10 Things We Should Stop Being Afraid Of

CCC Says: "Video games in the horror genre have gotten increasingly more frightening as time has gone on. What used to be the scariest thing ever has now become old and cliché. Some of the things that used to scare us so much now are almost funny or feel more like a throwback than they do a scare tactic. And I don’t know if you have played P.T. yet or games like Outlast, but they have quickly become some of my favorite scare-fest games of all time. So we decided that it might be kind of fun to take a look back at some of the things that used to be considered scary, and why we probably should never fear them again."

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DarkOcelet1555d ago

Teddy bears ah , Robbie pointing at you in silent hill 4 and that bear in fear 3 , never trust them .

thorstein1555d ago

The title should really say, "10 things in PT that we shouldn't be afraid of." Everyone of those things is in PT.

WeAreLegion1554d ago

Staples of horror. Sometimes, they're well done. Sometimes, they aren't.

scark921554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

That looking in the mirror one, #Condemned #NeverForget

creeping judas1554d ago

The mannequins in Condemned scared the crap out of me!!