Wacky Wheels Comeback Gains Momentum

Cascadia Games has been working on a comeback for old-school retro kart racer Wacky Wheels and Grab It has some details and footage showing off the work in progress.

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SlappingOysters1466d ago

Super Mario Kart is still probably my most loved game of all time. That will never appear on iOS, but this is looking pretty darn close. Hope it's as fun as it looks.

xJumpManx1465d ago

I loved wacky wheel back in the day. Kart racing without weapons is so much better IMO. Weapons are for the slow people who cant win a race without it.

shipnabottle1465d ago

I like Cascadia's games, especially 2-bit cowboy. Never played the original Wacky Wheels but I like the focus points the developer is aiming for. Hope they can pull it off.