Bloodborne blade weapons will litter your screen with 'copious amounts of blood'

Masaaki Yamagiwa, who works at Sony's Japan Studio and is a producer on Bloodborne, spoke about the game's weapon design and how it reflects the appropriate evolution of setting the game during the 19th Century.

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nX1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

As can be seen very good in the below video :)
The bloodsplatter in this game is one of the best I've seen in games yet.

DarkOcelet1285d ago

Ah such blood
Such awesomeness
Wow :)
I dont think am good at this doge stuff :D

Yi-Long1285d ago

I'm in Holland, so hopefully they won't censor it for the European releases again....

Spotie1285d ago

Am I the only one having issues with using the word "litter" when referring to a liquid?

SpinalRemains1381284d ago

I believe so.

Author was using his poetic license to describe the blood. 'Litter' is actually pretty fitting. A random mess of blood thrown about, like litter.

ThunderPulse1285d ago

I love Blood and Gore in my games it makes them more intense.

Yi-Long1284d ago

I agree. I'm not a gore-hound by any means, so I don't watch slasher-pics or sick images on the internet or whatever, but in video games, when you shoot someone, or strike someone with a sword or whatever, there just needs to be some kind of 'impact', which happens when you've got a beautiful gush of blood spraying everywhere, or a head popping off.

It just feels wrong 'wrong' when you shoot someone in the face with a shotgun, and all you get is just a very small spatter of blood, and everything just stays intact. I hate that kind of self-censorship. It's unrealistic and it just weakens the experience.

Ubisoft seems to do that a lot. Sadly.

Reaper29r1284d ago

The exclusive I'm looking forward to the most (at least until I see more of the order). Game just looks so gorgeous and gritty. Can't wait.

medman1284d ago

Copious amounts of blood is my new hashtag.