P.T. – Playable Teaser or Pure Terror?

Samwise L Jackson or Fully 'Avin It Writes: If you own a PlayStation 4 and consider yourself to have balls of pure adamantium, then you might want to have a little look at a mysterious new addition to the demo section on the store. It is something called ‘P.T.’, which we believe stands for ‘Playable Teaser’. The concept is an interactive teaser trailer for a new game as opposed to mere footage. Going into it you won’t know what game it’s a ‘trailer’ for – the only information you get before playing it though is that it’s made by 7780s Studio.

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DarkOcelet1282d ago

I think silent hills is gonna blow us all away .

SaveFerris1282d ago

I can imagine a fair few amount of gamers asking for a pair of brown trousers before playing this game.

HanzoHattori1282d ago

For some reason, I find it very difficult to play through the entire demo. Maybe it's the noise-cancelling headphones that allow me to every noise? It definitely has something to do with that ghoulish b*tch catching you off guard while you're back tracking and turning around. Every time it happens it leaves me on edge. I thought I had nerves of steel until I first played this demo. Damn Sony is good.

nope1111282d ago

The teaser scared the bejesus out of me and that was only by watching people play.

jronj1282d ago

I was thinking "Psychological Terror"...

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The story is too old to be commented.