The Last of Us Remastered Photo Contest Starts Today

By Arne Meye: "As we were putting the finishing touches on The Last of Us: Remastered a couple of months ago, we couldn’t wait to see the results from including Photo Mode tools in our game. In just the last two weeks since release we’ve seen some incredible output from our community, some of it even in video format!"

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Hk85karlsson1436d ago

So freaking bad that's just for US resident..Always like this. Things are global these days. Get real Naughty Dog.
I love the company's games to death, maybe that's why this is heartbreaking.

Plyzz1436d ago

"If you live in Europe – don’t fret, the PlayStation team over there will also run a Photo Mode contest in a few weeks. We’ll update you with more details when we have them!" - last couple of sentences from the article ;)

Allsystemgamer1436d ago

Yea well Europe and America aren't the world. Us Canadians up here would like to attention sometimes.

user14394141436d ago Show
Plyzz1435d ago

I'm from GB myself... Please stop the prejudice.

Hk85karlsson1435d ago

Haha I thank you good sir. And I should bake a cake to the entire ND team for my last remark.
(This is what you get when you get mad after the first couple of sentences)...

Plus for bubble, is what you get when you are nice and help a complete stranger on the internet =)

Tapani1435d ago


So you think the world consists of US, Europe and Canadians. Sorry to burst your bubble, but they consist around 15% of the world population.

On topic: I wonder how North America vs Europe stack up against each other artistically when it comes to the quality of the photos.

Allsystemgamer1435d ago


I didn't say those 3 places were the world. You're putting words in my mouth for the sake of starting a fight. What about people in Australia? Japan? It's all digital why should these contests be limited to certain areas all the time.

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