

Horizon isn't a true open world game. Most races require you to drive to a starting point and than you end up in point to point races or circuit events. Who cares if Horizon has better physical damage, if that's even true or not, when it's more arcade than sim?

The original Horizon was a blast to play, one of my favorite racers last gen on the 360, but some of you guys are way over selling it. I think overall the graphics are disappointing in FH2 just as I do with Forza 5. I honestly thought the leap on both would be a bit better.

DC's car models rival Project Cars an it's backgrounds surpass PCars. The real world weather effects with those car models and backdrops are a hell of a lot more taxing than a semi open world. DC's backdrops are just as expansive and have a much wider and clearer draw distance with much more detail.

Graphically this isn't even close. I'm not hating on FH2 either because I myself will be playing both games when they release. I'm just keeping it real. DC is visually stunning where as FH2 is a nice looking game. How they play will matter most. That's what I'm looking forward to finding out.

pinkcrocodile751499d ago

The graphics on DC are stunning, that said I love my racing games and the most important features in a good racer is features, handling and playability. Graphics are important but it comes a distant 4th in the list of requirement in my book.

But that's only my opinion. I'm getting FH2 because its an open world also since they put Clarkson into Forza 4 the series has had my unconditional love, that said I'd get DC, though I'd have to see some excellent features for my to get it.

Any other car fans have a view on this?

vishmarx1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

dc almost looks real at competition.
and i dunno why people excuse forza for the open world.?
gta needs to process- 20cars, 50 peds,40 buildings,random events,cops,lighting,day/night cycle,weapons,etc all in the same instance. thats open world
forza streams its map while dc preloads it all at the same time. THATS ALL the difference.both contain dynamic lighting +weather and roughly the same number of ai based opponents at any given time and always online multiplayer.
while fh2 looks way more fun the graphical difference is just insane
and even if we were to excuse fh2 ,dc even stomps forza 5

Dee_911499d ago

They are making games look like this, this earlier, I can just imagine how games will look in a few years. I can remember being wowed with the first motorstorm.

bouzebbal1499d ago

comparison doesn't even stand! both are next gen looking but DC trounces any other racer.
i can't imagine how GT7 would look like!

choujij1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I got the honest opinion of a semi-casual gamer I work with. I asked her which of the two looks more realistic. She watched them for a few moments and said, I don't get it. So I asked her, what do you mean? Pointing to FH2 she says, this one's a video game. I then lol'd and said, they're both video games. Her jaw dropped as she began staring in amazement at DC. :D

Sevir1499d ago

This isn't even a comparison. Driveclub BLOWS FH2 out of the water visually, its not even funny. There is no sugar coating, no excuses, just plain out facts... They don't compare, weather, visuals, environment detail.

being open world has nothing to do with this either. The game runs at 1080p and 30 fps... Forza 5 runs at 1080p 60fps and was linear, and if you compare it visually the result is the same. Driveclub which is more comparable to Forza 5, still sweeps the floor clean with FM5. Driveclub is pushing more effects, more details and more polygons on everything, Cars, backgrounds, and enviroments. Gameplay will be king though and the jury is still out on Driveclub, but we will see this October. But the presentation is clear. DC hands down graphically. Its uncompromising especially being a year one release in the same way FH2 is a year one release.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1499d ago

Drive Club hands down, Forza just looks like a video game too shiny.

Rocky51499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

This video would have been better used in the comparison.

A lot more rain gameplay & night racing & such. Also at one point the time of day was similar.

Forza Horizon 2

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imt5581500d ago

No, no, no. MisterX said NO!

Lulz_Boat1500d ago

ahhaha MisterX, the idiot behind the triple-quadruple-quinqux cpu/gpu hidden in the XBone. Where the hell is he??

Under a rock for sure.

marcofdeath1499d ago

Looks are in the eye of the beholder!
I talk POWER and as all was there is a clear winner here!

dynamic weather DC/FH2
day and night cycles DC/FH2
1090p DC/FH2
destructible objects XX/FH2 + (CPU/GPU)
open world XX/FH2 + (CPU/GPU)

So it's clear that XB1 has the power to out perform PS4 again. Yes DC has a better storm as of now, but where is the rest?

Xb1 is a next gen GPU that is clear, the PS4 HAS 32 ROPs showa that PS4's Gpu is last gen.

That is why the lead platform for division, assassin's Creed IS Xbox one.

Out with the old in with the NEW!

Magnes1499d ago

@marcofdeath are you for real I mean you did type that. Its a joke right that had to be sarcasm.

On topic weather effects in DC are right where this gen racers should be.

Nine_Thousaaandd1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )


What in the hell are you talking about...side by side comparison, and you are still in denial!

The Bone is weak, just like your weak comment. DriveClub is stomping FH2 in comparison! Everytime I see you on here, you are slinging numbers around as much as Microsoft slinging money around at 3rd party franchises.

Just admit it, the forecast is showing no clouds in FH2 as well. It's over, PS4 has shown several times already it's in a league of it's own when it comes to consoles. 10 million customers agree as well!

Sucker Punch said it themselves, that this generation will have a huge focus on GPU compute...which is the heart of PS4s remarkable architect...which the Bone lacks big time! Xbox One will always behind the PS4...stop making up nonsense. Sony's world class 1st party titles will have no equal on console!

marcofdeath1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

"On topic weather effects in DC are right where this gen racers should be."

Right, so where is the open world, where is destructible objects right where this gen racers should be......


IF XB1 is so weak where is your open world or destructible objects? If PS4 had the power where are they? If PS4 had the power why are the cars all ways racing through the jungle (less textures calls), where is the city at(less CPU/GPU)? This comes down to POWER.

Why quote a developer who works exclusively for Sony? They are going to tell you what you want to hear. The developer I quoted makes games for both machines. It's called being neutral.

Let's take a game from the last GEN like the last of us that is being remastered for PlayStation 4.
1080p yes
45-60fps yes
Now let's look at remastered Halo.
1080p yes
60fps locked yes
higher poly count models yes
real-time simultaneous rendering old to new
or new to old. yes
isn't the last two what gaming should be in the next generation?
Ryse is still king of graphics so far this generation. Still no equal......
That's power.

Nine_Thousaaandd1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )


Lol...seriously, just because in FH2, you can drive through hay bales, wooden fences, and barn houses...that makes Xbox One next gen! The rain drops on the car don't even move according to how fast you're driving! Weather conditions don't affect your car's drivability. Where is the city? It was never marketed as a racing game in the city...hahahaha! GTFO bruh! Complete nonsense!

And why quote a dev that works for Sony because they are gonna tell you what you want to Listen to yourself, just like Microsoft has been doing since the release of Xbox One, telling delusional people like you what you want to hear.

Then you go on to compare remastered Halo to The Last of, a game made back in 2004, I hope they can reach 1080p 60fps locked on a game that old!

And Ryse looked pretty...thats it, no physics what so ever, and Crytek is disappointed in sales on Xbox One...that comment is denied!

Wake up...and wipe the salt from your eyes! PlayStation has already proven it can perform better and play better than Xbox One. Just STOP already...DriveClub easily out performs it! PS4s GPU is showing it's muscles!

young7yang1499d ago


Killzone Shadowfall looks better then Ryse and it plays at a higher resolution and framerate. Don't forget Tomb Raider, that game performed at 30fps on xbone compared to 60fps on ps4. As for Halo 3 & 4. Both games are not that impressive from a technical standpoint when put side by side with Killzone 2 & 3

AndrewLB1499d ago

marcofdeath- Ubisoft's Alex Hutchinson has clearly stated that both FarCry 4 and Assassins Creed: Unity are being developed with the PC being lead platform. Look it up, it's a fact.

They're also working with nVidia to add additional graphical effects like dynamic smoke, cloth/clothing, and other PhysX based features.

All you have to do is watch this:

Pay attention to their xbox controllers. notice anything odd? hehe. Wires. Why? Because you can't use the wireless controllers on PC... which is the platform that game-play is being run on.

iDadio1499d ago

Most of the time when I read blind statements like marcofdeaths I smirk, but at this tripe that I have just had the misfortune of reading made me actual cringe.

Head needs wobbling

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AngelicIceDiamond1500d ago

I agree The weather effects looks better in DC.

Godmars2901500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Both are driving games, one had better graphics, better weather effects, so how is FH2 more "fun"?

How is, "and dare I say....more fun than DC" not saying that FH2 is more fun than DC?

GarrusVakarian1500d ago

I didn't say it was, I haven't played it yet. It's just that from the footage of both games that I've seen so far, FH2 looks like it's more balls-to-the-wall fun; whereas DC looks like a more serious, track racer.

Both cater to different moods, which is why I'l be getting both. It's just my opinion, is all.

Xsilver1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

"whereas DC looks like a more serious, track racer."

No previews I've read said that they say DC plays like a arcade game which is what makes it fun
"Without having the claims of the rigid simulation and without being a pure and hard arcade, there is really so much fun to be had while driving cars in Drive Club, being careful not to overdo it because a slight inattention could mean an accident, fortunately without serious damage because, as the developers have indicated, the damage to the car will be purely aesthetic, in order not to excessively penalize players."

PONTIAC08G8GT1499d ago

I compare the FH games to Need for Speed and DC is trying to be a mix of both GT and NFS. Might be more like GRID, which I didn't think was that hard core of a racer like they touted it to be. I thought that game was very arcadeish.

tgunzz1500d ago

Shoot, I will own both, so I will have a deep look, at what they both have to offer... This is going to be fun.... Game on.

nicksetzer11500d ago

I am more excited for horizon because it looks incredibly fun and has a much larger feature set. However, driveclub is in a different league visually. (Which may be partially due to FH2 being open world)both look amazing visually though, looking forward to playing both.

GarrusVakarian1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Agreed, 2014 is a seriously good year for racers.

mcstorm1499d ago

For me DC dose look better in terms of graphics but Horizon is open world and has a lot more going on compared to DC. That said both look amazing.

I'm more excited for Horizon 2 as I though Horizon was the best racer I played last gen but there is no dout if you pick one of these two games up you wont be disappointed and it is a great time to be a next gen racer with Horizon 2, DC, F1 2014, Project cars and the crew all on the way.

iceman061499d ago

I think that they BOTH look great. I also think that, for those making the open-world comparison, you have to be careful. Evolution has already said that everything that you see if fully rendered. The dev camera can go to the mountains, the lakes, the structures, the "millions of trees", even the clouds (as shown in the latest video) and they are all fully rendered in 3D. That's surely a LOT going on. Plus, in the latest news, the devs has said that they could easily add off-road racing because the build already supports it. I'm not saying this to say it is better than FH2. I'm just saying don't discount what DC is doing in the background while producing those crazy weather effects.

user3672721499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

One is an open world game and one is not and have an extra year of development time so of course there will be differences but I'll take more cares, more freedom and have all the features like the mention weather at launch any day of the week over graphics. Gameplay,handling and car selection are more important features than graphics in a genre like racing.

GusBricker1499d ago

Shouldn't it, though? It's been in development for how long?

Reddzfoxx1499d ago

Its easy to see both companies went in different directions in terms of lighting. DC went with a very gloomy weather pattern in the rain while FH went with the sun coming out just after the rain.

Both look good just a matter of what perspective the devs were trying to give with the lighting. This is just a matter of taste from the devs.

I personally don't see any graphical difference but people mistake graphics for lighting effects. But lighting is just an effect.

darksky1499d ago

Those gifs make it look like its 60fps which is what I prefer. The actual direct feed videos don't look anywhere near as smooth sadly.

otherZinc1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

And Drive Club does absolutely nothing! It's a linear driving game.

Forza Horizon 2 does everything.

Also, Forza Horizon 2 comes with rain, 200+cars, and a plethora of features.

Drive Club comes packaged with no rain, 55 cars, "no" American cars, "no" Japanese cars, and 1 feature: Clubs; something Forza Horizon 2 has 1,000+ of.

Drive Club is overrated.

Quiescent1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

How can DC be overrated when it have not released yet? Your Xbox bias is showing hard man..

geddesmond1499d ago

Your so jealous your jealousy is bleeding all over your comment. Driveclub is new IP that isn't out yet. It hasn't got 5 or 6 games to pull data from for cars or whatever other resources turn 10 gathered over the years.

ncc-0171499d ago

Whether FH is more fun than DC remains to be seen.

assdan1499d ago

From that 27 second video, it's hard to truly explain the difference. DC could be mistaken for real life, while FH2 looks video gamey, if that makes sense.

Condemnedman1499d ago

No way did any of them look like real life . Not for a second . Dreamers

geddesmond1499d ago

And the DC video was compressed to bits. See it running full HD on the video on PS4 and it looks 10 times better.

Clunkyd1499d ago

No competition here.
DC graphically looks better by a mile! Anyone who says otherwise, are lying to themselves.

FanboyKilla1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Lmfao i guess we didnt just watch the same video then. I guess it was foggy on dc? Forza looked more crisp and clear to me.

Even if dc has better graphics, i wouldnt see them for i will be playing the better game. Dc better win in the graphics department. Seems like thats all it has going for it. Dont hear much about anything else. Lets compare cars, customization, and overall content. Is it fun to play, or is it just eye candy that will loose its flavor soon enough?

Lol at all you posting your pics and gifs. Tells me you didnt like the video home boy just showed. Giggles

where the hell is the sun? or any lighting on dc? thats a horrible comparison. i know i have seen dc look better than that. wowsers.

ps fans holding on for dear life to dc graphics. lol half the people in here wont even play it. just sony fans chanting their usual. boy do sony fans sound bitter these days. whats wrong over there? 98.8% of these comments are sony fans praising dc and downplaying forza. sore looser.

G20WLY1499d ago

^"lol half the people in here wont even play it"

You obviously didn't know that this will be playable for free via PS+, did you?! *facepalm*

BallsEye1499d ago

It's obvious. DC is a closed track racer with few things happening while Forza is open world with tons of stuff going on, simulations etc full vehicle customization (yes it does suck processing power, go figure why) twice as many cars on screen (not including traffic in forza) and much more. We could compare things that actually matter in a racing game but instead we compare raindrops where the result of the contest is obvious due to different nature of these titles.

Comparing DC and Forza is like comparing a tech demo of a single small location where all the processing power went to polish the look of that one thing vs a full blown huge simulation game and then call the first of two a better game.

1499d ago
marinelife91499d ago

This is funny. One looks like real life. The other like a good looking last gen game. I won't say which is which.

sprinterboy1499d ago


Agree both look great, but DC wins just looks more real and in place

slasaru011499d ago

When next gen Multiplatform racings come, they will look better than even DC. And play more fun. I'm saying about Grid, Midnight Club, TLU, NFS Shift next.

Multiplat Max Payne 3 on PS3 looks better than any of Sony exclusives, lol.

Right now - yes, DC looks amazing. But it's like first Gears of War showed unprecedented graphics and then came the games much more beautiful.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1499d ago


You can't compare graphics of an open world racer to a circuit/point-to-point racer. Of course Driveclub looks better. Driveclub is the most realistic looking game this gen.

come_bom1499d ago

Driveclub looks better.

Cueil1499d ago

ones an open world racer the other is a closed track... it's not even the same type of game

gapecanpie1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Apple to oranges ....

One is open world and has far more features and customization options (fh2)

The other is pretty much featureless/barebones has no customization options and has less cars and only has graphics going for it. (DC)

If you really want the best just wait for project cars on PC if you want customization, the best graphics,best weather effect, best physics and beyond 1080p and a stable 60fps

C-H-E-F1499d ago

Why does FH2 look like that Asphalt game on mobile?? Am I the only one that saw that with this comparison?? lOl

Blaze9291499d ago

cool - now which one is more fun to play?

kingPoS1499d ago

OMG! that photo mode looks amazing!

Gateway MT6706 2008

marcofdeath1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Also you are the same people that said ISS and or KZSF looked better than RYSE....... WOW!!!! Like said better weather don't make a better looking game.... That's still running on a PC.... All most two years later....

therevolution1499d ago

There were much better videos to use on the Forza side and in some builds it's really starting to shine graphically. Not sure it ever looks as good as Driveclub, but for those who played the original Horizon know that the franchise is hella fun. Can't wait to try them both out

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StifflerK1500d ago

After E3 , I would have agreed that DC had the best graphics.

After Gamescom , I'm not so sure anymore. FH2 really has come along and looks noticeably better than before.

Either way they both look great.

Also , weren't DC supposed to be showing off snow at Gamescom???

Evilsnuggle1500d ago

What games are looking at FH2 is not a ugly game but the graphics are lacking in realism . FH2 is cartoony and Driveclub looks realistic . I was hating on Drive club because it unablity to reach 1080p 60fps . I can see why the developer choosed to push the graphics in Drive club I have never seen graphics so close to photo realism as Drive club . Drive club is the King of graphics pc or console . In fact project cars has better graphics than FH2 . But if you prefer cartoon graphics FH2 would be your choice .

StifflerK1500d ago

They both look great , but I disagree with you saying 'Forza looks like a cartoon'.

Look up pictures of Tuscany and the French Riviera in real life. The environment has a warm vibrant glow/hue about it , they've represented the area well in game.

If you're asking my preference, I like good graphics, good gameplay and good features - which is exactly why I'm looking forward to FH2.

Also, I think PC owners will disagree with you about DC looking better than anything on PC.
P Cars maxed out on the PC is the graphical king.