The top five [email protected] games coming to Xbox One

The [email protected] program is finally starting to bare fruit and we feel it’s time to give more of the limelight to these classy independent developers. So we’ve decided to look at the best of [email protected] and make sure you know what the future holds.

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Yetter1317d ago

They all look great but I'm really looking forward to 'lovers in a dangerous space time'

ForgottenProphecy1317d ago

I agree with Superhot, The Escapists, and Ghost of a Tale, but I'd put Goat Simulator and Space Engineers instead of the other two.

All_Consoles1317d ago

Below and inside both look like masterpieces and I can't wait to play them

Eldyraen1317d ago

Ghost of a Tale is my personal favorite even if we don't know much about it yet. Cuphead looks great too though as who doesn't like crazy cartoons?

Below and Inside IMO look good but part of their appeal is their perigee which adds too what we've seen. Most of the others I am still in a wait and see position for as I liked a lot of them but not enough to say I am leaning one way or another yet.

Orbertron1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Ghost of a tale is mine too, there was a cartoon in the UK called Red Wall that came on channel 5 it was great, it had dark themes thou out the show maybe that's why, but that's all I'm thinking when i see this game, loving the look and feel so far.

Eldyraen1317d ago

I read the Redwall books (several of them anyways) well after being the target audience. The stories and world it exists in is actually pretty great.

I actually think the Redwall show is on Netflix here in the US or at least some version of a Redwall animated film. Pretty sure I saw it somewhere... may have to check on it again.

gamerfan09091317d ago

Below is probably my most anticipated indie game coming out this generation although Alienation is probably neck and neck with it. That game looks like the closest thing to what we're going to see to a Zelda game on a next gen platform and the art direction and studio behind it leaves little doubt in my mind it's going to be quality.

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The story is too old to be commented.