PS4: 'Bloodborne' producer says it is 'not a hack-and-slash game'

Masaaki Yamagiwa, who is a producer on Bloodborne and works with Sony's Japan Studio, talked about the style of combat Bloodborne will feature and clarified the type of game it is.

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Abash1502d ago

Well whatever the hell it is, I want it badly. Bloodborne has appealed to me in a way the Souls games never did. I am not saying they weren't good games, they just weren't for me.

But Bloodborne's gothic setting, classic horror-inspired enemies, and more offensive combat has me dying to play it

Rickman1502d ago

It's fucking sick. Everyone is going to FLIP when they play it, it looks insane in motion and plays great but different enough to set it apart from the Souls series!!

pornflakes1502d ago

Hack and slash or not, this game looks unbelievable great.

The gothic style and atmosphere are simply amazing.

If the game will get rpg elements like a lvl up system, skills and so on i would be more happy since i love rpgs but anyway, even without this game will be a must have.

nX1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Of course it has RPG elements, it is an RPG... you'll collect blood which you'll spend on upgrading your skills & attributes and buying weapons & gear. It's classic Souls-gameplay with a few very interesting twists (like the Regain mechanic).
I'm especially looking forward to the reveal of the online mode, I'm guessing it will somehow involve hunters & beasts.

Master-H1501d ago

Oh lord, the first reasonable comment i've read from you on this site, are you ok pornflakes ??

ziggurcat1502d ago

since when has anyone ever considered a souls-like game to be hack-n-slash???

Eonjay1502d ago

Hack and Slash would be like Dynasty Warriors.

Summons751502d ago

Devil May Cry & Bayonetta are also considered H&S

Hellsvacancy1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

When I think of hack 'n' slash games God Of War is the first game that comes to mind

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The story is too old to be commented.