Microtransactions have gotten out of hand

Justin Popa at in2gpu says:

I was reading my daily gaming news this morning when my eyes lay upon the following article from PC Gamer “Assassin’s Creed Unity will let players “fast track” unlocks with microtransactions”. Excellent! Yet another game being completely annihilated by greed. Anybody here remember when Ubisoft used to be cool?

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DarkOcelet1499d ago

What the eff ? Unity has a microtransaction to unlock fast travel early ? Really !!! I know it had microtranactions but didnt know it was that bad. I am not supporting this trash . They are becoming worse than EA .. they can go pluck themselves with these practices .

TheWackyMan1498d ago

and yet we made it this way. By buying dlc and micro-transactions for mobile games for years, and in their mind, we're stupid enough to buy micro-transactions in 60 dollar games. We can really only blame ourselves for letting it get this out of hand, and if we want to stop it, DO NOT BUY THIS TRASH.

I love playing video games but it really saddens me to see this stuff get worse and worse. The same thing is going to happen with remakes, if people keep buying it, they're just going to milk the cash cow.

Sideras1498d ago

Yes gamers were stupid enough to let that crap get out of hand, but if the developers had some dignity and ambition they would neither need nor want this shit.

Sayai jin1498d ago

Yeah, this is absurd. The crazy thing is that there wil be people who buy it up. Let's hope its's a small amount of people so the dev/publisher will think twice the next time...speak with our wallets.

Mikelarry1498d ago

exactly. some gamers don't care how their bad practices affect the industry as a whole when it goes to the dogs only then they realise. I stopped playing AC after brotherhood and as that when they started all this trash with yearly release.shame as this franchise used to be my favourite series of mine.

700p1498d ago

Well it makes sense. Casual gamers tend to suck at games other than call of duty. So buying something that unlocks fast travel makes sense. It doesnt bother me because i wont buy the microstransactions.

bjshepp1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

The micro transactions aren't for "fast travel". They're for "fast tracking"(unlocking) certain gear and costumes in the game early without having to earn it yourself. I'm not defending it either way. Just clarifying what the micro transactions are actually for.

I'very personally seen far worse examples of this practice being used. TLOU multiplayer for example requires that you purchase certain powerful weapons that make the game easier, whereas atleast in Unity you have the option to earn most of these items yourself without having to pay.

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081498d ago

'Microtransactions have gotten out of hand'

So true! it's like so many game devs are doing it now.
I don't like this at all!

1498d ago
SpiralTear1498d ago

They were out of hand at Dungeon Keeper mobile. They were out of hand at Final Fantasy All the Bravest. They were out of hand at Dead Space 3, Soul Calibur: Lost Swords, and every single Facebook game.

I don't think AC: Unity is the straw that broke the camel's back at all, folks.

BattleAxe1498d ago

Don't forget about Battlefield 4 and all the shortcut bundles and backpack micro transactions. It's one of the reasons I refuse to buy BF4, unless I can get it for $20.00 with all the map packs included like I did with BF3 on PC.

TheBreezyBB1498d ago

It's because some idiots with too much money, and no patience. They are ruining games.

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