FarCry 4 Gamescom 2014 Gameplay Footage (Offscreen)

Above is some offscreen gameplay footage from the FarCry 4 gamescom 2014 show floor demo.


The enermy A.I wasn’t as sharp as expected, might be because the game was demo was running on easy difficulty. The charcater has great mobility I could jump from roof to roof after killing an enemy without much of an issue.

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ramiuk11496d ago

what its playing on?
looks nice and smooth

Deios1495d ago

It's playing on a PS4.

BattleTorn1496d ago

Nothing bad to say about Far Cry, but despite liking controller-based UI, I always wonder when a developer is finally going to innovate upon the weapon wheel.

Personally, I'd rather have assignable D-pad shortcuts, or touchpad, idk. I'm growing tired of the weapon wheel.

ramiuk11495d ago

i know what u mean but the wheelworks lol,
Last of us had a good way of inventory