Still no date for PlanetSide 2 beta on PS4, but here's a status update

GameZone: "Sorry to disappoint, but SOE still has not announced a release date for PlanetSide 2 on PlayStation 4. There was speculation that a date could be revealed during SOE Live this weekend, but alas nothing."

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MysticStrummer1343d ago


Announce an open beta starting tomorrow and I'll buy a PS4 today.

XisThatKid1343d ago

good at least we get seldom updates and stuff. Personally my most anticipated title this year, can't wait!

Vystrel1343d ago

Really hope their is good platoon support because I feel like most console players will just run around the massive map trying to get killstreaks and trick shots.

Amazing game on PC and I'm still super excited for it on PS4.

scark921343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Its free so I am not complaining :D, Exciting!

Brettman20081343d ago

Considering that the game was supposed to be released in the PS4 'launch window' this is very disappointing.