Leaving gay characters out of RPGs is “beyond” BioWare

J Station X writes

"According to the statistics, less than 1% of all games released in 2013 let us play as a gay (or LGBTQ) character and the crux of that is because although the majority of gamers are a fairly progressive lot and wouldn’t mind gay characters right in there with the rest of the heterosexual ones, plenty of publishers and developers are guilty of shying away from the subject in fear of the vocal, ignorant minority coming for them with pitchforks and torches aflame.

Developer BioWare are actually one of the few developers to embrace queer characters wholeheartedly, with all three Mass Effect games and both Dragon Age 1 and 2 allowing same-sex romances.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is set to include same-sex romance too and, BioWare say, they have plans to keep putting gay characters in their games in the future."

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SaveFerris1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

So long as the characters and story are both good, and it isn't gratuitous, I have no problems with this practice whatsoever. It's great to see developers such as Bioware and Naughty Dog produce great games for everyone to enjoy.

Christopher1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

I have no problems with BioWare doing what they want to do in regards to creative decisions like this. I may not agree with them, but it's their game. These are decisions they have the right to make without hatred from the public.

vishmarx1374d ago

my only issue is that i see no decent romance options for straights in this game
just 3 female companions you can romance,one's gay(elf),one's scary(the vodoo mage girl) and the third one looks like (the army girl)she's gay but she doesnt know it yet or she'll make me her bitch if she is straight.
da 1 had lilleana and morrigan.
da 2 had merril and pirate girl.
i found all 4 reasonable but sadly none in this

Anthotis1374d ago

That's so progressive...

Conzul1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

There is no such thing as having a right to do something while forcing others to not feel the way they want to about it.
That's just silly.

You have the right to do what you want.
You don't have the right to dictate the feelings of others.

Christopher1374d ago

***You don't have the right to dictate the feelings of others.***

As it relates to this creative concept, I believe it does. Note I said "these are decisions" and not "every decision."

Conzul1374d ago

Nope, that's absurd.
Also, the distinction is irrelevant. All decisions may, upon scrutiny, form realizations; therefrom reactions; therefrom feelings. That any Feeling may be righteously abolished is absurd. One has no right to censor the inevitable.

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DevilOgreFish1374d ago

It doesn't bother me to have it in the story really. I thought it was funny to cross dress in FFVII. I just like though the whole idea of choice when i play their games.

spartanlemur1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

There's a lot of misunderstanding surrounding this topic. Of course nobody should have a problem with homosexual characters being in the game. They're part of society (and always have been) and it's important to represent them.

However the only consistent, rational definition of "fairness" provided that is what we are seeking, is that homosexual characters are randomly distributed based on statistics (5% chance of any character being homosexual, as that is the IRL prevalance of homosexuality) or (in the very unique situation with Bioware and romances) that they are allocated development time proportionally (5% of characters are X, 5% of time on X romance).

If you don't agree with that mutually agreeable definition of fairness, you may as well declare that "fairness is when everyone in the world gives me all their money", as any other definition will be just as logically inconsistent. You cannot, as a decent, fair-minded human being, believe that over-representation is OK while under-representation is not.

So as long as the prevalence of homosexual characters is representative of the population and the allocation of developer time in the case of optional romances is proportional, I have no problem with Bioware. My fear is that they are pandering to a vocal minority and vastly over-representing what is actually a small minority of people (I mean there are more muslims than homosexuals in many Western countries).

Christopher1374d ago

@Conzul: I specified hatred, not feelings.

I think you completely misread what I've said to encompass it to say that no one should feel anything or something. I'm just not sure.

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Ezz20131374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

i don't like Gay people or Straight people
and i don't like Earth people too

amiga-man1374d ago

Somebody better explain to them it's 2014 already

DarkOcelet1374d ago

The problem in bioware is that they are making a huge deal out of it , as if they are saying hey guys look we have made a gay character , he is fully gay , bla bla bla . Ok we get it but you dont need to shove it down our throat , just announce it and move on .

Anon19741374d ago

Shove what down your throat?

Myst-Vearn1374d ago

The fact that they will keep making gay characters. It does not have to be such a big deal. In fact they don't even have to announce it or anything. Let us play the games and find out if there are gay characters or not.

Benjammin251374d ago


mixelon1374d ago

I think it's more the media making a big deal out of it, as it's still such a novelty. They (rightly or not) ask a lot about it.
Once more developers are inclusive like this it won't be a big deal and everyone will stop talking about it. That's not likely to happen any time soon though..

In short i wouldn't blame Bioware for being progressive, the attention comes with the territory though.

EvilWay1374d ago

As long as they aren't in sex scenes I am okay with it

Reddzfoxx1374d ago

So you are okay if there are gay sex scenes in a game as long as your character isn't participating?

I am assuming you just like to watch?

Toiletsteak1374d ago

Watching isn't gay it is the taking part lol.

Salooh1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

O.o . Are you serious Toiletsteak ?..

EvilWay1374d ago

How did you get that assumption from what I said?

I said I don't want gay scenes at all

TheTowelBoy1374d ago

Who cares if they are? Dont play a gay character and dont have sex with them.

Benjammin251374d ago

It's hard though. They 're so pretty.

nikrel1374d ago

@Benjammin25 yeah it's hard...

Toiletsteak1374d ago

Why does it matter if they are gay or not it really doesn't matter, it's the way they go about it that is annoying like they are trying to prove something.

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