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UGO: Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

UGO writes: "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has finally arrived, and there is much rejoicing. Is all that praise really warranted though? If hype is the game-killer, then Kojima Productions' long-awaited final chapter in the half-century story of Big Boss and his three cloned sons is not without its dangers. The good news is that the gameplay itself is, without question, the very best that the series has delivered so far. Nor will fans be disappointed by the hours upon hours of cutscenes which serve up a gripping - if at times overly melodramatic - narrative, one which ties up just about every loose end imaginable.

Great game, fan-serving story... perfect, right? Wrong. For all of its shining accomplishments, Metal Gear Solid 4 is not the inclusive, universally entertaining experience it could have been. Newcomers to the MGS universe will be fairly lost, struggling to keep up with a narrative which ties the events of four previous games, the first dating as far back as the original PlayStation. If there's anything that Hideo Kojima's World War Final fantasy really needs, it's a shortened non-director's cut made just for the masses." (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) A-/A+

heyheyhey  +   2724d ago
argh, can't pick it up till tomorrow

the wait is killing me

resistance100  +   2724d ago
Ouch dude.

This game rocks on so so many level's.

You will love it ^__________^
Amp  +   2724d ago
its snake....Snake....SNAAAAAAAAAA KE!! :P
mabreu  +   2724d ago
"Metal Gear Solid 4 is not the inclusive, universally entertaining experience it could have been"
Didn't Kojima said that MGS4 is for the fans and not for the masses.
resistance100  +   2724d ago
And as a fan i will say i couldn't have asked for more ^________^
poopface1  +   2724d ago
I also love MGS series, only dont have a playstation 3
I may get one eventualy for this game, but I dont like how recently games made for the hardcore are expected to be anything less than that.

The example for me was NG2. Everything in that game is an improvement over the original(I love it). It does have some technical problems, but the main complaint was that it was too difficult, and not for casuals(in other words made for the NG fans). No crap its ninja giaden!!!! If it was easy, no challange, and had enimies that just looked at you while you bash them, they wouldve given it higher scores but the fans would HATE it.

From what I hear so far Konami did everything right to please the MGS fans. Thats all thats important, not it some girl who just bought a wii will like it.
Maverick_  +   2724d ago
Seriously this game is soooo good. I didn't think it was going to be THIS detailed and amazing and I'm, only 3 and a half hours into the game. It's blowing my mind. I don't want to finish it.

About 25 more hours to go!!! ; )

Seriously this is without a douby my favorite single player gaming experience of all time. The game is just phenomenal. I don't think it will mean the same if you haven't played the previous titles. Holy crap this game is so cool!
Tronad0r  +   2724d ago
Looks like Metal Gear Solid IV will be the poor man's game of the year. HAHA
Fishy Fingers  +   2724d ago
Surely the rich mans? The console costs more, so... poor?

What does you comment even mean? But you seem to find yourself funny, so rock on mate.
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sandip787  +   2724d ago
lol seriously mate, u got arsewhipped there. i probably wouldnt show your face around here for a while :D
juuken  +   2724d ago
I wish I had a PS3 in the college.
*must wait until last summer class is finished* >.<
caffman  +   2724d ago
your future is more important than a game
it will still be there when you get home
juuken  +   2724d ago
For once you're right caffman.
They're my last two classes in college too.
caffman  +   2724d ago
well even though we disagree on some things
from one GAMER to another, I hope you pass. And who the fluck disagreed with you?
juuken  +   2724d ago
idek. :(
And thank you.
rucky  +   2724d ago
I'll be picking it up later during lunch but won't be able to play it til I get home from work. Gonna call in sick tomorrow though so 3 day MGS weekend yey!
heyheyhey  +   2724d ago
picking up tomorrow, calling in sick on Monday

there's a party on Saturday, but fvck that- i've been waiting too long for this
Keowrath  +   2724d ago
Dude, when you load this bad boy up there'll be a party going on in your playstation.

I don't think a game has made me grin from ear to ear quite as much as this has for the last hour.
DarkSniper  +   2724d ago
As the game implies, this classic can only be done on PLAYSTATION®3. Dr. Hal Emmerich said one of the most official statements with that.

poopface1  +   2724d ago
emrich huh
you mean the same guy who cried over the radio to snake about how how his stepmother molested him.
Azures  +   2724d ago
How much negative can you fit into a review and still give it a shining rating? UGO answers us.
Tronad0r  +   2724d ago
Some reviewers are afraid of giving a negative score to a game from a "big" franchise.

But trust me, reviews of 7 and 8 will start to appear for this game sooner than you might think.

After all, if you read absolutely ALL the reviews from IMPORTANT sites, they were in the end dissappointed with Metal Gear Solid IV.
Azures  +   2724d ago
Are they dissapointed with the game or do they not like metal gear? I've not heard negative from a single metal gear fan.

From the few hours I've spent with it so far it an excellent achievement from a technical prospective. The graphics, sound, controls, menus, and camera. Everything is of the highest quality. Still too early to draw conclusions on the story, but its classic metal gear. Simply from a technical level I don't know how you could possibly fault the game.
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Drekken  +   2724d ago
a new troll pops up everyday at this site. Tron shut the front door.
Ninja-Sama  +   2724d ago
They complain about content? Give me a "director's cut" anyday!
wangdiddy82  +   2724d ago
i dont give a shi$ what anyone says.. this game owns everything..
only people who hate on it surely never liked metal gear games in the first place.
sandip787  +   2724d ago
how can reviews have so little correlation when it comes to this game?!
some say that the character models and expressions they show are unbelievable, but this guy says they're the opposite?

oh well, not that i care about reviews anyway, not for a game like this...
Figboy  +   2724d ago
when you are dealing with the fourth in ANY series, it will always be for the fans, and newcomers should really be aware of the fact that they are jumping on a series VERY LATE in it's run.

and when a series has it's own level of continuity (honestly, i think the Metal Gear Solid series is one of the ONLY series that keeps track of it's continuity), it's simply foolish to expect to follow the story through to the end without getting lost or confused.

can you imagine watching Return of the Jedi, without having watched a New Hope or Empire Strikes Back, and fully understanding the character's motivations and narratives? not as a newcomer. you'd probably enjoy the movie for what it was, but not like those that have followed it since the beginning have.

i've been playing Metal Gear games since Solid in 1998 (i played the 1987 NES original only briefly, and being, like, 8 years old, i had no interest in the "don't kill anything that moves" gameplay the series pioneered. especially after coming off games like Contra and Ninja Gaiden), and i just couldn't imagine hopping on board part 4 without having played the originals.

if there is one thing i can't stand, it's bandwagon hoppers. MGS4 is currently the new hotness, and it doesn't surprise me that there will be "gamers" that see that, and buy the game "just because," then b*tch about it because they "didn't get it" or didn't understand why the title isn't as blisteringly realistic as a Call of Duty 4 in terms of character and gameplay.

Metal Gear Solid is Metal Gear Solid. and after having sunk 6 hours into the game last night, i'm SO GLAD that is IS still Metal Gear Solid, and to me, Kojima has simply refined, and damn near PERFECTED what he set out to do over 20 years ago in 1987, when Metal Gear released on the MSX.

as a fan of Metal Gear, i couldn't have asked for a better game in ALL areas, from gameplay, to graphics, to narrative and acting. this title simply delivers. end of story, but you will naturally have people tearing into it, even in the subtlest of ways, then hide behind the "well, the MASSES won't get it, so it's not perfect."

us MGS fans say "screw the masses! they should play the originals, and get a feel for the type of game series MGS is, THEN we can talk about issues with certain aspects of the game."

dialogue can be hokey and melodramatic, but how is that any different from ANY product that has come from Japan in the past, i don't know, 20 years?? if anything, countless animes and mangas have taught me a few things about Japan:

1) they love t!ts.
2) they love schoolgirls, preferably equipped with item 1 above.
3) they love melodrama. any melodrama will do, as long as the character gets to emote in some way, shape, or form, generally by yelling as they glow really brightly and revealing their "true form," which may, or may not include tentacles.

anyone who has followed Japanese culture for any period of time should understand, and accept these tendencies as part of their culture.

why it's suddenly "not cool" for Metal Gear Solid 4 to contain not only the traits it's creator is known for, but the traits of the Japanese culture at large is ridiculous to me.

i mean, if these reviewers love the gameplay so much, just skip the god damned cut scenes and shut up about them already.

Metal Gear fans know what to expect, good and bad, and the bandwagoners, well, i don't pay them much mind anyway.
Lyan  +   2724d ago
"which may, or may not include tentacles."

I found that hilarious.

I agree with a lot of what you said. You really have to anticipate the idiosyncrasies of games from another culture and be aware that many things may not translate well. I do think though that accepting problems just because they are known to exist is like making exceptions for the sake of accepting the game more.

Many of the problems people may find with the game like what you stated within its context is many of the aspects of the games prior in the series that people liked. Its all perspective really.
Figboy  +   2724d ago
lol. thanks. i particularly liked that part of my rant. lol
anyway, i agree.

different cultures view things differently. i mean, worse thing that could happen is that because of "cultural differences" the MGS games NEVER came here at all.

THAT would be absolutely horrible.

say what you will about the cutscenes, but the gameplay has always been top notch.
Syronicus  +   2723d ago
This game is amazing
All the way from the newly implemented controls to the great visuals to the wonderful story, this game delivers on all fronts and to think twice about giving it a negative score is silly. Sorry, but it would seem that some reviewers didn't get the memo that it is no longer fashionable to ridicule the PS3 or any of it games - especially for ficticious negative points. Seems to me that too many reviews are trying too hard to find something bad to say about this game. Can't they just come to grips with the fact that it is truly GOTY material?

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