Crytek Reveals 100FPS VR Demo at Gamescom 2014

VRFocus - When it comes to virtual reality (VR) development, both the Unity Engine and Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 have proven exceedingly popular tools for teams. Now another major engine is making a bid for VR development in Crytek’s CryEngine 3. The developer, well known for its graphical prowess with titles such as Crysis, has revealed a brand new VR demo to showcase its support at this week’s Gamescom 2014 in Colgone, Germany.

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jimjam34421502d ago

is 100fps very different from 60?

JsonHenry1502d ago

Is is when rendering the same screen twice. (for the 3D effect)

Peekayboo1502d ago

In vr 60 isn't good enough and even on a normal screen 100+ just feels better in any first person or third person game

Eonjay1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

I'm more interested in knowing what hardware they used. 100PPS on VR is effectively 200FPS so I have to know what specs they are using.

Pandamobile1502d ago

That's not correct at all.

ScottyHoss1501d ago

If that is not the case then why have I been told it takes twice the power for VR? Just wondering if that's a rumor or what

Rainbowcookie1501d ago

it said 100 fps would come down to 50 /50 in VR if im not mistaken. Still it's about the detail going with those fps. It takes twice the power because of the too screens in vr doing a double render. Much like split screen. in the past we had games running 60fps in oneplayer and 30fps 30 fps in multiplayer couch co-op splitscreen.

Si-Fly1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Wow, a lot of people talking out of their arses here.

With my DK2 I'm primarily playing Elite Dangerous using a 4770k and 780ti.

If I play at 1080p on a monitor I achieve FPS between 130 and 200 on high settings but with the DK2 it is approximately half that. To remove judder in Space Stations with the Rift where my FPS is dropping below 75 I have to play on medium settings.

So yes, if crytek are showing a VR demo at 100fps the same demo would achieve approximately 200fps if played on a single 1080p monitor.

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Dynasty20211501d ago

100+ FPS @ 120hz is so much smoother than 60 FPS.

60 FPS is like 30 when you see a game running at 120hz.

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Muzikguy1502d ago

100FPS in a demo.... I've heard that tune before

Show me a real game running without compromise and I'll be a believer

700p1502d ago

you're so negative :(

Muzikguy1502d ago

I'm not being negative it's true. For the last 3 generations this is all the talk you heard until the tech is in the game and the game is crap. Demos don't mean jack. So now whenever I hear any company talk like this, I naturally don't believe it until it's proven. That goes for all companies and devs... Put up or shut up

Coach_McGuirk1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

i could "put up" some of my bf4 videos if you want to see 100+ fps at high settings. oh i see, you're just hating on crytek.

annus1502d ago

Are you saying 100FPS in unachievable? I take it you have never played on a decent PC before.

bumnut1501d ago

Could have shown you that in the 90's

Muzikguy1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

I'm not saying it's unachievable ladies and gentlemen. I've been gaming for a long time so when I hear things like this, downgrades often follow shortly after. Demos hardly ever see the light of day in a decent game. It's not something new, been happening for over 20 years. I know games on PC can get as high as 100FPS. They're talking about VR and stuff, would be great. I'm only saying that I don't believe claims until they're proven and games aren't dumbed down to reach it, that's all.

"So now whenever I hear any company talk like this, I naturally don't believe it until it's proven." See this? I'm not just hating on Crytek. MS, Sony, Ubisoft, EA, Activision, and many others have made outlandish claims and I'll call them out too.

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