PSN Down For Some, Sony Says It’s “Intermittently Available”

The PlayStation Network is currently: Intermittently available.

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TimeSkipLuffy1436d ago

I got quite a lot of issues with PSN lately. Hope these will get fixed soon. Nothing serious though but I am not an online gamer.

JackOfAllBlades1436d ago

Maybe they are getting ready for patch 2.0? Hopefully.

Hk85karlsson1436d ago

No way. As per usual, Sony will release it one day before winter. (Always the later date when it comes to Sony and firmware).

This is the only problem I have with Sony. Otherwise a great company. Overall.

TimeSkipLuffy1436d ago

yes. I can't fully sync my trophies, sometimes it won't let me connect to PSN or access the PSN store, kicks me out of PSN quite a lot some times recently. Never had a problem before. I have experienced this only on PS3 because I am still waiting for some new games on PS4 ^^

Christopher1436d ago

@TimeSkipLuffy: Weird. I've not had those problems on my end at all. And I'm pretty much connected to the PSN all day long, either via my phone or my PS4 that I use while I'm working.

Sorry you're having issues.

Emanno1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Wait a minute. I was trying to play Killzone Mercenary online yesterday. No wonder why I couldn't but I'm glad Sony has sorted the issue.

ftwrthtx1436d ago

It stayed online for me. I wonder why it goes down for some but not all.

BX811436d ago

That sux bro. I hate after a long day you go to sit down and game but it's down

incendy351436d ago

Hopefully it is because they are fixing their horrible download speeds.

Ron_Danger1436d ago

Are you talking about those same horrible download speeds that allowed me to download P.T. (a 1.4 gig file) in 16 minutes?

Dudebro901436d ago

That's not fast... I can download a gig in about 5 min.

Kivespussi1436d ago

1.4 Gb file in 16 minutes isn't really something to brag about... That's like 2Mbps?

Christopher1436d ago

Not everyone has 20+Mbps download speeds. Heck, some people are even capped on how much they can download each month.

Regardless, PS4 download speeds are miles better than PS3. Sony still has a way to go to match their competitors, but I don't think that's possible considering their primary competitor has 3 decades in dealing with this technology and is the core of their business.

ThanatosDMC1436d ago

Ps4 and ps3 test connection speed is not accurate. Use to see actual speeds.

donthate1436d ago


Yeah, download speeds on PS3 was atrocious. PS4 is a lot better, but still behind their main competitor by a mile.

Kudos to Sony for getting some features out before their competitor though, like digital pre-ordering.

isa_scout1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Lucky....and to the guy below I wish that 2Mbps would download that file size in 16 minutes. I'm locked at 2.3Mbps and it took me about 45 minutes to download P.T.
Some of you guys complain bout your speeds, and I just laugh because you don't know what bad is. Frontier DSL sucks

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FamilyGuy1436d ago

In network settings change your ps3/ps4 dns setting to manual and input:

Primary Secondary


Primary Secondary

caseh1436d ago

For anyone who doesn't know that's Google and OpenDNS servers.

user65409481436d ago

How safe is that to use? Is there a chance of angering my ISP or of being hacked?

Sir_Simba1436d ago

Download speed are you own problems, talk to your IP

Ripsta7th1436d ago

This is such BS right here, i compared internet speeds last gen and xbox360 ran laps around the ps3

incendy351436d ago

Nope, this is the only device I have download issues with. My PC, Xbox One both download very fast. I will try those DNS settings though and see if that helps.

Rimeskeem1436d ago

You sure that's not just your internet

C1yn3r791436d ago

Sony's PS4 download speeds have come a long way from the PS3 speeds. I had a 10Mb speed when PS4 came out and it was much faster than PS3 speeds.
Luckily i've since upgraded to 50Mb and it's blazing fast!

Bobertt1436d ago

The only time the download speed is worse on ps4 for me is the first day or two of release for a new title because everyone is downloading it. Like the Destiny beta and ps plus free titles. A lot more people download games from ps4 at the same time than ps3 so it will take some time until the servers can handle everyone at launch. Other than those peak times i always get full speed for PS4.

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