The Next Silent Hill Already Has Bonkers Fan Theories

The PS4 teaser for Silent Hills may end up having nothing to do with the final product. Still, it’s fascinating to hear fans speculate on what the next Silent Hills game may be about based on P.T. The actual game isn’t even out yet and people are already making theories about it!

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DarkOcelet1495d ago

Thats why i love kojima always putting these hints so we can solve it , going to watch the walkthrough again .

jujubee881495d ago

Gene model: 204863
Species: Populus trichocarpa

Damn nature, you scary!

ScottyHoss1494d ago

20 4 = 24
8 = august
63 = 1963

August 24th 1963, Kojimas birthday

Batzi1494d ago

You can bet your ass on that when it's a Kojima game!

SovereignSnaKe1494d ago

~I thought the Hills being plural was just more to do with it being a reboot and they wanted to alter the name ever so slightly. Ala Waverly Hill(s) Sanatorium in Kentucky.

aLucidMind1494d ago

I don't see why they're pluralizing it though. Wouldn't they be able to just use "Silent Hill" without breaching copyrights since they are making a reboot and it actually being Silent Hill rather than being "Quiet Knoll".