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Batman Arkham Knight Gets New Screenshots

Batman Arkham Knight is the final game in the Batman trilogy by Rocksteady Studios what will wind up all the loose ends and give an end to the series. For the first time ever in a Batman game we get to drive the Batmobile as it was introduced in the first Batman game Batman: Arkham Asylum but we weren’t able to drive that thing and it only for show piece in the game. (Batman: Arkham Knight, PC, PS4, Rocksteady Studios, Xbox One)

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Ezz2013  +   282d ago

OMG soooo good
faddi  +   281d ago
Hahaha Ezz2013 looks like you are so excited for the finale
Imalwaysright  +   281d ago
And the thing is open world which makes it even more impressive.

Also, that avatar picture and your comment... priceless.
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chrissx  +   281d ago
Sleek stuff
zsquaresoff  +   281d ago
Thanks to Square Enix's screw up. Rocksteady gets my 60$ instead.
RustedMan  +   281d ago
oh my god.
Chat37  +   281d ago
I don't want pix we need to see gameplay from arkham knight. This is my opinion an my opinion only if there no gameplay from this event rocksteady is being shady about something!!
Plagasx  +   281d ago
Are those shots in game??

I really hope so.
FullmetalRoyale  +   281d ago
They confirmed a while back that there would not be pre-rendered cutscenes in this one. :)
jegheist2014  +   281d ago
god i want this so badly im on tangent kick with andy tillsion at moment are me and ian old

tillsion for the record englands finest rock group the tangent will give u so many mindgasms as much as ps4 next gen aaa lineup
faddi  +   281d ago
they definitely look in game. The game looks extremely polished as compared to previous ones.
Black_Adam88  +   281d ago
is that from pc or ps4?
Cherchez La Ghost  +   281d ago
After that PT demo I played last night, I'm really impressed with these next-gen consoles. Batman Demo at E3 '14 was sick!! And these pics are impressive!
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fallacious  +   281d ago
Ok, now I really want a photo mode for this game. Hell, all devs should follow Infamous Second Son and Last of Us and put photo mode in all their future games.
GasTankKiller  +   281d ago
The batmobile has car-seats that aren't inside the car. Batman is such a family man. I need to get these for my kids.
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faddi  +   281d ago
A Photo mode will really do wonders for this game. Someone should tell Rocksteady to make a photo mode for the game.

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