UGO: Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

UGO writes: "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has finally arrived, and there is much rejoicing. Is all that praise really warranted though? If hype is the game-killer, then Kojima Productions' long-awaited final chapter in the half-century story of Big Boss and his three cloned sons is not without its dangers. The good news is that the gameplay itself is, without question, the very best that the series has delivered so far. Nor will fans be disappointed by the hours upon hours of cutscenes which serve up a gripping - if at times overly melodramatic - narrative, one which ties up just about every loose end imaginable.

Great game, fan-serving story... perfect, right? Wrong. For all of its shining accomplishments, Metal Gear Solid 4 is not the inclusive, universally entertaining experience it could have been. Newcomers to the MGS universe will be fairly lost, struggling to keep up with a narrative which ties the events of four previous games, the first dating as far back as the original PlayStation. If there's anything that Hideo Kojima's World War Final fantasy really needs, it's a shortened non-director's cut made just for the masses."

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heyheyhey3837d ago

argh, can't pick it up till tomorrow

the wait is killing me


resistance1003837d ago

Ouch dude.

This game rocks on so so many level's.

You will love it ^__________^

Amp3837d ago

its snake....Snake....SNAAAAAAAAAA KE!! :P

mabreu3837d ago

Didn't Kojima said that MGS4 is for the fans and not for the masses.

resistance1003837d ago

And as a fan i will say i couldn't have asked for more ^________^

poopface13837d ago

I may get one eventualy for this game, but I dont like how recently games made for the hardcore are expected to be anything less than that.

The example for me was NG2. Everything in that game is an improvement over the original(I love it). It does have some technical problems, but the main complaint was that it was too difficult, and not for casuals(in other words made for the NG fans). No crap its ninja giaden!!!! If it was easy, no challange, and had enimies that just looked at you while you bash them, they wouldve given it higher scores but the fans would HATE it.

From what I hear so far Konami did everything right to please the MGS fans. Thats all thats important, not it some girl who just bought a wii will like it.

Maverick_3837d ago

Seriously this game is soooo good. I didn't think it was going to be THIS detailed and amazing and I'm, only 3 and a half hours into the game. It's blowing my mind. I don't want to finish it.

About 25 more hours to go!!! ; )

Seriously this is without a douby my favorite single player gaming experience of all time. The game is just phenomenal. I don't think it will mean the same if you haven't played the previous titles. Holy crap this game is so cool!

Tronad0r3837d ago

Looks like Metal Gear Solid IV will be the poor man's game of the year. HAHA

Fishy Fingers3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Surely the rich mans? The console costs more, so... poor?

What does you comment even mean? But you seem to find yourself funny, so rock on mate.

sandip7873837d ago

lol seriously mate, u got arsewhipped there. i probably wouldnt show your face around here for a while :D

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