What Should Tekken 7’s Middle Eastern Character Look and Play Like

CCC Says: "A couple days ago Katsuhiro Harada mentioned that he would be introducing a brand new Middle Eastern character into the Tekken 7 roster. However, the inclusion of this character gave him some pause. As you know, anything related to the Middle East right now has the potential to spark outrage and anger with the politically charged masses. So Harada thought, “What better way to see if this character is acceptable than to ask the fans themselves?"

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NewMonday1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

would be cooler if the Keffiyeh is on the shoulders like a scarf and not on the head, wearing it on the head has subtleties on the manner of the person that wouldn't be grasped by non Arabian Gulf people.

as for saying the headscarf(Keffiyeh) is for just Saudi Arabia then that is wrong, it has always been part of middle eastern culture, even non Arabs wear them like Kurds, the difference is that Gulf Arabs use the Keffiyeh to fully cover the head because of the sun, others like in Oman wrap it around the head, in Jordan and Syria some just spread it on the back and shoulders.

the pointed shoes are right out of Arabian Nights, he should wear sandals.

as for fighting style make it Pencak silat like in the movie The Raid, the western characters in Tekken use eastern marshal arts themselves so why cant he. Pencak silat would be closer because Indonesia has a Yamani Arab minority established hendreds of years ago.

S2Killinit1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

wow lots of insight there.
hope the below comment is not because he is being racist. Not sure why its all of a sudden cool to be racist again. (well, i know, but come on people, we fought hard to switch that trend)

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NewMonday1374d ago


don't let it bother you, It's just the internet, the place where people desecrate the corps of Robin Williams for laughs, I don't want people to judge me based on a crazy minority and neither should I.

fr0sty1374d ago

So glad to see a Japanese developer react to racial outcry by asking the community, specifically those of that particular race, to give input on how the character should be.

so sad to see the gamer community making racist statements online over headsets and on message/comment boards like we're still in the 60's.

Gaming1011374d ago

lol wait... you mean it might be insensitive if he throws bombs as his projectile move, and occasionally blows himself up with them by accident? I'm shocked...

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Baka-akaB1374d ago

I dunno if it fits the character as much as you said .. but i did always champion a Pencak silat based character for tekken .

It's even why i was baffled (yet not surprised) to that loli goth vampire crap win the popularity vote instead of getting a missing martial arts representative

Salooh1373d ago

You should tweet that to him . The raid fighting is sooo intense . That would make him my favourite character :D

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S2Killinit1374d ago

haha thats cool, about time.

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