The Letter dev back on IndieGoGo for another Wii U game

Remember The Letter? No? It’s understandable if you don’t. It was a one-off release on the Nintendo eShop that barely qualified as a game. From developer Treefall Studios, the game used stock assets and attempted create a horror story for the player to venture their way through, only to fall flat on its face as execution was little more than searching around and waiting for loading screens. The entire game can be completed in less than six minutes.

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Dunban671501d ago

What incentive would anyone have to fund a kick starter type campaign for a game like this one or the letter- Since the game sells for about 50cents?

randomass1711501d ago

For $.50 my friends and I got a lot of comedy out of it. It was fun to riff on but definitely don't buy if you are expecting a serious experience. :P

BosSSyndrome1501d ago

10 bucks says this is what the final version will look like.

Pozzle1501d ago

With the Times New Roman title-cards and everything! lol

Dunban671501d ago

The Letter is on the main page of the Mii-verse when I turned on my Wii U tonight - what is the world coming to???

gamerfan09091501d ago

I like Indie games as much as the next gen, but there's little to no chance I'll ever want to play a game like that.